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It appears that patch 18 has partially corrected the parent skill toatls problem BUT I noticed yesterday that it seems some bomuses to subskills altho being tallied are not triggering unlocks. I could be mistaken but I believe subskill Danger Sense is supposed to unlock Goose Bumps. I had Danger Sense 1 but all of a sudden got a +4 bonus from a clique ability so now my Danger Sense is 5 but no Goose Bumps until I actually trained two levels fo Dange Sense.

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This is not a bug, in this case. Unlocks only occur when the true value of the Skill is increased. You will need to Train it in order to see the unlock.



I thought that may be the case, but I wasn't sure because it happened with another subskill that I hadn't trained in yet but got all the points from bonuses. But I was confused because one game I started with 4 points in Danger Sense 1 was from Goose Bumps and 1 was from another bonus I started with but don't I recall what it was.

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In my Patch 14/18 game for the Bat Bond Adventure 06 I used the Incanation Methods (Good) exit and sucessed. But now in Step 07 I only have the Malice (Evil) and the Investigation choises.

Also the Malice difficulty or the color diplay of this looks off (I have malice 0 and it was black)

Btw. I still hope we get a updatet File for the Mod Tool :P

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Still my Patch 14/18 game The Adventure "Street Pursuit" (The Cave) showed Red in the list but I still thryed to see what I need just to discover that the Cartography exit is green for me. So the color Display of the adventure was wrong.

My Cartography skill is 10.

Same for Down into the Maw that show red in the Adventure list but I have 2 black exits.

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It may be intended but I bether ask:

Increasing Conversation to 8 gave me a decrase of 3 to the relationship to Hector Per Vittoria (was -5 bevore and now -8)

Still in my Patch 14/18 game.


Because a vew days later I get 1 point Stress that are not docomented in the day report I upload a save now.

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This might have already been fixed in Patch 19:


I tried the "How to Navigate Between Instructors" adventure which is branched off the "A Consultation" adventure (I think).


I got pass the first part which you need the Storytelling skill, but then I noticed in the second part that the Concentration option was blue for me.

I thought it was odd because I have 10 in it.


So, I looked at it and it says 10 and that the max is 10, but then it says I need 0 of 4 for the next level.

I have The Need for Concentration +1, Controlled Breathing +1, and Old Wand +1 (although I have two Old Wand equipped, I only get a bonus from one of them).


I tried the following just to see what would happen -

Tutoring Services

Study @ Library of Mantle of Stars

Study @ Library of Manetele


All succeeded and now I have Concentration 11 with 1 of 4 to next level. :)


Edit: Only have Patch 17 and 18

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Your SS and Skills are displayed after all Bonus are added but the Bonus dont count for the maximum so i.e.

Move Silently is displayed as 11 but your Skill max is 10 but because you got +1 from Predatory prowl and +1 from Drakesmark you even can increase the skill to 12 because this 2 Bonus dont count for the max!

That you only get the Bonus of one Old Wand is intended to my knowledge because its 2 times the same item, I would sell the second Old Wand or put it in you Wardrobe.

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The adventure difficulties ramp well and truly beyond anything you could actually complete at the later stages.


What? So, you're saying it's better to do adventures early on? Well, I trained until I got the max and when I tried again it was green. However, what I hadn't realize when it was blue was that I was still succeeding so I really didn't need to train at the time. ;)

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