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can't cast calafon's humours


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i may be doing something silly but I can't manage to cast this spell. whenever i try there's a pink selection box for me to choose an emotional state but there's no thing to click on to bring up a menu to actually choose one. therefore i can't set casting this spell on my schedule because i can't fix that required option. it does the same whether I have any emotional states currently or not.

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A brief test looks like this is working correctly, but I see that you mention that you cannot choose, even when you have an Emotion?


Just a quick check: which version of the game are you using (you can see this by pressing F12), and did you check to use the latest DLC when you created this game?


Let me know, and thanks!

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yeah its the same thing as mentioned here


the remove choice of emotion field doesn't have a selector thing on it even though ive got four emotions (alarm, anger, anxiety, embarassment. i had a bad day lol)


it was patch 28 with friend in need. i just put in patch 30 but it doesnt help the existing character oh well, guess i'll need to find some other way to cheer up!

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