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Returning after quite a while to the magical world of Academagia (also known as the most and best supported game ever), I'm overfilled with joy on how much was added.


Unfortunately, I can only see this on "paper", as I have absolutely no way of telling what was added and what was already in (we all know the game is enormous, so as the DLCs).


I couldn't find any information on the wiki, and the "patch notes" are as vagues as the forum posts they derive from.


So my questions is, is it possible to find some hard evidence on what was added? (I love reading patch notes...)

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The Only Tip I can give you is that the Academagia Mainpage have some Infos about DLC 1-4 but so fare not about DLC 5.

Also there are new Quests that need you to have the right Class skills!

I have found 3 of them so fare 1 for Astrology and 2 for Music.

you will also need violin 5 to start the 2nd music one


DLC 5 also added a new Questline for Godina.

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