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Patch 28 Bugs


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Looks like the Adventure Chain "In Professor Story's Sights" have at last 2 broken Links because I think "Lines of Study" and "Lockbreaking and the Lizard" belong to this chain but are curent seperat adventures.


Edit: In my curent game I have a Relation Statnding of 17 to Neta Xemutre acording to the Clique & NPC screen but 7 acording to the Relations screen. So something odd here because I dont think the relation level sould be this high at all.

1 day later I am now at 20 Relation without any report why this increase.

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Maybe I am wrong but souldnt the Exit 1 of Familiar Adventure Ferret 6 unlook as soon the Familiar Know the Skill Gate Methodes?

If so then its broken because my Familiar have Gate Methodes 6 +5 temp. and this exit isn't displayed.

(Sadly now I am runing out of time to train toward a different skillset in my curent game)

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RE Student - Caspar Exit 2 (Blackmail) didn't give a dayreport about the Parent Approval increase.

Because I haven't looked at my Parent Approval for some time I am not sure if I got a increase at all.


Edit: just whant to remind about the still broken Skill level maximum for lvl 11 and up Maximums and also the still broken update of the left Char infos because if you swap a item or get something from a RE its not updated.

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Student Adventure Neta 1 the Investigation 01 didnt unlook the Exit 1 (Glamour Phemes) but I got the Success message for the Investigation.

Also in the Description of the Investigation there is no mention that the Roll is Observation


Edit Katja Quinnect only scored 100 points in the Music end year Exame this time so I wonder if the buff she got in the last DLC realy works

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So this time just a reminder of old bugs :P

Vitality at start is only at 2 no mater how High the max is

The Skill at Maximum display at the place Need for next lvl x of y is still at lvl 10 even if the Skillmaximum is 11

The update of the left Char infos is also still broken because if you swap a item or get something from a RE its not updated till you reload or process the next day.


Also the Graverober Shame got disabled for my Char at one point.

At last when I got 4 Stress (3 from a Adventure +1 from Bitter Stalks or how the spell is called) for my Char in one day from 0 Stress its not displayed that its activated.

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Would there be any reason why all of a sudden the game's not working for me? It used to be that the game would work fine when I ran it as administrator, but now, after several times of using the consolidated patch 28, I can't even get it past my saved games or new games! :( It's similar to the problem here, except I'm using Vista.


I had never patched before installing this patch, so I'm a little disappointed that it's gone this way. :( I like the patch!

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Scheherazade Empress;


First things first- please follow the steps outlined to WitchLena in that post: delete the files present in Patch 28 from your Academagia folder (including your Mods folder), and then replace them with the ones from Patch 28. Be sure to delete first, then replace- do not overwrite!


We are still not clear why, but sometimes Windows will not allow you to overwrite.


Let me know if that solves the issue, and thanks!

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