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Eagles love my room


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Hey forum, I didn't really see a "Bugs" section, so I thought I might just put this here. I've been having a character mess around with the spell "Curious Eagle" and I've been noticing something strange. I don't know if it was intended for the eagles to give places that have already been found, they have been, but that's not my issue. What I have noticed is that the eagles LOVE to tell me about my character's room. It would also seem less strange if I wasn't casting it from my character's room.


At first I thought it was pretty funny. I pictured my character summoning up the eagle, it looking around, and without moving an inch saying "Hey guy! I found a room!" before flying off.


But after it happened a few times, I decided to test it a bit. Using a bunch of save-scumming and three castings a day, I've come to believe that it wasn't just a coincidence on my part. I've seen it more than once that in a single day two out of the three castings find my character's room. So I've got to ask, is this a bug, or am I just being trolled by eagles?

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I belive its a real issue because there where already simulare problems with other explore abilitys.

Btw. you can see your gamevesion when you press F12 in the game.

The display you get then on the lower left is also helpfull for bugreportings about events an adventures.

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