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A few in game questions


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Saw previous disscusions about duels and stuff and got a quick question about familiars

1. Familiar abilitys, do they fall under certain magics? Like let's say Pamela's duel ability is posses, would that be counted as familiar magic despite being pretty much close to mastery or just mastery?

2. How do you....... Fight Pamela. I mean she's a ghost, it be interesting to see how y2 deals with Pamela fighting and the enemy no being able to do anything

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On 6/28/2018 at 11:56 AM, Metis said:

Wasn't it pretty much confirmed that scores of stuff vanished from Kazus and Icanicix right after the bans fell, but before the government could send the book-burning crew?

Wellspring, and IIRC nothing comes out of a wellspring anywhere close to "intact".

Ohh this sounds interesting, where is it mentioned ingame? Any adventures you'd suggest on embarking to find out about this? And other secret stuff?

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3. I saw in earlier discussions that familiars might get their own actions in y2 but the devs were still on the fence about it, has the team decided to include it in y2?

4. Could familiar bonds be used help the master cast the spell but familiar helps well? I’m still on the fence on learning arithmetic but the idea of turning my familiar into a living calculator while I learn other things intrigued Me. What I’m saying is, could I cast a spell then my familiar being a calculator amplifies it by a 1000 and ka-boom

5. Any interesting lores on wizards training their familiars to be loving calculators? 

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