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A few in game questions

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3 minutes ago, Legate of Mineta said:

I'm pretty sure it was a joke, given the magical setting. :)

In hindsight, yes, that does make sense :rolleyes:.

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"The actual origin of the suites is probably as obscure in Mineta as it is here, but the reason that these particular four symbols took root in the city may be that there's a kind of narrative logic that sustains them.  If you ask your average eleven-year-old, what you'll be told is that the deck is supposed to represent either Mineta or the Empire itself, and the suites the great powers that sustain(ed) it: Cups for the Temples, Coins for the Guilds, Wands for the Academy (and the Imperial Praecantati/Magical Order of old), and Swords for the Guard.

The cards themselves go back to at least the fourteenth century, and that conceptual framework... well, it first appears in writing just a couple of decades after the creation of the oldest known/surviving deck (the Obelli set).

Make of that what you will...."

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