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A few in game questions


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I get the feeling that I may have stepped into a very bad area.


The dissection I mean.




Which of the kids are the best at lurking around watching out for activities like Nyaa silently watching this forum.


Aymeri? Cosetta? Lambert? Though Lambert would most likely lose considering how some the events written mostly involves Lambert. Or maybe that's just my experience.



And is there a student event for Sigalis have a student event? I'm looking through the tools right now and I can't find it.

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In the random event in which Everwine traps himself into a drawing, what kind of magic does he use in that spell? I've had that event a few times but now I got a little suspicious since my last character practiced gates magic that it sounds like a spell some people might suspect being gate magic, thought the fact that you can get Orsi to help you and there doesen't seem to be anything in that choise that indicates that forbitten magic is involved.

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I realize that there may be many various spells in the glamour school, but if we focus on the easier (the 1st year castable ones) how would the caster determine how he/she should look?


Say I wanted to look like a zebra. Would I then spend hours finding a zebra spell or would I be able to tweak an existing spell?

I suppose my real question is what determines an illusion, the phemes? The mental picture the caster has? Something else entirely? A mix?


Also with illusions, could you make your normal image change slightly to look like you have 2 left feet? ;) (Rather, would it be possible for a 1st year?)

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In the 1st Year level, illusions are determined almost entirely by your Phemes and your Border. There's a much more complicated component, called an Ideal, which you'll see much later, perhaps even as late as Year 4, which is the real agent behind the illusion, though.


Tweaks are possible at Year 1, though. :)

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I don't suppose any of those ideals would be a basic human with two left feet? :P


Crude might have been the wrong word... I was thinking that the illusions that you could change to/cast was not quite what you wanted. Unfulfilling? maybe..


I am not sure I fully understand 'ideals' in this though. Are they ideas 'written down' in form of spells?


Also, do you suppose a first year might get hold of an illusion to make him/her look like a member of another collage? :)

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So I just imagine myself as Adrian dancing around like a loon, I can make myself look like him?wink.gif


Anyway, I just found out that not one of the gods seem to be related to the dead. Or am I missing something?


About the holidays, are they actually one day or are they the same day before them? And which one the months is December? I never paid attention to the dates in the reports.tongue.gif


And where did Mikka get the birthdays of the students? I don't know where to find them.



And finally, it seems that someone who wrote Milena di Montors' student event didn't pay attention to Professor Sido's portrait. Succeeding at the Acting exit and failing at the diplomacy exit shows Rafaella touching the professor's beard.


I double-checked. No beard.


Only Professor Viada has a long beard, Merlin-style. How come all the other male professor's have no beards?


Yeah, I'm complaining about beards again.tongue.gif


Will we see Rafaella again?

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There is no specific New God for death (although Calvius is associated with dying nobly), although there are some Old Gods which cover this. Instead, whichever of the New Gods you worship most takes you into their fold when you perish.


The Holidays are indeed 1 Day.


The 'December' Holidays are:


The Passing

The Wedding Feast


Poor Professor Sido. Maybe he Glamoured on a beard? We'll look at that in DLC 15. :)

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It was the mental image of me dancing like a loon ;)


That is a good question though, I imagine that some of the older students could cause no end of trouble disguising themselves as someone else and then set off to make trouble. When would we be able to learn that level of glamour? (I assume the teachers might not teach the spell directly but we are sitting on decades of magical history written partly by teenage wizards...)


Related to that, are there counter-measures to stop this? I imagine that the teachers might not be fooled (if they got some nifty spell they refresh each morning) but the majority of the student body might not have that luxury - and teachers can't be everywhere....

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By the command of Mighty Black Kitty I shall post my questions here


1. Since Negation is pretty much useless negating old age, what about revision? Can a wizard "heal" old age?


2. Can a wizard use Negation to negate reality?


3. Is rogue mages common or unheard of?


4. Is Academagia secure? Even with those powerful teachers , traps and security system it seems we could stumble into dragon's nest while taking a stroll in the gardens.(If somehow the answer is yes, I shudder to think the dangerous area will be)


5. Are the pims enchanted?


6. Can a wizard use negation to negate fate itself?


7. Since Astrology is the primary source of divination magic, could a wizard use it for scrying to another dimension? Or he/she must rely on gates alone?

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1) There are different ways to halt/slow your aging but they all have in common that they dont work for ever.

2) Theoretical you can even Negate a Person but so fare there is no one who have proven that it aktual works also there is suspected that there is a huge price to pay for the person who try such a magic. Think its the same for Reality.

3) Not sure what you mean with Rogue Mages but there are Mages who got on the bad side of the law as you can see if you play some adventures.

4) If even a commoner can steal from your room (happened in a Adventure), NO Academagia is not secure even if the Teacher whant to tell you otherwise.

7) I Suspect you can do this with strong enough Astrology but I'm sure it still would seen as Gate Magic by others (Just have a look at the girl in a Adventure that crosed the line betwean Glamour and Mastery)

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