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Have been working around the mod tool and a dilemma crossed my way… can two mods coexist? In a same game file of course, after loading the dlc and custom-made mod, the first seemed to make the other be ignored making the mod changes disappear...


Is the some specific way to make two contents compatible? Or it is impossible?


Ps.: Kind of topic but can the dlc changes be added tho the amo? And published mods reedited? :)

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Custom content should coexist, but load order is important- are you fully Patched? In earlier Patches there was an issue with compatibility.


For the DLC changes, they cannot be added to the AMO (as this would change the base content of the game), but we may release a new Mod Base after a few more updates.



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If you made a mod using the Mod Base, then it won't be a problem- your changes will go through, provided it loads after the official DLC.


If you used it by changing the AMO, however, then it will be an issue.


Ok, so I made several changes to Background & AI-Vendetta using the DLC2 Modbase - loaded it after DLC3 - you're saying this won't affect any content in DLC3 besides the changes I've made?


EDIT: Never mind, found answer in a similar thread. =D

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