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Is there a way to change familiar's gender?


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Eya, sorry if this is a nooby question but I actually base my familiar choice on my own gorgeous black kitteh.


She even looks like the pic! But well, she's a she, not a he so is there any way to change that in game?


If not, no worries , it isn't a problem, was wondering if i missed anything xP

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Would it cause any issues with the year one to year two conversion if I expanded the list of Familiar backgrounds so that I could pick which Exotic familiar I wanted?


(Would that go horribly against the design philosophy, for that matter? It's not that I dislike a bit of variation, it's just... My wizard's concept is kind of tied up in dolls, so Silent Alice fits her rather perfectly. Restarting ten times until I get her is a bit repetitious D: .)

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