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The restless Temple


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This is a very good adventure Adrian !


But if we are already this powerful the developers are going to have a hard time making the adventures better in Year 2.

But I am also confident that the developers can come up with crazier adventures laugh.gif


For now I will just stick to writing silly events.

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Hmm it might be a tad too abitious.. *meh* I am longing for second year =p


a good point though, been wondering if the reward isn't too powerful for silly little kids like us.. humm... (still, the difficulty could be rediculusly high that it is just barely possible, even with massive buffing.)


I'll let the devs settle it. Use if it you like, if not then trash it.


Been working on a somewhat less epic adventure, but been reworking it a bit. I'll try to get it up soonish (even if it isn't ready for the near DLC)

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It might just me but I think I only played this adventure 2 times in all my play trough because the requirment is to fare away from everything I usualy learn.

Its kind of sad as it is actual a good adventure but with the big load of adventures we got by now I no longer have the time to go for adventures where I first have to push some obscure main skills.

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I sometimes do it. I always raise explore for getting the talking gates book, so upping patrol in some fashion isn't hard.


I haven't done it on my last few though cause my hand slots are full of other items I like more. Maybe if I dropped archery and didn't want Aniti's bow I'd do this quest again on my Hedi girl.


I really do like the quest though. I'm surprised it's a fan made adventure, it hadn't occurred to me.

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