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Patch 22 Bugs


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After a hiatus, I have again returned to my favorite education simulation, installed patch 22 and the latest content patch. Here are a few bugs/undocumented features that I've noticed in my first (patch 22) complete playthrough.


This is fun! (nothing new, but still worth mentioning).


Bugs/Undocumented Features:

  • Researching Character to level 10 yields no reward. (I thought this was on the list to be fixed a while back?)
  • When researching Theory of Negation, the descriptions seem to be talking about Mastery. (Ditto)
  • Oratory skill: At the time I started training it, it required 3 steps per level (from level 0) with an insight of 7 or 8 (I think: Finished the year with an insight of 10.)
  • Oratory skill: Training it to level 11 yields nothing. This might as designed, but training just about anything to level 11 gives you a nice bonus, and with the difficulty, I was expecting something special. On the other hand, Selective Focus is now working. Yay!
  • Improved Familiar Handling: It's always possible there are penalties I couldn't see, but with a Familiar kinship of 10, vs an Insight/Familiar Kinship target of 8, I shouldn't be failing regardless of the roll, correct? Yet very often I would fail several consecutive attempts.



  • When researching, it would be nice to be able to see risk of discovery. It's one thing to be researching phemes at Grisbane's Forge where you have a 25% chance of being caught. It's quite another to not know that that's what you're doing because the location isn't changeable, so it isn't selectable, so it isn't readable (the location names are almost always too long to display fully). [After I had finished researching them, Grisbane gave me permission to use the forge.]
  • It would be helpful if the location descriptions told you if you had visitation rights or not.
  • Reading the climax of the semester, it struck me how disconcerting it was to read about all the adventures the character had had when he'd actually been too busy in the library to have a single one. (he even declined to go with the Mentor). On a related note, Is there a way to inform a character of all the duel skills without progressing along the mentor adventure chain? I'm aware of a location for Dueling Circles, but that's it. Joana (yet again) took a particular dislike to this character and without any social skills, dueling skills or Incantation, he didn't really have a way to stop her. All year.
  • Related to Joana, at the end of the year, if your character has a particular rival it could be cool to have them make an appearance during the wrap up, the way your friends do. (this guy had no friends and no clique, so I half-expected Joana to show up for one final shakedown.)
  • It would be nice to have an additional line of feedback from detention telling you if you would be returning or not. It's not clear without flipping through the calendar if you passed or failed. It would also be nice to make it clear exactly what you learned in detention, if anything. Sometimes it looked like I learned phemes, or was rewarded with flavor text, but I'm not sure.

Improvements: (last game I played was DLC 1)

  • Having the subskill linked to the parent skill was helpful even for someone like me who's sunk endless time into this game and yet couldn't remember that Artisan was a subskill of Sabotage.
  • For the first time, I had a character who was able to cast the appropriate spells before the appropriate test. Earlier efforts were probably hindered more by my absent-mindedness than by the UI, but it was still hugely satisfying to take top honors in all my classes (except Athletics, of course). Looking forward to 2nd year and taking more than six classes if that's still on the feature list.
  • I loved the new backgrounds. Kudos to the player who suggested and the team who approved and implemented them. Still need to try graverobbers. Probably next build.
  • Lag was noticeably decreased. Because it took less time to check my inventory, I spent a little more time in that part of the game and as a result, I never was surprised by reprimands for carrying around too much. Also, it took less time to change calender pages. I think saving/loading times were decreased as well.

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Thanks! We'll look at the Issues for DLC 5. For the suggestions:


1 & 2) I believe we plan to modify the UI for Visitation (among other things) to show Chance of Discovery- it's on the list, at any rate. :)

3) I believe there are a few other ways, but at the least, we should place them in Schoolyard Education.

4) Unfortunately, it's very difficult to specify that in the current implementation. There are some fun ways to do it, though- we'll see. :)

5) Good point. We are due for another pass on Detention fairly soon-ish; I'll see if we can squeeze that in.


Thanks again, and welcome back. :)

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A few more things I noted:


When researching Acrobatics level 4, no text was revealed.


Miranda's familiar adventure seems to be bugged clear through:

1). On the first mission, passing the sleuthing check neither finishes the mission nor gives a bonus to the scent detection check.

2). On the second mission, passing the oratory check neither finishes the mission nor gives a bonus to the music check.

3). The third mission can not be attempted at all. When selected and the turn confirmed, the adventure is not opened at all and the report for the day automatically fails.


Community Awesome event #9 (what a coincidence!): Passing the Study Habits check proceeds to a completely blank screen. The award is reported on the turn summary.


I can't consistently reproduce it, but sometimes actions that should have no chance of failing, fail. For example, studying at the Vernacilium Library fails outright. This is different than when you try to study a class skill that is maxed (different error message). I've also had research actions fail (first action on a non-class day only). For example, researching level one of a topic with an unmodified research skill of 13 failed. However, the next two attempts that day succeeded, bringing the research level to level two (don't remember the topic, sorry).

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The last portion sounds as though you may have a Chance of Failure applied to your Character- they are able to cause any Action to fail. That said, some Abilities can fail if it's under a cooldown; that may be the issue with the Venalicium Library.


We'll look at Acrobatics, Mirand and Event #9 in DLC 5- I think there's still time. :)



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