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DLC 8 has been released!

Legate of Mineta

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DLC 8 has been released, and you can get it here:




The ancient city of the Minetes, seat of dragons, kings and emperors, heart of the heirs of their power, wisdom and influence, and foundation of the Academagia: all things can be found behind your gilded gates! In such a city, even dreams may be confused with reality...


What adventures might be found, if you step into the city...?


The DLC includes:


8 new Adventures, set around the City of Mineta and the uncommon events therein!

20+ new Events, a true miscellanea to brighten any afternoon

1 new Skill, many Items, and lots of new Abilities, Actions, Locations and Spells for new ways to progress your Character upon the streets of Mineta!


...have fun!

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