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Avoiding Problems and a Few Questions

Elegant Dreamer

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Elegant Dreamer;


It sounds as though you are trying to update to Patch 30? Assuming that you downloaded the Patch and then overwrote the contents of your Academagia folder with the contents of the Patch, you should see version If you do not, you may have to manually delete the files in your Academagia folder which correspond to the ones included in the Patch, and then manually move the ones from the Patch into your Academagia folder. Sometimes Windows UAC is a bit tricky. :)


Let me know if that helps!

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Elegant Dreamer;


A-ha! :)


Well, because you are using Windows, you should simply be able to double-click on it. Once you have done so, it will show you all the files and folders inside the archive. You can simply select them all and drag them into your Academagia folder, and that will apply the Patch. Note that you may have to choose to overwrite some of your files and folders.

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Elegant Dreamer;


Good! The reason it says *probably* is because some files may not have overwritten, possibly due to UAC issues.


Assuming that you have Academagia_Consolidated_Patch_030711 and not an earlier version of the Patch, what you will need to do is this:


1) Manually delete from your Academagia folder, all files and folders which correspond to those found inside the Patch. The important ones are:


Mods (this is a folder)









2) Then, move the files from the Patch into your Academagia folder, so that they are located in the same place as the ones you just deleted.


It's important to delete the old ones, before moving the new ones from the Patch, because for some reason it sounds as though they are not being overwritten.


Once you have taken these steps, you should see:

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There is no warning bevore you get a Reprimand that resoults in aDetention i.e. from skipng classes. Thats why skiping classes will get a balance act and a loot of reloading if you use it regulare.

Also there is a known bug that you sometimes get the Detention on the same day when you get the reprimand what result in that you missed your detention and you get a other reprimand + detention. (haved this once 5 times in one day ^^)

OH maybe you have gotten your detention from a Event or Adventure because this is also possible!

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I edit my posting above a vew times so maybe you whant to read it again.


3) Is normal, for some Student Adventure its a certain standing that is needed for other some other things are needed to make theyr Adv. chain aviable.

In this game the NPCs interact also with you on theyr own so that the standing get changed!

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