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DLC 7: Hope's Shield Endures!

Legate of Mineta

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Black Chicken Studios proudly presents the seventh free DLC for Academagia: The Making of Mages, Hope's Shield Endures!




King Durand was first to the battlefield, and the last to leave it: his courage, fortitude and eternal hope in the face of despair were legendary. When called by his people to face the Dragons, he was the only of the nine Kings to be wholly without fear or doubt. And when the Dragons fled from his armies, it was Durand who gave chase.


But can courage become foolishness and hope turn to folly?


The DLC includes:


7 new Adventures, set around the College of Durand: the Academagia has more than one test of courage!

20+ new Events, dealing with the bravery and trials of the Students of Durand

1 new Skill, many Items, and lots of new Abilities, Actions, Locations and Spells for new ways to establish your Character in Elumia


...have fun!

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