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The Language of Luv (Adventure Glitch?)


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So, I made the following thread The Language of Luv (Adventure Glitch?) in The Spoiler Room when I think I should have made it here. I can't figure out how to delete the other thread, so I apologize for posting the thread twice.


Basically, there is a page missing from this adventure. It's a part of the one about Ravenpix.

The only option is to go to the Linguistics Section. After confirming that option, the next page has only "Page 1 of 1" and the "Go" button.

The rest of the adventure after this seems like it is all there since I was able to complete it by saving the day and my friend.


I don't know if it's just my pc or if there really is a page missing. If someone could hopefully tell me that I'm not going crazy for seeing a blank page that would be greatly appreciated.


Also, is this the adventure where you can get access to the Forbidden Archives or is that the same thing as the Restricted Section?


Oh, I'm playing using Patch 18.



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