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Guardians of the Unknown Seal


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A location to be discovered by the intrepid explorer, or those who have some other way of finding hidden locations. Suggestion, accessing any of the location-related abilities might sensibly require a short adventure after finding it. Perhaps the Unknown Seal has monstrous guards or exotic wards, or perhaps the mages of the Unknown Seal have to be tricked or persuaded into dealing with an adventuring student. Or perhaps they're eager for company, but won't let just anyone into the room of the unknown seal itself. So finding the Unknown Seal enables the New Books for Old Mages activity, but in order to Fix the Wards or Send Rescuers to them, you have to accomplish something else.



The Unknown Seal (Explore Difficulty 30+)


Buried deep underneath the city of Mineta is this strange timelocked shrine, inhabitted by a trio of seemingly young mages who hail from completely different times in history. They stand vigil over a great magical warding that seals away an unknown but terrible creature. Their 'home' removes the need to eat or drink, and prevents them from aging. It does not make them unaware of the passage of time. The amount of dedication and patience needed to keep maintaining the damaged seal over these centuries is astonishing.


That said, they're still the most bored people you've ever met, and would be unspeakably grateful if someone would fix the seal so it didn't require several full-time mages as guards. At the very least bring them some new books. The shrine has a library, but the three have already read every book in it, and discussed them to death to boot.


New Books for Old Mages

The mages guarding the Unknown Seal have a library, but their only contact with the outside world are the few people who stumble upon them. The last such contact was decades ago. More than anything, the three would like new books to read. If you spend 300 pims on new reading materials (books are expensive!) and bring them to the Seal, they'll give you older books from their library, some of them very valuable. The better you can do at a Charm+Negotiate check, the more books you'll get for your money (1 book at each of 4, 9, 12, and 20). You also gain a Negotiate skill step, and if you got at least three books, a Transport skill step as you haul them all the way back up to civilization. (Spend 300 pims, get 1-3 items off a reference table of ancient books. If the Charm+Negotiate check got a 20, get an item off a much shorter reference table of ancient books, trimmed of the low-value items.)


Fix the Wards

The ancient words of power inscribed on the Unknown Seal aren't exactly part of Academagia's curriculum, let alone the province of a First Year student, but a truly epic Intelligence+Orthography skill (versus 30) could fix them anyways. The three mages trapped for so long under the city would sing your praises to all of Mineta. You suspect that they wouldn't bother taking their books with them, either. What with having memorized them all. (This should be worth several points of glory and should open the next action.)


*Library of the Unknown Seal

Now that there aren't a trio of mages trapped in the timelocked shrine of the Unknown Seal, there's nobody guarding the supply of preserved ancient books they left in there. You can snag a pair of ancient tomes with every trip down there. The majority of them aren't very valuable, but hey, free pims. And some of those books are quite unique. (Get two items off a reference table of ancient books.)


Send Rescuers to the Seal

The ancient words of power inscribed on the Unknown Seal aren't exactly part of Academagia's curriculum, and you're not sure anyone in modern Elumia can fix them. But at the very least the seal could be guarded by rotation. (This should require some skill check much easier than the epic Orthography roll, which should probably be specified in the action description. I'm just not sure which one. This should only be worth a single point of glory and shouldn't open up the 'Library of the Unknown Seal' action.)



Suggestions for Reference Tables in a post to follow.

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Good point! It might make a good adventure. Though I'm uncomfortable suggesting a 30+ difficulty roll in an adventure; they're much too hard as it is. Such high difficulties are interesting in abilities and actions (where you can know what you're preparing for and do your preparations well in advance of the actual attempts).


Edit: Where did I even get this idea. Whatever inspired me, I've already forgotten. That's a weird feeling.

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