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Patch 32 Bugs


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The Topiary Garden Clim the Tree and Negation Methodes end the Adventure direct probably some linking is missing there.

Also Incantation. Blow Him away isnt removed after you successed there when you return to step 2.

Maybe this adventure Step and the Step 03 need to be reviewed because some exits are only understandable at all if you complet remember how you got them.

Also you can probably play endless trough step 02 and 03 if you dont chose the Climb or Negations Methodes exit.

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In "Random Event Potions 14" the "Potions 5 Exit 2 - IE" exit dont give out any bonus.

Looking at the reward I sould get +1 in Athletics but thats a Skill and not a SS so probably the reason why it not work.


Edit: In "Familiar Bond Adventure Rabbit 07a" the exit "Rabbit Exit 32"

"around your master while they sleep. You sit unmoving on their bed, staring down at them "

Is it one Master or many? I thought in this text the person the Rabit familiar try to protect is the player.

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The Burden of a Special Son / Kurt Henning's adventure seems to be broken. I click it, get the first bits of information (he's the only wizard in his family, wants to meet someone famous)- but all I can do is hit the next button, rather then any sort of choice (there's not even a generic green 'Sure, I'll help'/'No, that's dumb.' choice that you usually see for the first adventure for a fellow student). The adventure then disappeared from my Adventure choices- I never got the next or second step of it. My relationship with Kurt was always at least 6 (and ended at 8 or 9, I believe) and he was a cliquemate, so I'm not sure what was going on. Seemed to be broken.


Study Mastery, Geometry description ‘…skill rolls and alasting 1 point increase to Transporation.’ A space is needed between a and lasting.


Short Charged 02 (the adventure with the Orb you don't get), – ‘I am not bound to deception of such delicacies, young master Chastellian’ is what Chastellian himself says to you when he's explaining you get dinner rather then a cool artifact. It should be the character's last name instead of Chastellian, and the young master seems a bit iffy for a gal. Young mistress has some negative connections IRL, but I think it's appropriate enough for a fantasy setting.


Random Event Disguise/Infiltration 09 has at one point the first line of Gwendy's bio linked rather then her name (‘Gwendy does not get along with anyone from the Colle’ it stated, and for the only time I've seen in the game, it seemed to run off screen to the right to be covered by the right sidebar). I'm sorry, I didn't write down exactly where in the adventure that part was, though. Grr. Idiot me.


The whole part of Student Adventure Joana 4 (leading in to ‘Blackmailing Phillipe’) has no spaces between sentences (Blahblah blah."She said!"How cool.', sort of deal) and also lacks paragraphs.


The Much-Rumored Tower adventure ends at something of a strange place, if you'll pardon me saying so. At the end, you fight your guide, and they ask you to talk to the leader of, um, one of the collages (the event isn't collage locked, but it wasn't the leader of either Morvidus or Avila, I know- memory is saying Vernin, but I couldn't swear about it) and ask them about the Time Slip spell. There's no Adventure to do that, and I didn't see any sort of ability to do so, either. It may be that it's the sort of thing you get to do 'next year', and I just didn't read the adventure properly... something like that wouldn't be too unexpected, I'm afraid. Still, maybe it could be made a bit more obvious? Or... something?



(Hi! Tis been a while! You guys have done a lot of awesome work on the game in the last few months (I took a break from November till yesterday ^^)... and I've started writing out a few adventures for it to hopefully post in the Writer's Corner or in the Modding area if necessary. Thanks so much for your hard work, Legate, and the work of everyone on the team! And all the testers and fans and stuff!)

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Delivery Bug for a Catalog Shop?

I Orderd 2 items from Joy of Music -Catalog C at the 28 Anedius but only got 1 of them deliverd so fare and now I already have the 12. Kaliri!

(I orderd Spruce Bow-Wand and by ancient da Raucea's "Robin and Oak" but only got the second item till now)

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You know that I will hit the end of the game in a bit over 2 weeks? Also the Catalog mention that the delivery time is 5-10 days and thats long over so ther is deventive some kind of bug.


Edit: I finaly got the Wand at the 13. Kaliri but now its usfullness is much less because the exam where I whanted to use it are already over. If I rember corect I have reported this bug already because the items are delivered seperat but the time for the 2nd start to count after the first is delivered and so if you order many at once you can wait for months.

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Is it intended that items with the Typ Alchemical/Brewing Tools dont have a equipment slot?

I ask because I got me Marble Mortar & Pestle and the Clamp Tree on my last savable day but they arent equiped to any slot but have Brew related bonus acording to theyr descriptions.


Edit: I also wonder how I can Grind the Sandstone I bought as it is writen in the Marble Mortar & Pestle Description.

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Yes have bought the Sandstone along with the Marble Mortar & Pestle and have both in my Knapsack but I cant find a Ability or Action to do this.


Edit: Other bug Student Adventure Girars 08 the Exit 1 gives +1 to the patience Research Topic and I dont think this is intended.

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Other bug Student Adventure Girars 08 the Exit 1 gives +1 to the patience Research Topic and I dont think this is intended.


OK will upload the Endgame save (just the 3 slots from sunday are remaining)

Because I have so many Abilitys its also posible that I just missed it.

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Using patch 33:


1. The patch says it's fixed the maximum Vitality problem, but I don't see it. When creating a new character with Max. Vitality 10, he only started with 8, and it still added 20 after the first day.


2. The Skills and Research window doesn't appear to update on a daily basis; that is, I get a report that skills have been added or improved, but they don't show up as such in the window until a day passes or a game is loaded.


3. I started the game with the Circlet of Mastery (from one of the Inheritance perks), but it disappeared from my inventory almost immediately; no reason was given.

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The +20 issue is in the content, and that portion won't be corrected until DLC 8. For a Character with Maximum Vitality of 10- which Backgrounds did you select so that I can follow your process exactly? Thanks!


Skills and Research updating is a known issue, but no ETA yet on which Patch will correct it.


The Circlet of Mastery is an Illegal Item- almost certainly it was confiscated upon discovery (did you receive a Reprimand?) The Feedback in this area is negligible, though, and that definitely needs improvement.


Thanks again!

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The character creation goes:


+2 Fitness, +1 Luck, Strength, Finesse

Astrology: The Comet

Omen: Island Lights

Family: Sports

Prodigy: Physical

Inheritance: Mysterious Package


I did get a reprimand; I thought maybe I'd been trespassing somewhere. Did the Circlet automatically get discovered, or did I need something else to happen?

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