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Section Selector

This is part of the screen you'll first see upon opening the mod tools. Selecting something from this list will take you to different sections of the mod base file where you can mod just about anything. I'll start off by describing the purpose of each section.



Ability - Abilities in the game which you can use or otherwise affect your character. Ones that can be used are mostly gained from locations like Study at ***. Static bonuses like Study Mastery are also included here.

Action - The actions you can take in the game. This includes Befriend, Gossip, Train, Adventure, etc.

AI Goals - Here you can modify the goals of NPC students. Do they want to be evil, find love, get good grades? Find out here or tweak a bit to make Joana friendly!

AI Interests - This lets you set what exactly students like to do during the day.

AI Personal - Much like the previous section. What does these students like to do?

AI Studies - These set class preferences for the students.

AI Vendetta - This section seems to be used in defining what students like to do when faced with hostile intentions.

Background - All of the backgrounds available at creation.

Calendar - Effect - Here you can make things happen on specific days in the game.

Calendar - Weather - Here weather is specified for the year. This can have an effect on some events.

Catalog/Merchant - This lists the shops and catalogs within the game.

Class - This contains information on all the classes within the game.

College - The different colleges students can belong to are here. Aranaz, Durand, and the like.

Constellation - The different constellations within the game and what effects they have. The effect may be automatic depending on the time of year.

Default Rumor Description - Not used

Display - Not used

Emotion - The different emotions your character can feel during the game.

Familiar - All NPC and PC familiars in the game.

Instructor - Professors you may encounter during your time at the university.

Item/Recipe - All items you may find in the game and their respective recipes.

Investiture - Not used

Location - All of the different places you may discover in the game.

Lore - All of those little lore snippets you find throughout the game.

Memory - These are mostly used as flags for gating content.

Merit - This section defines all merit prizes.

Monster - All monsters currently in the game. *unfinished*

Music - Simply the game's music selection.

Newspaper Issue - Not used

Nickname - Not used

Personality - Here you can set the underlying personality of the other students.

Pheme - All phemes are defined here.

Reference Table - Favor benefits can be found here.

Region - The regions in which locations reside.

Skill - All of the skills and subskills within the game.

Sound - Not used

Spell - All of the spells within the game.

Story - Adventure - The adventures you may have throughout the game.

Story - Complication/Event - The random events you encounter in the game.

Student - The details of all your fellow students.

University - The universities in the game. (Academagia)

Types - Different types of actions, spells, phemes, etc.

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