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"The Arcanist's Journey" has been released by Choice of Games.

"In this captivating interactive novel, you will step into the shoes of an orphan who, burdened by a challenging past, embarks on a daring journey to forge a better future. Forced to flee from home in search of a brighter destiny, you will delve into the realm of magic, determined to master its arcane mysteries. Your choices will shape not only the protagonist's path to mastery but also the unfolding narrative, as you navigate the trials and tribulations of a world brimming with enchantment and danger. Will you rise above adversity and become the master of your own destiny? The power to weave this compelling tale lies within your hands."

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On 7/17/2023 at 10:29 AM, Schwarzbart said:

Shadows of Forbidden Gods

They now have a Demo and also left Early Access.

I mention this game as interesting already here:

Because in 3 days is Punch Club 2 release and I currently play something different, so for now I don't have the time to test it my self.

Tested Shadows of Forbidden Gods now for a few hours, but so far I not really got into the game mechanics.
The biggest problem I have so far is that I didn't find a way to direct jump to my agents and so have to memorise where they are on the map. 
This game clearly need more then just a few hours to get into it and given all the RPGs I'm early in the game currently I doubt I will give it this time for now. 

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On 2/16/2023 at 4:44 AM, Schwarzbart said:


Spells and Secrets sound like something that could be interesting for some fans of Academagia.
RPS News about this Game:

Spells and Secrets was released ~2 day ago but from the Demo it turns out to be a mixture of fighting and  puzzle game.

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