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Avoiding Problems and a Few Questions

Elegant Dreamer

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Hi. I hope this is the right place to put this.


I would like to get this game for my new computer. Can anyone share some suggestions what to do to install it correctly? What errors to look out for and/or avoid? I apologize if this sounds confusing.


I do have some questions as well.


1. Do Familiars come with assign gender? I'll feel pretty silly if I named a Familiar Miss. Sunshine and find out later that's it's really a male.

2. Can you change elective class for each year?

3. With clique, do you make your own, or do you join one?

4. What is the different between Gossip and Befriend?

5. Is it okay to make friends outside of your own College? Even rival college?


The answer is probably on this board somewhere, and I probably skipped over it.


Thank you for your time and patience.

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2) To my knowledge yes (but year 2 isnt released so fare so I cant tell for sure)

3) both its even posible that you get draged into a NPC Clique if you dont care about forming your own.

4) Gosip can manipulate the standing betwean 2 Personons, Befriend increase your standing to a other person and thry to bring them to your clique (or you to theyr).

5) Curent ther is no real downside but Rivalerys betwean houses will rise in year 2.

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Elegant Dreamer:


1) Yes, unfortunately they do. :)

2) When Year 2 is released, you will be able to change Classes within prerequisites and other restrictions, yes.

3) You may both make a Clique or be invited to one.

4) Gossip raises Relationship, Befriend adds a Student to your Clique.

5) You certainly may. However, there may be repercussions to this in Years 2 and 3...:)


Have fun!

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Elegant Dreamer;


A pity! Alright, I'll see if I can pull up a list for you. :)


Edit: Here you go- I believe this is correct. :)


Male Lizard

Male Dog

Male Cat

Female Faux Dragon

Male Hawk

Male Ferret

Female Toad

Female Fish

Male Bat

Female Porcupine

Male Owl

Female Carnivorous Plant

Male Snake

Female Monkey

Male Hedgehog

Female Chameleon

Female Spider

Female Rat

Female Rabbit

Female Mole

Male Turtle

Male Shade

Female Strange Doll

Male Muffler

Female Sprite

Female Spirit

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There you go, someone can put this on wiki. Also, some of these familiar ability is funny when you think about their species.



Student Name - Familiar Name (Gender, type, species, ability)



Aveline Cincebeaux - Frere Arnaud (Male, Ferret, Highjumping Ferret, In Your Business)

Aymeri Couer -Barnum Blacktail (Male, Cat, Merilese Mist Cat, Skulking Mastery)

Basia Rydz - Gentle (Male, Snake, Jewel-Eyed Serpent, Grade War Consiglieri)

Carmine Sturzo - Fiero (Male, Dog, Prince's Key Spitz, Close to Power)

Courtenay de Surval - Katarche (Female, Hedgehog, Red-Toed Hedgehog, External Memory)

Emilia Strolin - Shelbie (Female, Spider, Albino Spring Spider, Social Webspinning)

Grainne Inneith - Dermot Hoots (Male, Owl, Peace Owl, Hostile Audience)

Malacresta Vercesi - Anababizon (Male, Hawk, Mourning Falcon, Little Wand'ring Star)

Milena di Montors - Bella (Female, Mole, Jade-Ringed Mole, Student Feedback)

Montague Ruffo - Sergeant (Male, Lizard, Greater Wall Lizard, Wall Monitor)

Raoul Leconte - Hummingbird (Female, Turtle, Dragonpitch Marching Turtle, Alone with Nature)

Rikildis von Kiep - Meniken (Male, Rat, King's Sniffer Rat, Eyes on the Ground)

Tabin Furenzti - Goodfellow (Male, Chameleon, Ten-Name Chameleon, Game-Playing)

Vrenelle Bonvin - Vitters (Female, Rabbit, Firetail Rabbit, Racing Lure)



Ana Flavia Bessa - Colin (Male, Toad, Ramsbladder Treefrog, Panic Attack)

Avgust Kostrodyrets - Ted (Male, Turtle, Brownback Snoring Tortoise, Champion)

Cinzia Ammacapani - Oyez (Male, Cat, Pievran Blue Longhair, Dramatic Vocalization)

Cosetta Re - Ayala (Female, Hawk, Seeker Falcon, Killing Joy from Above)

Cyrus Dawes - Jumper (Female, Dog, Golden Stormpointer, Productive Play)

Emilia Picotti - Jangolo (Male, Lizard, Tutor Iguana, Alchemical Alarm Agent)

Gwendy Zuyder - Minister Upwind (Male, Owl, Sentry Owl, Salvage Raconteur)

Irene Oxina - Cloudy (Female, Rabbit, Less Bright Celestial Rabbit, Glimpse into Fire)

Olivia Solari -Vivera (Female, Ferret, Pearldiver Ferret, Spy in Cyrus's House)

