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Ive recently downloaded this game from impulse. After installing i went to run the game and it got to what i think was the first loading screen. Then it crashed out with the system error message. Each time i have tried to run the game since it has given me the same message. This problem persists after i have uninstalled and reinstalled.


Ive read the some of the fixs that i could find on this site however i could not find any that work (I am woefully computer illiterate, So it could be my fault!).


Any help would be a preciated please.

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Almost certainly the issue will be that you must run Academagia as Administrator, due to Windows UAC.


To solve this issue, please navigate to your Academagia folder, right click on the Academagia.exe and choose 'Run as Administrator'.


Let me know if that corrects the issue, and thanks!

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I also had this problem, but running the game as an administrator lets it run.


To do that, you right click on Academagia.exe and choose "Run as administrator" from the list of options (on Vista, it has a shield next to it). You'll get a pop up box from Vista asking you to confirm that you started the program, and then it runs as it should.

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