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Patch 17 bugs?


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Random Event Kitchen 3 is broken - I'm using Patch 18 now, but I didn't want to make a new thread. If you take the Observation check and succeed, you find out that there's a fairy in your bowl. Or something like that. However, all exit options vanish, leaving no choice but to just hit the 'next' button again.


EDIT: Oh, and I just discovered my own room while exploring. I think that's a bug.


EDITx2: It happened again.

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I seem to have hit a bug on the shop window. Don't know if someone has reported this one yet, but, after selecting something to sell, I can't deselect it any longer (the blue aura will be removed from the item when I click it, but the item is still considered selected by the game). Workaround has been to simply purchase the item again, since the items-to-purchase doesn't suffer from this.


On a side note, could anyone explain to me what are those "coins" inserted to the left side of the Confirmation Orders window, and what's their use? :blink:

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Hmmm- thanks for this report. I haven't seen this issue before, but we'll investigate.


The 'coins' on the left hand side let you save a Day's Actions, and then use them again on a later Day. You can click on a Coin to save, and click on it again to use it. :blink:


There are also some hotkeys for this, which you can see in hotkeys.txt.


Thanks again!

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