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Okay several newbie questions:


1 ) Duelling -- My character has a -10 with Phillpe which is quite annoying, so I decided to duel him. My character has maxed out study levels in all her 6 classes and her training levels for incantation, glamor, rhetoric, athletics are fairly high.


So I declared vendetta on him, and I have to choose one of the 3 options (Which I've no idea what's the difference). I duelled him, and after saluting, suddenly I lost the fight. ?_? What happened? No matter how many times I reloaded and tried to figure how duelling works, I just kept losing. The only difference was how long it took me to lose.


a ) What affects the spells u can cast?

b ) Is it possible to use ANY spells that do actual damage (like punch does)?

c ) If so what should I do to get it to work.

d ) What should I train to actually win?

e ) Do familiar actually get to do anything besides defend? (I only trained the bond and after that 3 to revision)


2 ) Training levels -- Would it be better to focus to max 1 subclass (E.g Voice from Music) or get them all the same level?


Suggestions (Probably wrong section to put this under, but since I'm airing my questions I might as well put in my suggestions D= )

Duelling - Explain what the difference all 3 options (Wound, Quietus and First Blood). I know what it means in real life, but I meant ingame. What difference does it do to the duelling tactics...? >_< Do you get what I'm trying to say?


Duelling - Have the explanation for each Phemes when casting it like they do in non-duelling mode.


Calender - Dates on each day please, so there is no need to count to figure which day is which.


Exams - :( Is it possible to put which exam is it exactly like "Incantation exam" instead of just "Exam" @_@ I casted the wrong spells for the wrong exam cause I counted wrongly!

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For Spells in Duel you first have to activate all needed Phemes of the Spell bevore you can cast it. And yes Damage Spells are also posible during Duel (thats how I wone my first Duel).

About the Duel options with Philippe Marchant there are no differnce betwean the 3 choises you have according to what I can read out from the Mod Tool.

The Main Tip I can give you is to Buff you /Debuff him and/or Damage him bevore the Duel also it could be usfull to rest right bevore the duel.


Are you asking for Training or Study?

For Study it depends if you whant to get the lvl 10 fast for the Attribute boost some give then go for this. If you use Study at the Venalicium Library for Training you probably have maxed Research bevore all Study are at 10 so I would even it out so I can use Drop in on the Professors'Louge. (Exception from the later is if you have Music, Astrology or Incantation as class skills because they have theyr own ways to increase Study)


For Training I personal wouldent train the class SS except you realise that you dont make it to 5 till midterm exam or 10 for the end exam. (But I personal would avoid Train as soon as posible because it only gives you 1 SS compared to 2-4 you get from other Actions/Abilitys)


The Exam Dates can be seen if you look at the Skill description, sadly the team already mentioned that they probably cant cange the calender as it works now for year 1.

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Generally, incantation seems to have all the good damage spells. Revision has a couple. Negation has some useful things for a duel, but they mostly involve protecting yourself or trying to jinx your opponent. The bullies seem to like physical attacks, so I don't go that route with them.


When I've won a duel it's been either by incantation spell or by out damaging my opponent with combined physical attacks from myself and my familiar (doing the familiar quest unlocks an ability usable in duels for at least some of them).


As far as training goes, I max my classes one at time (to save extra clicks on the UI probably), and usually have them maxed before midterms. I don't worry about the actual skill levels as much because the midterms don't weight as heavily towards your final grade as the finals do, and because as long as you don't skip classes, you are earning skills steps or other goodies in class. As long as I had a reasonable attribute level (3+), my class subskills are always maxed before final without any actual effort on my part.

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Only Spells need Phemes, and in the normal (Calendar) Phase, you don't have to worry about adding them unless you want extra Effects.


In Duels, however, you do need to Add Phemes to your Palette manually, and you can see which ones are necessary for which Spells by reading the Spell's Description.


Hope that helps!

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