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Chat Engine - Changing starting stats and backgrounds


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(Decided to make this a new topic, since it might be a little hard to find in the topic of Zelefis's awesome mods.)


This posting will outline how to:


- give yourself infinite points for choosing background traits (I)




- change your starting statistics to anything you want (II)



* First off, you will need a program called Cheat Engine

Once downloaded and installed, run the program.


* Start up Academagia and make a new character. Once you've chosen which mods you want to include and picked a name and gender, you'll come to the character

creation screens. Here's where we get to change a few things, starting with how to get infinite creation points (you start out with 10). We can choose to give

ourselves infinite creation points and/or to directly set our starting attributes (strength, fitness etc)


* Move to cheat engine (alt+tab) and click the glowing "choose a process to open" button. Then select "academagia.exe" from the process list.




(I) ------------------------------------Infinite creation points---------------------------------------





1. In Cheat Engine, under "Value", put in 10 (which is the current number of creation points), then click "first scan"

There's no need to change anything about the standard settings. The 'found' window will show a lot of addresses where it found the value 10.


2. go back to academagia and spend a point, giving you 9 creation points left. Once you have 9, switch back to cheat engine.

under value, put in 9 and click next scan. There should be a lot fewer addresses found now. Repeat this step by expending another point, entering 8 and clicking next

scan again.


3. You will end up with a single address found in the address list. Double click it and it will show up in the bottom of the cheat engine window. There will be five tabs

there: Active, Description, Address, Type and Value.


4. Ticking the active box will keep the value from changing. It will drop down one point when you pick the first thing after that, but never go below that value, meaning

you can buy all the backgrounds you want AND spend 5 points on attributes. Finish character creation as normal and enjoy all those extra backgrounds!



(II) ------------------------------------Setting your attributes---------------------------------------


This one takes a little more work, as you need to basically do the same thing you did for creation points for each of the attributes.



1. Pick an attribute, in this case I'll pick fitness, as it's the first on the list.


2. Enter the current value of 1 in cheat engine and click first scan. (If you do this after a previous scan, click new scan first, it's the same button)


3. Switch to Academagia, spend a point on fitness, increasing it to 2. Switch to cheat engine, put in 2 under "Value:" and click next scan. Repeat these steps (going up

to 3, and if it finds more than 1 value by then, go back to 2 and enter 2, then 1 etc. in cheat engine until it leaves only one address)


4. Double click the address and it will show up in the bottom of the cheat engine window. There will be five tabs

there: Active, Description, Address, Type and Value.


5. Double-Click the number under value and change it to whatever you want. That will be your new attribute score. (You can double click the entry in Description to give

it a name. Naming it Fitness will make it easier to see what you've changed so far, as the window can get a bit cluttered.)


6. Remove the creation points you put into the attribute (By clicking on the down button for the skill. You can only award 5 points normally, and you won't be able to

add points to other attributes once you've spent 5. No need to spend them since you can now set the attribute to whatever you want!)


7. Repeat the above steps for the other 6 attributes, pick whatever background traits you want and start the game with your choice of attributes!








So that includes the little tutorial on setting creation points and attributes. let me know how you guys and girls get on!

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I just tried it to see, it works exactly the same for me. Remember that once you've found the values you should add them to the address list before you can edit them.

Yes, I am aware of that. I have changed the values and even saved them. However once I save and leave the game the values are gone and I can not get them back

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Note that if you wish to cheat in Academagia, never to save until you have finished your blatant misuse of reality warping powers because the addresses will change if you do!

I have no Idea what you are talking about I am afraid

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