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A few in game questions


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@Legate of Mineta: 5. Are Cimone and Casetta places that people might often get confused? Both are poor cities whose names begin with C founded by Chorians whose populations speak a form of Eluminian - at least if I understand the matter correctly. I am thinking about how some people get various East Asian or Arab Gulf nations confused - or better yet Slovakia and Slovenia.

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@Legate of Mineta: I have gathered together here 5 questions.

1. Do ospreys live in the vicinity of Mineta?

2. Is there a cult of the simurgh or phoenix, either within the Empire of Man or in lands known to it, as benevolent aerial counterparts to dragons?

3. Would the property of a convicted gates mage be confiscated entirely by the state?

4. Is the Underground Goblin Market an open secret among the commercial elites of Mineta?

5. Is the following a reasonably accurate statement: "Gates mages are better able to detect Gates magic when they try to detect Gates magic when using Negation magic than all but the most skilled Negation mages because Gates mages know the signs of Gates magic better."?

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"1. Around Mineta, not so much - though people have seen reflections of birds meeting that description in Ardica Lake when there have seemed to be none in the sky.

They're reasonably common around other large lakes, though; if you're willing to travel a day or so southwest of the city to Lake Lovico, you stand a pretty good chance of spotting one.  They also sometimes appear in the Admiratio for sale - sometimes impatient wizards looking for unusual familiars take the commercial route - but it's not common and they're usually glamoured and confused when it does.
2.  In Mineta, the two lines are considered unconnected - though there was a period in the Early Empire when the Imperial House took the phoenix as the central icon in its seal (for reasons now largely obscure).
3.  Yes.
4.  I think it's fair to say that its existence is reasonably widely known, but its location and specific nature is not.
5.  "Reasonably accurate" is fair."
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For S:

"Is/are there holiday in the Academagia setting where gifts attributed to be from a other creature or a already dead holly man. (like saint Niclas, or Easter bunny?)"

No; the closest approximation is the Wedding Feast, but the gift giving tradition there is from god to god/god to man/man to man without an intercessor. 

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