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Avoiding Problems and a Few Questions

Elegant Dreamer

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and will quickly form little Cliques of their own, but we are looking at ways to slow that down a bit. :)

A rough way off the top of my head would be to:

1) Remove all student's Befriend action and add it back later like those collage skill/info.


2) Set a cliques requirement at a much higher relationship point for NPC only, so player have better chance at getting someone. (Shouldn't mess up much with those npc with clique goal)


3) Maybe the same code as Geas on all npc that prevent clique forming but only last for 50 duration or something.

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Been a while since I visited, but just started playing this again and endorse the idea of being able to read previous adventures and/or events you've been through. Would make my goal of actually writing a story around my character actually doable! May not really make sense to work on for year 1 from a development decision since it may be fairly resource intensive and probably would require some front-end redesign and UI can be fairly resource intensive.




Edit: Removing quote since it didn't really apply.

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...yep! :)


Can't say that it will read as well as the RP's we've had here, but...


Oh given the quality of the writing present in the game so far, it should be entertaining. Although since you mentioned player created content... will there be some mechanic, via this diary or otherwise, that will allow the player to input notes that can be accessed in-game? Sometimes it's a while between gaming sessions and in-game notes would be more convenient than having a little spiral notebook devoted to my long-term plans.

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Heh! Probably nothing you did- there were some streamlines in memory usage since you were last back, and that may have upset your cache.


The best way to handle that is:


1) Navigate to ProgramData\Academagia and delete the Cache folder you find there.


2) Navigate to your Academagia\Mods folder and delete the GCC folder.


3) Run AMTempFilesCleaner.exe from the latest Patch.


...you should now be able to begin a new game. If you want to continue an old game, you'll need to know the DLC it was created in.


Let me know if that solves the issue, and thanks!

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Hello. I finished the game with the latest patch and it was fun. I still have the same suggestions/options, plus I wish there was someway to finish Adventures before the game ends, but that's just my small, weird, opinion. I also feel that Forbidden Magic (Gates, etc.) should be the player's chose, rather than the game. Thank you for your time and patience.

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You can definitely finish adventures before the game ends. What trouble were you having there?


For the forbidden magic, I imagine they may be talking about how the Sphinx, Library of L, Joie-d-V and such-and-so can give you a random point or two in Gates or Mastery, despite the Legate stating that even one point is practical magic and can't be unlearned but your character cannot reasonably avoid gaining those points. Because any skill can be given at random, learning forbidden magic that could get your character killed can almost unavoidable... unless you avoid taking any action that could possibly give you a random subskill (which is harder then it may sound).

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