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Advocate at Daribus Conley's Court


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I often use Advocate at Daribus Conley's Court. The first time I ever used it I earned 80 pim. The next time it was 20, then 30, then 30 again. Except for the first time Ive never gotten more than 30.


The description says I should get 50-140 if I win, on a (Int/Criminal Law) Vs 10. My Int is 8 and my Crim Law is 12. I should win every time. Why am I not getting more money?

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So are the odds for the higher payout fixed? Is there no way for me to influence them, ie; raising my Criminal Law stat?


The roll for against a threshold of 10 is to succeed, once you succeed, you get a random # of pims.

22% 10 pims

22% 20 pims

18% 30 pims

18% 40 pims

9% 50 pims

6% 60 pims

4% 70 pims

2% 80 pims


(does not add up to 100% because of rounding)


There is an additional roll against 30 to get the glory. (yes, you can get 10 pims and a glory.)

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