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Adventure Bug (Tutorial Quest, Familiar Step)


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So here I am, poking through the editor, and I found what seemed to be a few errors in the scripting for Tutorial Adventure 04. This is the step you meet with Oan to learn about and improve your familiar.


There are 3 main options for this step.


The option to make your familiar sneaky works fine - if you succeed, your familiar gets 1 point of move silently, and your character learns about the skill, but gets no skill ups.

The option to make your familiar intimidating does not work. If you succeed, it increases the character's MAXIMUM Intimidation skill by 1, rather than the familiar's actual skill. As a bonus negative, if you don't know the intimidation skill, it doesn't even unlock it.

The option to make your familiar Athletic is also incorrect. If you succeed, it increases your familiar's MAXIMUM rather than current Competition skill. If your familiar does not have the Competition skill yet, it appears to do nothing (it may actually track an increased maximum behind the scenes, I can't verify that).


I tested all options in game (patch 28), in case the mod base was out of date, and they all do as described above.

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