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Dream About Academagia and Evil Twins


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I had a dream about being a student in a school of magic. It was never actually named in the dream as Academagia, but the uniforms were right and a few of the students were recognizable. All sorts of things happened in the dream, but I'm intending to focus on the events that made for a (cliched but interesting) plotline. The events took place in what I believe was established to be the third year.


The events started when a strange object crashed down from the sky outside the Imperial Reserve Gate. It was big - uh, about the size of an outhouse - and that was just the intact bits, there was more that was twisted metal. It was empty by the time anyone found it. Shortly thereafter, trouble started plaguing one of the students, as they were 'caught' and given detention for several things they didn't do.


About the same time as this first mess had been cleared away, another object just like it crashed in the exact same spot! Only this time, there was a much faster response, and Academagia staff apprehended someone sneaking away from the wreck. It was the student who had been in trouble several times! Only... not. Because said student was in detention at the time! So now there's two copies of this individual.


The new copy reveals that he's chasing an evil mirror-copy of himself that fled to this universe from his own, and he also reveals that the wrecked devices were some kind of magical transit between alternate worlds which most alternates of the Academagia don't have - but his does! Only they weren't supposed to crash like that. He'd been sent after his evil copy to retrieve a dangerous magical artifact that had been stolen by said evil copy. Not that he had any idea how he was going to get home, but at the very least, the artifact needed to be recovered and locked away! The artifact is a sword with the words "Rebus Frame" printed on the side (for reasons nobody knows - this was lampshaded, the name seemed to have no connection to the sword) and whenever it is picked up by anyone, it splits that person into good and evil mirror-copies.


Well, this is a really exotic story, so the supposed 'good copy' ends up held. So apparently there's three versions of this student now. After much investigating, that was kind of glossed over in the dream but would probably be a decent-sized questline in an actual game, I had found the Rebus Frame, tracked down the evil copy, confirmed that they were evil, and then set loose the good copy for a duel between the two. I gave the Rebus Frame to the good copy, who proceeded to win the fight. (The evil copy did make an attempt to convince me to offer him the Rebus Frame instead.)


On losing the fight, the evil copy vanished! Only the good copy remained, or sort of the good copy. He seemed a little different. He revealed at that point that actually, this had all been a plot to escape miserable conditions back in his home-alternate. That he'd picked up the sword intentionally, knowing that it would split him into good and evil halves. He'd completely intended one version to take it through to an alternate world, and for the second version to chase it down, and for both of them to crash in the dimension-pods that he'd sabotaged before starting things... so they wouldn't be able to come back, stranding him on the other side. It wasn't that the two versions hadn't known what would happen, either. Basically, the reveal was 'everything has gone according to plan.'


He figured there that they'd end up fighting, one of them would win, and while he'd hoped that the good one would win either way would've gotten him away from what he'd been trying to flee.


Well, he asked all this to be kept secret while the staff tried to fix the dimension pods. When they couldn't, he was offered to stay at Academagia, apparently because 'he's already been invited, hasn't he?' Thus the quest resulted in a new student! Who was almost identical to a student already present... only nicer.


It was kind of implied that if I'd given the sword to the evil half, the questline would've ended with a new student added to the Academagia, almost identical to a student already present... only eviller. And it was also implied that there was a second copy of the Rebus Frame! That this alternate had its own version locked up somewhere in the castle, and something interesting would've happened if I'd tracked it down too. Only I didn't manage that, so who knows what that would've done!


Anyways, the dream was long, complicated, rather vivid, and by now mostly forgotten. I just tried to remember the part that seemed like a questline in this game. The only other thing that stands out as potentially interesting is that one of the buildings in the school turned out to be secretly a flying building, only it could fly no more, because it had been built downwards into the ground long ago. Still, it was revealed to have no foundation. Just a number of very well-reinforced chunks of floating metal that were bearing the weight of the structure.

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Eh. Mine's shorter and simpler.

Apparently I was held hostage in the Great Hall by some sort of evil mage that spawn gazillion of creatures with Gate magic.

And there was a few adventurers (an armored dude, a female mage with a pig for familiar, a satyr) plus Knoht and Sido getting stuck in a stalemale with the mage.

And while I am suffocating from the mage's grip on my throat, I was thinking of solutions that come in colors (all green!)



Piety. Pray for divine intervention!

Dating. Give the villain a big smooch to distract him.

Storytelling. Distract everybody with a fanciful tale.

Familiar Kinship. Your familiar shall heroically save you!

Befriend. Call out to your fellow schoolmates to swarm the villain.

Flattery. Make your professors and the adventurers feel that saving you is EPIC!

Mastery. Force the villain to let you go, then force him to jump out of a nearby window, headfirst.


I choose Mastery, then see the guy jump out the window, then realize I casted Mastery in front of half the school, and woke up.


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Heh. You should really try to write that dreams of your into an adventure - the duplicate student bit might be a bit too hard to implement, but maybe you can say he got hit by a stray Gate spell and disappeared before you can enjoy your time with him.


As for my dream, I wonder will Flattery get my a bunch of merits if I succeed in some epic rolls?

Let's just hope I won't found myself seeing the consequence of casting Mastery in my dream >.>

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Oh no, I think some things do deserve to wait for later years. That event of your dream is probably one of these as well. It's really impressive, but also really dangerous and flashy, so it seems like something that shouldn't happen randomly but should require the right flags to be tripped first.

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Maybe one of the possibility is through Gates Magic.

You try to learn from a master of Gates, but he was trying to create a soulless clone of a student you know, intending to bind his dead child's soul into the soulless clone.


Or maybe this is an origin of a pair of twins student.

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