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I got a new Ring to my Knapsack (from a Event) and already have 4 equiped but the scrolling Marks dont seem to work.

So are Ring Slots limited to 4 (like in AD&D / D&D rules) or is there a bug with scrolling them?


Btw. Its great to have a Hero as familiar ^^ I think the Familiar Bond Adventure Rabbit gives a interesting end (at last if you chose the heroic path)

Oh I realy hope Familiar will be able to cast spells like writen in this adventure for theyr "Master" in year 2 :)

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Glad you enjoyed it! Familiars were supposed to cast Spells in Year 1, but the implementation for that turned out to be on the buggy side, so we pulled it near the end. You'll see it return, though. ;)


Ring Slots should be set at 10- can you send over your save, so I can see the issue?



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