Oriabel Sidot - Boo (Male, Spider, Northern Dreaming Spider, Spirit Guide)



Durand de Thiomines - Quince (Male, Hedgehog, Leaf-Eared Hedgehog, Cheerleading the Book)

Flore Yveuillet - Lucius (Male, Snake, Flying Medicine Viper, Agent of Intimidation)

Honors Plafox - Charity (Female, Lizard, Tutor Iguana, Simple Kindness)

Jere Niemela - Scaremuch (Female, Rabbit, Trumpet Hare, Unearthly Evocation)

Kurt Henning - Old Diggerdoodle (Male, Mole, Dragonbane Mole, Wizened Mastery)

Lambert Cobo - Piers Pontifex (Male, Rat, King's Sniffer Rat, Swashbuckling)

Magsa Nembo - Igenga (Male, Dog, Quinti Elkhound, Animated Scout)

Piccolet Gleyre - Goodkin (Female, Rat, Common Grey Rat, Peace of Mind)

Prudence Cossins - Cutter (Female, Owl, Collier Owl, Raptor's Attention)

Sheary Warrington - Bailiff (Male, Dog, Dead Man's Pointer, Missionary of Mercy)

Tulia Faspalla - Anguselus (Male, Turtle, Treasure Chest Tortoise, Unstinting Support)

Vincent Warrender - Smitty (Female, Toad, Deepwood Weeping Toad, Coach on the Floor)



Alan Driscoll - Fortunatus (Male, Rat, King's Sniffer Rat, Partial Delivery)

Cirillo Laziosi - Hazard (Female, Hawk, Seeker Falcon, non)

Katja Quinnecht - Ignaz (Male, Toad, Muddy Lion-Maned Toad, Accompanyist)

Llarina de Avuel - Heckitt (Female, Toad, Whistler Toad, Simple Reassurance)

Luti Jaconelli - Guillelmo Ruffo (Male, Cat, Vittorian Rose Cat, Phantasmagoria)

Neso Ulleri - Gatino (Male, Rabbit, Motley Harem, Escape and Return)

Noemia Falcon y Paredes - Oliver (Male, Mole, Steambreather Mole, Security Mole)

Silke Niederstatter - Prettyboy (Male, Ferret, Royal Golden Ferret, Ferret of Glamour)

Vuillaume Eparvier - Tephra (Female, Dog, Brennenderberg Terrier, Sanity Check)

Zorzi Galea - Nonelli (Male, Old, Sentry Owl, I dares ya!)



Ausdauer Mollers - Listner (Female, Lizard, Southern Mosaic Lizard, non)

Eduard Solov’ev - Perwadjet (Female, Cat, Merilese Mist Cat, Air of Mystery)

Els Rottmundyn - Cardinal Fang (Female, Snake, Jewel-Eyed Serpent, Devil on the shoulder)

Herbert Downes - Ranger (Male, Dog, Flamezian Shepherd, Early Warning)

Isabeau Glorieux - A.J. (Male, Rat, Common Grey Rat, King of Crime)

Iustus Venture - Friendly Stranger (Male, Rabbit, Motley Hare, Narcolepsy On Lap)

Leopold Rassent - Murdock (Male, Mole, Dragonbane Mole, Mindbender)

Neta Xemutre - Carterhaugh (Female, Hedgehog, Leaf-Eared Hedgehog, Back Down to Earth)

Reitz von Lutersee - Lord Francis (Male, Ferret, Pearldiver Ferret, Concentrated Sunshine)

Sigalis du Sonmeil - Durlindan (Female, Toad, Muddy Lion-Maned Toad, Bully-spotting)

Sima Venesico - Sylvian (Male, Ferret, Serene Albino Ferret, Watchful Eye)

Tacito Viadana - Keeps (Male, Owl, Sentry Owl, Swift Survey)

Zoe Melis - Carol (Male, Spider, Northern Dreaming Spider, Fragile Web)



Beatrix von Wetgen - Upright Tom (Male, Hawk, Seeker Falcon, Expansionist)

Eliana Carosi - Chicory Pete (Male Hedgehog, Leaf-Eared Hedgehog, Mellow Out)

Girars de Periarde - Percy (Male, Rabbit,Firetail Rabbit, Cool under Fire)

Hector Per Vittoria - Thaqua (Male, Owl, Reaper Owl, Odd Transactions)

Joana Lio y Rossollo - Periandro (Male, Turtle, Treasure Chest Tortoise, Restricted Violence)

Mairgrete Strakley - Foss (Male, Cat, Breuvan Ringtail Cat, Paws like the Wind)

Malthezar Mhadi - Arsaces (Male, Snake, Alefsan Porphyrian Snake, Steadying Influence)

Philippe Marchant - Durand (Female, Spider, Yellow Spitting Spider, Slipping the Leash)

