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DLC 8 Bugs


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I selected the Dusty Shelves adventure. It was somewhat weird. The usual intro, with the sleepiness and the red glow, with it called Locked in the Library 00. There was an Observation option, which I took, which implied that my character took or stole a book, and then back to the sleepy and red glow with no extra option and the start in the library. It's been so long since I did that adventure that I'm not sure anything is out of the ordinary, save for the weird stealing a book part- I didn't notice myself gaining any extra skill step or anything, and obviously, no book in the inventory.


Getting the Calamites to 7 (History was at 8) got me an 'increase of the Calamities skill maximum by 1'. It works- my Calamities max is now 11, but it doesn't note what's making it 11 (like, say, how Quote History is listed as +1 to History). It should probably be turned in to an obvious passive ability with a name and description.


Random Event Classroom 8's exit is Decypher Handwriting rather then decipher.


Random Event Spellcasting 19's Famous Poetry success gives the line 'You turn around once and kiss the and three times’; and should be wand.


“Cleaning Up” Academagia – The line is “I know what you must be thinking. You seriously doubt this but let her continue,” but consider this a mission for betterment yadda yadda cannot go on unabated.” Wrong place for that quotation- "I know what you must be thinking." You seriously doubt this but let her continue, "But consider this a mission for betterment yadda yadda." Or wait, is but supposed to be lowercase? Hm.


Student Adventure Aymeri 01 – ‘old nonsense between (Cliquename) and He, huh?’, the he linking the Leopold: it should be him. Initiation to a Rivalry (the character study option) is also badly linked: you get the first line from their profiles rather then just their names (You read the signs on 'Aymeri wishes that he had some dark secret'’s face carefully… …thinks that 'Lambert really needs to mind his own business. He’s always trying' is up to something big’.


Random Event City Street 5 - It would be nice if the Hearldry option was a bit more clarified. To me, it looked more like an Observation/investigation' option rather then an exit. As it is, you note you're looking down at the handkerchief, then if you don't recognize due to a fail, it's over. You can't run back and give the lady her handkerchief or choose to drop it or anything. Noting that you pick it up and rush towards the woman while looking at the symbol or something that makes it obvious that it's not just investigation would be nice.


Random Event Disguise/Infiltration 1 - First, this event is awesome. This is more suggestion then anything: it would be nice if after succeeding on the Ink Compounds choice due to being sheer awesome, you would be informed of Ink Compounds. It seems like a neat enough event to do some informin'.

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in "Short Changed 05f" my lovely Dale seems to momentarily have a name change (the horrors of ctrl c ctrl v ;))


"A massive ghostly fireball rushes past you and explodes at the backdoor sending you and yulia onto the floor"


I thinking Yulia is the girl from the male adventure ;)


Later (in same story) he refers to himself as 'she'. Dale my lovely boy has some gender issues..


"Dale offers to walk you back to the school! As you walk her home you talk about ghosts and lore. The Conversation comes to Dale and she tells you she wants to be a drummer..."


Also, I thought he was walking me home, not the other way around :rolleyes:


(Very sweet story story btw!)




Short Changed 07fa only has 1 exit, and the success and failure seem VERY similar (to such a degree I don't think there are any difference)

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One of these days I will be shot for mentioning this so often... but, I think there might still be something off with Imp. Familiar Handling, maybe that I used it twice a day?


Imp. Familiar Handling makes a roll on Insight/Familiar Kinship vs. 8


My Familiar Kinship is 8 at current yet I still failed :huh:


I am suspecting that it is the twice a day thing, but just wanted to know if this was intended.


I am preparing a mega upload should it be needed.

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In "Orso Orsi and the Impending Sea" (I am guessing success on a storytelling roll) there is a mislink,


I try to explain Orsi my dream and he replys "Really, Orsi? You came all the way here to tell me your dream?"


I am guessing that Orsi here should be replaced with the players sirname ;)

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I got the picke in Familiar Bound Adventure Dog 1 Investigation (gives Pickaxe) but Exit 2 in ... Adventure Dog 2 didnt unlook for me (Looking for Farmer's Pickax)

Also Exit 1 Sucess in Bound Adventure Dog 2 ends very apprupt! So either rewrite the text a bit there or continue direct to Step 3.

