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Disappearing Adventure chain on Failure [contains spoiler]


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Hi all,


I'm having a problem with the "Help Neta" line of adventures. I get to the point where we get to the spring of undoing charms and all the options (two observations and a brute force) are purple. The two observations fail and bounce me back and my only option is the brute force purple... which leads to Neta and my character being rendered "non-magical" unless we make an offering to the spring. (Although there doesn't seem to be any gameworld effect that actually prevents me from casting spells.)


However! Then the adventure disappears... That adventure isn't present in the adventure selection list and there's no follow-on adventure listing that chain of adventures in its "previous adventures" popup. I assume that I hadn't successfully completed the adventure chain because there was no reward and because being rendered non-magical doesn't seem like a successful completion.


Am I missing something? I can't imagine that this is a feature, since being rendered unable to spell cast doesn't seem like a reasonable ending point in the game world! Please advise.

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