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Character creation stat boosts


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I know better then to trust a wiki 100%, but so far it's been mostly accurate, so I wanted to make sure I'm not just missing something here. I was looking up character creation stuff that boosts stats, and I think I found a couple of errors.


Strength , None that I've found

Luck, Page 1: Astrology: The Comet (found)

Intelligence, Page 1: Omen: Shattered Mirrors (found, mutually exclusive with insight)

Insight, Page 1: Omen: Island Quake (found, mutually exclusive with intelligence)

Finesse, Page 2: History: Artisans of Skill (found)


And the one's that I found a problem with on the wiki.


Fitness, Page 2: Family, Sports (found but not listed on the wiki)

Charm, Page 3: Prodigy: Center of Attention (on wiki but not found, replaced by Prodigy: Social maybe?)


Mostly what I'm wanting to ask though is has Prodigy: Center of Attention been removed?

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