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Patch 21 bugs


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While playing I found the following bugs:


At game start I could use the Elegant Service (Action) which is part of the Apprentice: Page choice during Character Creation, but I didn't choose that option, so shouldn't be able to use that that action.


The Artifice Book (Ability) description doesn't match it's effects.


The Research Revision Spells Action unfortunately also gives you Spells you already know and it has a tendency to be gone from the Action list without warning.


The Study Armor Action gives the name of the item you have researched but it links to a blank page. And it doesn't always add the item to the Recipe list. The Deflecting Chest Armor for example is added, but the Armor Chestplate of the Doorways and the Armor Chest Plate aren't. It also gives you Recipes you already know.


The CE:Rex III Ability description says it should give you an uncommon pheme, the effects say it should give you a common spell but it does neither, at least nothing is reported.


The Sparkling Field Spell says it has been cast succesfully but the effects don't show up in the affected subskills.


The Looks over Substance Action says it the skills involved have been succesfully switched but it doesn't show up in the effected skills.


Anyway keep up the good work!

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While skimming through adventure entries I've found something in "Chameleon Familiar Adventure 01 Exit 1". It is a conceal check that raises bond of silver and decreases mimicry on success. I guess mimicry could be lowered since you're focusing on conceal, but the effect change text sounds like a positive change.


Also, ninja forum change got the jump on me. One minute there's an error and the next it's all new! :)

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There are some bugs with event items.


When you get the "bouquet of flowers" item from the theatre event (you also get an invitation that seems to do nothing), the flowers stay in the inventory even if use the action "give the flowers away".


Also, not sure if it's a bug or something else, but I got a "gold coin" item from an event, and it doesn't seem to have any use at all. The description indicates that it can be turned into money, but I have no action or ability to do that.

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Chameleon Familiar Adventure 04, Exit 2 has a prerequisite of the memory "Eagle likes fish". The investigation for that step in the adventure has a memory, "The eagle's girlfriend", which is used in Exit 4. None of the previous steps in the chain have a memory titled "Eagle likes fish". I'm not sure if this is a mistake or if that memory is somewhow obtained in another adventure chain.

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