Edit: looks like it was planed for direct continue to Step 3 because there is a leave exit in Step 3

(btw I thought of playing this adventure now for my rpg but I cant go trough it with my curent skills and it would be look very bad if I leave it open to long in the RPG so I haved to chose a other one)


Edit: The Aultrine Problem 04 Exit 2 Success Text:

But then Bori blinks, and wipes his face. "[Character]Character/Selection/Vernin/Rui da Casga? What happened? What's... where are we?"

Probably should be the Player and not Rui ^^

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Improved Familiar Handling is failing for me every time now. I tried it on a variety of days and even though my familiar kinship skill is at 10, I still fail the first time each day. Might take a look to see if something is off with it.

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Wandering Uptown, Acting success – ‘…safely locked away in the Academagia, and the only person who as the key to its secret location is Him (linked to the Legate) himself.” - As that’s the first time the Legate is mentioned, putting ‘is the Legate himself’ might be best. If not, then ‘is he himself’ is slightly more correct then ‘is him himself’, though I’d still mark that a red on a paper. >.>


Random Event Gates 4, success (History) – It notes the plant leaves a stunning piece of jade behind, but you get no jade. Ceyn totally would have taken it to sell or give to someone nice or make in to a magic doom rod or something. Jade!


Durand Collage Adventure 4, if you take the hidden Acrobatics Exit (opened by Observation) and fail, the fifth part of the Durand Adventure never pops up.


A duel with a certain bully gave me a few problems. First, despite being stuck in melee range due to her rules (meanie), I was unable to use the heritage knife skills (Smooth Cut and Quick Thrust or whatever they were). In fact, looking at them, neither seem to have the proper information on what sort of action they are or how they are used. I'm unsure if they're set up and linked correctly.


Second, the duel introduced the character to the Loading Docks, adding the 'Take Notes at the Mineta Loading Docks’ action. The skill information was incomplete. No effects, no action types, no duration or any of the normal information (similar to how Smooth Cut and Quick Thrust are). And it couldn’t be used. Knowing what normally unlocks the location, I then raised Mastery Methods up to 2, which filled out the skill so it has effects and action types and all that, but it still isn’t usable. It’s all confusing, as the Mastery part is only listed in the description on Mineta Docks: Loading Station, and the Mastery Effects isn’t actually raised looking at the listed effects from Take Notes… not that I can actually do the Take Notes action anyway.


I... really hate to say this, but I think the Drop in on the Professor's Lounge action is bugged. I used it 16 times naturally this play-through, and was never caught. I then on a whim just spammed it thirty times in a row (then reloaded), and also never got caught. While I know 46 isn't exactly a great sample size, considering I get caught for the Library of Mantele and the Garden Gallery all the time, something seems off about the Professor's Lounge.


(Though I admit to liking the no-cost, no-worry free studies.)

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Maybe I misunderstand how these are supposed to work, but it seems like Go Outside the Fences and Groom Your Familiar should increase the familiar's selected Bond by one step. As far as I can tell they currently don't. Is there some precondition I'm failing to achieve or some probabilistic mechanic that would enable this increase that I am missing?

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There are two things why this hapens to you.

First if you try to increase a Bond SS more then one Point above your Bond Skill it will allways fail because no SS of your Familiar can improved past your curent bond skill +1

And Bond are like Skills but are based on the Attributes of your familiar and so if the attribute of your familiar for the SS is low you need to improve the SS multiple time to imporve it.

Sadly the report about how many steps are needed was/is? displayed for you character Attributes instead of the Familiar attributes and so you get wrong numbers how many time you have to improve this SS to get it up once.

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I think the number of steps needed is correctly shown now, just the steps though. If you as a student have max in the skill-line though then the number of steps your familiar needs to go through isn't shown (sadly)

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Oh, I see. Odd that this skill works differently than all the others. My testing was incomplete as I'd successfully tried Train Familiar and gotten results twice before, but the other actions never returned a result before. Maybe feedback about why the skill failed to increase would be nice?

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