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Patch 24 Bugs


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Is the Tower of Cold Forge Intended to be a Vernin only questline?

I ask because it have no prerequisites but in the Main Text of 01 it says

"True sons of Vernin, though...they wish to stay, take what they want, leave when they want...they are the smart ones"

Also the Player didnt get the Time Slip spell added after Successing in Part 01.

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Dont tell me Short Changed (The Magical Music Contest) should be a Hedi only Adventure chain (it dont have any start prerquisites).

Because in the exit in 10m (Rooftroops of Mineta) it says:

You go back to your room at Hedi College and collapse in your bed and fall asleep.


Edit: In Familiar Adventure Muffler 6 the Exit 11 miss the Familiar Story flag

Edit2: My Familiar have Ribal Tactics at 1 (probably because of a background) but this SS is not in the list of Skills I can Train via Improved Familiar Handling (yes my Char dont have this SS).

Edit3: RE Familiar 15 You Remember Professor ?'s special Lesson

Edit4: I still encounter sometimes the Error on loading and sometimes it still ends in a crash.

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I created a female test Char to have a look at some starting Abilitys and then I loaded my male RPG Char Mathias and wondered that I still have the Picture of the female Char displayed!



Edit: When I select and then unselect a item in the shop it still keeps listed in the Value Sold and then get sold when I hit the sell button.

(The problem is that unselect the item dont have any effect)

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Is it intended that Glamour Spells have at last 2 ways to increase the SS maximum?

Acording to the Wiki Glamour Spells Research gives +1 max to the SS Glamour Spells but also Glamour Phemes 11 gives +1 max to Glamour Spells.

(I used the second way in my curent game)

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Some bugs I noticed in my latest game:


In the ferret bond adventure, there is no continuance if you choose the coordination exit.


When I used the "Start the Venalicium Library adventure" ability, I didn't get access to the Ravenprix adventure.


In a shop, you can't cancel the sale of items (unselecting them does nothing).

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