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Gate magic glitch


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Ive Played a few games now where ive chosen secret heritage. On every game so far the ive been unable to use any of the options to visit eunacia(?). Is this a known bug?


Also i took mysterious package and got an invatation to schowantz (i know thats spelt wrong) school i used trial and error it was an invitation to a famous gates school but yet again i didnt get any notice of how to use or activate it.


Same thing happenned with the legendary book named after the mother of all monsters.


Can i only learn gates magic through research and phemes?



Thanks in advance

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No, you should be able to use Euneycia's options to learn it, once you have completed an Adventure- but you have to go through the Adventure first.


As to the Invitation, that will work too- but you have to have discovered the School itself, either via Exploration or through Euneycia.


Hope that helps!

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Sadly in my past games (including the one from Patch 14) I didnt have "The House within the Swamp" Action or Ability to start the Background chain instead I haved to start using the location in a other ability/action/Spell. (Yes I took the Background with all my chars)


Maybe the team sould have a look if "The House within the Swamp" stilll works if it wasnt fixed in the last patches.

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I've never had any issue with the adventure chain in any of my games. Just do any normal action (ie. Train) and for location choose Euneycia's Haven. Then the adventure chain will show up under adventures (starting with House in the Swamp if you failed your roll, or starting with Keeper of History if you succeeded in your roll).


Edit: Lol, Legate, you beat me to it ;)

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