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Leoshi I never expect that every char can avord the prices of MS Schwarzbart but thats just one of the posible ways. Sure there is still the huge price of the Opal but there is (was?) a way in the last DLC that wher you can get over 1000 pim in a single time slot once a month!

(Also if you care for you parents a bit at the start of the game you easy can gain 50-100 pims every 2 weeks)

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Ok here where I have different thoughts then the team about part 1 of my adventure. (Botany Extra Credit Adventure)


The Character get informed about the Weed bevore he did Step 2 what is kind of strange.


The default Exits only make sense if the adventure continue direct as I haved planed it for some decisions. (I.e for Step 2 and 3)

Orginal I made the Step 01 Exit 2 a direct continue and Step 02 Exit 4.


Adventure 04c is missing the Visitation right Part I added later in 6a (page 1).


I thryed to give each Step at last 2 different Ways to success sadly Step 08 only allows Ortography so how about add a Enchant exit there?


Also I find it kind of sad that the player can only do it once but you sure haved reasons to remove this.

Maybe we can give the player a Recipe after he did it once. (Roll Orthography + the Materials needed)


Thats all about the Botany Extra Credit Adventure when I find time this weekend I will look at the Negation Wand part.

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Exit 8 of Crafting the Negation Wand 01 can be replaced with what I have suggested for this later, especial using the Mineta Swagger SS for this sounds great to me. (Because you still have to kind of adapt it I didnt change it from my first suggestion)


Investigation 1 Minetan Swagger: Where could you get a new Schwarzbartweed?

Requirement No Schwarzbartweed in Inventory and No NegWand_Mineta_Planttrader

Roll Minetan Swagger vs 10



You Remember that from time to time there are travling Mercants at the docks and one of them is reported to have rare plants in his sortiment.

Set NegWand_Mineta_Planttrader



You wandered for some time more or less aimless in the city to find a good vendor for plants but sadly no one you asked did know where you could get this plant.

Continue to step 4



Exit 7: Pure Luck:

Requirement No Schwarzbartweed in Inventory and NegWand_Mineta_Planttrader and 733 pims or more

Roll Pure Luck vs 20



You asked at the Dock Office if the Trader you search is around and they point you to a nearby tavern.

Sure this tip did cost you 5 Pims but it was wort it because you found the trader.

It turns out the trader also actual haved one of this plants for sell but sadly at twice the normal price.

Because you realy need this plant to continue you bought it for 728 pims.

-733 pims, Add Schwarzbartweed, Continue to Step 4



You bribed some Dockworker to tell you where to find a Trader for Rare Plants what together costed you 20 pims.

Sadly the trader you found didnt have any Schwarzbartweed for sell, so you have to come back at a other day.

-20 Pims; Continue to Step 4

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For the price I would suggest to ask at last 400 pims for this so the player dont get a advance from giving the weed for the recipt to Ms Schwarzbart instead of paying her.

(And sorry that I just now found the time start to look at the 2nd part)

Edit: for the rest I probably have to play trough it on my own to see where there where made changes.

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Thread Necro ;)

I dont' know if I asked this already, maybe at suggestions but bether get sure:


Can we split Botany Extra Credit Adventure 02 from 01?

I whant that Botany Extra Credit Adventure 02 come up as soon the player have the Schwarzbart Weed in the inventory no mather what source it come from. (Still the adventure should only managed to play trough once ^^)

This probably means that in Botany Extra Credit Adventure 01 the exits 3-5 sould get a mention that the player need to come back to gater the plant bevore he can Study the plant future.


Reason I ask for this is to give other ways to start the long Adventure Chain then just the Botany Class Entry (I.E. the Player can come across the plant in the adventure I still have at work even if it is curent at hold)

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