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A few in game questions


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Yet another real life event inspiring a question. I've had a DVD break on me on occasion, and I've finally gotten sick of it and am now archiving my (some would say obsessive) collection for safekeeping.




How involved is mass copying? IE. Would you have to recast a spell every time you copied a page or book? And how often would one proofread the copy to make sure it was transcribed accurately? Any Other steps taken for that sort of thing? Especially when dealing with works authored by many people.


Also, what is the state of copyright/patent laws? I imagine with patents the setting follows the oldschool "trade secret" rather than rely on some uninforcable law...


And for copyrights, What is there to stop a person from copying people from simply copying (via magic or otherwise) published works?

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You see, whoever it was (that I can't remember) that asked about my name? It is shortened to "free" on occasion!


Thanks legate! How would one make such a pre-formed spell? It sounds like it would fall under orthography, (or that which was once considered orthography..) placing a spell effect onto scroll or parchment?


I take it that you aren't limited to simple copy spell-effects with this method?


So what would be the primary use of this method be? Preparing spells in advance for quick release? (since you wouldn't have to draw any phemes..) Or are these special in some way that you wouldn't have to be a fully trained wizard to activate them?


Edit: This also smells like a convienient Gates and Mastery law "Sidestep" similar to Orsi's Portal cloak... Any word on that?

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Ah, There we go into expenses again. :)


What would make this kind of thing expensive? Simply the labor cost of a semi-rare trade? (magic)


Or are there costs associated even with regular magic?


"Eye of newt" type ingredients seem only to be necessary for potions, so as far as I can see, if one had a wand, (and even then a wand isn't strictly necessary..) then magic would be essentially free to a wizard, and the only cost therefore that I can see on these premade spells would be the cost of the mage's time, which naturally would go up as the custom made aspect was factored in. I suppose the "surface" cost of a sheet of paper would factor in, but even in this era I can't see that being any more than negligible.


Or does its true cost lie in the fact that very few wizards in the current era practice orthography? As an Aranaz student I'd like to know if this is a viable full time career for my character, as this sounds right up my alley. :) A mage that knows all sorts of spells across the pillars, and capable of putting those in the hands of others? Whoo hoo!


We've touched on the specialty of the other colleges to some degree, but this sounds like a major boon for the Aranaz students. Is this Aranaz "exclusive" like the Moridivus 2 familiar thing?

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*bwahahaha!* I will be - rich - RICH - I tell you!


Now, I am sorry for this, but as you may know Freespace, supply and demand. I am going to have to kill you. Nothing personal, just profits.





*cough* right.




I swear...






Sorry. Forget I said anything. bloody *mumbles*

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Our recent Negation of gravity, made me think of something.


We know that magic can be used in many ways to achieve desired effects. Putting out a house fire, you can not only use water, but also restrict the air supply to the fire.


Now, Obviously, a small Negation of gravity spell is quite different from an Incantation spell used to lift you, but what I want to ask is related to the theory of Negation.


Would a Negation spell to disrupt either of these aforementioned spells be identical? I mean, is there a generic "Negate" spell which suits all purposes? Or is there such a spell modified by adding a pheme to counteract a specific effect, or are negation spells entirely unique... Which means that it would take a lot of practice and intuition to correctly negate any specific spell?


Of course, I imagine that regardless of which case it is, I am quite sure the best Negation defense would be to prevent any given spell from taking effect at all...

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What are the implications of breaking the duelling circle?


Also why are Durand students the ones acting all un-noble?


And now for something I thought of after playing Human Revolution. Augmentation! Or at least prosthetics.


Say I loss my hand due to an illegal duel with CremePudding. Can I attach for example an arm of a puppet and join it to my body? Or any other limbs or bits? Weird yes?wink.gif

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