Uliva Valaresso - Sasha (Female, Snake, Cool Moonstone Snake, Talented Assistance)

Vettor Conta - Orin (Male, Fish, Blackfountain Dwarf Pickerel, Take It Seriously)



Amada Kiffer - Bira (Female, Cat, Godsgift Fair Cat, Soothing)

Asmita Tidar - Kefta (Female, Snake, Flying Medicine Viper, Almost too many Chefs)

Cante Caviti - Sikaru (Female, Hedgehog, Glass Quill Hedgehog, Brewmistress)

Caspar Pfeuffer - Hawley (Male, Lizard, Southern Mosaic Lizard, Artistic Languor)

Catherine Chard - Aenor (Female, Ferret, Royal Golden Ferret, Touch of Class)

Cordelia Troublepot - Pelton (Male, Spider, Northern Dreaming Spider, In the Works)

Corradin d’Alfi - Paladin (Male, Mole, Jade-Ringed Mole, Princely Poise)

Everwine von Zoedorf - Godwin (Male, Hedgehog, Red-Toed Hedgehog, Hard to Break His Heart)

Magalda Quaranta - Amante (Male, Hawk, Three-Copper Sparrowhawk, Rimble Squad Auxiliary) Service)

Marc Sury - Gimmal (Female, Turtle, Treasure Chest Tortoise, Display Model)

Philip Hauck - Catherwood (Male, Rabbit, Trumpet Hare, Taskmaster)

Rixenda la Serena - Brossa (Female, Owl, Sentry Owl, Treasure from Mud)

Rui da Casga - Cow (Male, Spider, Northern Dreaming Spider, Sublime Japery)

Vincent Eins - Cobertine (Male, Dog, Ghieran Wine Boxer, Player on the Other Paw)


Your Familiar

Familiar Name - Gender, Type, Species,


Note: Ability not listed (except Pamela), seem to be earned by character in familiar adventure.


Armand - Male, Lizard, Lace-Collared Gecko

Blond Cavall - Male, Dog, Doomhound

Captain Rufus Felix Northbridge - Male Cat, Langsey Tabby

Coca - Female, Flux Dragon, Dracunculus

Condotierre - Male, Hawk, Seeker Falcon

Dancer - Male, Ferret, Dawn Ferret

Eleazara the Fantastic - Female, Toad, Warted Snighorn

Elephant - Female, Fish, Brassfish

Erzatz - Male, Bat, Montevran Trickster Bat

Ingenivine - Female, Porcupine, Dire Porcupine

Minister Hiboux - Male, Owl, Peace Owl

Miranda - Female, Carnivorous Plant, Miniature Ravenous Abomination Shrub

Mundigand - Male, Snake, Garter Snake

Nancy Japes - Female, Monkey, Rainhowler Monkey

Needleshanks - Male, Hedgehog, Red-Toed Hedgehog

Neshcha - Female, Chameleon, Royal Stealth Iguana

Ness - Female, Spider, Black River Weaver

Pamela - Female, Spirit, Forlorn of the Academagia, Ability: Gain From hard Experiance

Poet - Female, Rat, Common Grey Rat

Rapidly - Female, Rabbit, Doonwich Cottontail

Rockdiver - Female, Mole, Dragonbane Mole

Serenissimo - Male, Turtle, Ruby-Speckled Snapping Turtle of Destiny,

Shadow - Male, Shade, Lesser Benign Shade

Silent Alice - Female, Strange Doll, Strange Doll

Whispertooth - Male, Muffler, Muffler

Wildflower - Female, Sprite, Springtime Jenny


Unused Familiar

Murr - Female, Cat, Godsgift Fair Cat

Princessa Snappers - Female, Carnivorous Plant, Biting Ivy

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The following student's familiar is lacking an ability. Either they haven't bond enough to unlock or the programming team missed it.


Student name - Familiar name


Ausdauer Mollers - Listner

Cirillo Laziosi - Hazard

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Wow! Thank you very much! Believe me when I say this is huge help. Now complain to those wiki people for not providing the list and making you do all the hard work! :)


Thank you again so much!

Hey, keep in mind those wiki people are everyone who uses it. I've put in about 20 hours on it the last week, but there's literally thousands of hours of work needed to make it complete. Everyone has to do their part, that's what a wiki is about!

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Opps! Sorry. I didn't mean to insult anyone; I was trying to make a bad joke. I apologize.


I actually took it the way you meant it, and should have thrown something in my reply to recognize that. :)


It was my attempt to hopefully get another few contributors, everyone helps.


You can still be in my clique.

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Hi. Thought of a question. How many times a week can you skip class without getting detention? For example, let's say you go to class every morning and afternoon, except on Wensday afternoon you decide to do something, would that get you into trouble?


Again, the answer is probably someone, but I probably skipped over it. Thank you for your time.

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