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Hi. I'm new and I hope that I'm not posting a repeated thread.


Okay, so I recently found several items at different locations/events. I noticed after using the "Consult the Artifact Registry" action on each item that all of the items have solid (not grayed out) abilities/actions and skill bonuses. However, I could not find them under the Choose Action or Use Ability tab. I then noticed that if I kept an item in my knapsack after identifying it and went to the Use Item tab that I could sometimes see the ability of the item. Unfortunately, I learned this after I took most of the items out of my knapsack. Now, when I put the items in my knapsack and try looking at the Use Item tab, I don't see the abilities. Is this a glitch? Or can you only use the item if you keep it in your knapsack after identifying it? Do I need to re-identify them to use them; can I even re-identify them now that they have already been identified?


Here's a list of the items:


Bouquet of flowers - Had in knapsack, put in wardrobe, later noticed it was gone. I guess it's perishable, but it didn't seem to give me flirting and romance bonuses.

Compost - I can add to Plant box, but what's the point if it's suppose to be used to make fertilizer?

Drake Feather - Currently in wardrobe, but was in knapsack. Did not receive bonus and I cannot attach it to myself.

Lucky Sprite's Coin - Currently in wardrobe, but was in knapsack. Did not receive bonus and I cannot attach it to myself.

Some Common Plant - Perishable; disappeared. Bonus was suppose to be +1 Hide and Hunt (I think).


A History of Great Astrologers: A-M - Ability: Book title; Study book

A History of Great Astrologers: N-Z - Ability: Book title; Study book

Astrology Calendar - Ability: Astrology Calendar - How would you use this?

Calculating Declinations and Hour Angles: A Practical Guide - Ability: Calculate Declinations and Hour Angles

Plotting the Stars - Ability: Plotting the Stars

Telescope: Beginner's - Ability: Telescope:Beginner's

Telescope: Master's - Ability: Telescope: Master's

Tertoliod's Methods Vols. I-III - Ability: Book title

Tertoliod's Methods, Vol. I, II, and III - Abilities: Book titles

Tracking the Wily Comet - Ability: Tracking the Wily Comet

Using Advanced Technologies: A Guide - Ability: Book title; Study book


*Side note: I also found Astrologer's Wand and Astrologer's Eye at the same time as the other astrology items listed above. I had no problem attaching them to myself or receiving their bonuses.


Sorry that there were so many questions and items. I hope someone out there can help answer some of my questions. :)


Ah, I've noticed some glitches though it seems that I could fix them by doing an action. Although, sometimes a person's name comes up as their description or N/A in events. I'm guessing I just need to make a topic about it under "Support" or is there a better method? I love this game and all the different storylines/events (I wish I could help with proof-reading, but it's just some minor spelling errors and missing words; the game is so enjoyable that I hardly care). :) Keep it up, guys!!

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Many Items where you dont have a description what slot they are in are Hand Items and required to be holden in a Hand slot to give theyr effect.

I know for sure for Bouquet of flowers and Lucky Sprite's Coin that they are Hand items for the rest you have to try.

Also if your Slot is already filled with a other item you have to remove this item first bevore you can place a other item in this slot, I think thats why you haved problems to find the slot.

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-Are you playing a new game with the newest patch?


-Most ability can only be use when you equip them.


-If you hold too much stuff that surpass your concealment stat, then some professor will confiscated it.

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Thanks Schwarzbart and Nyaa.



- Do all hand items have a hand as their icon or do some look like a bag too?

- I have two hand slots: one is currently holding the Astrologer's Wand and the other highlights itself red when I try to put anything in it.



- I have the most recent patch (16). My game is relatively new; I'm more than halfway through my first year and it's my first time playing.

I started playing last month, I think. I see most of the changes from the patches and I know that I need to start a new game to see all of them.

- Most of the items that I received were books or telescopes. I've tried equipping everything, but I always get the red highlighted box except in the case of the Astrologer's Wand and Eye (ring) and Compost.

- Can you see your max Encumbrance and Concealment stats? I have tried to hover my mouse over them to see, but I get a long, thin box with no words in it.

Thanks for the warning.

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The various categories (Hand, etc.) are generated once you have an Item which matches. If you do not see any other categories available which are not red to place the Item, then either it is meant to be used (via the Item selector on the Action Selection Window), or there may be a problem with its Item Type.


Drake Feather is misTyped, and will be corrected in DLC 4. The Lucky Sprite's Coin, however, is a Hand Item, and should be placed in a Hand slot in order for you to use it.


Thanks also for the note on Encumbrance and Concealment- it looks like a problem has arisen there. We'll see if we can close that in Patch 17.


Thanks again!

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