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I just had my second Sphinx Syndicate adventure start... Not that I am *really* complaining about the prospect to have double the reward,... but something seems off. Might have been triggered by research on "the Lore of Mallen Field" but if not then I don't know.


It is so late in the year though (going through my Exams) that I have no chance to finish it a second time. Ah well.

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Two things to report: the first Dog familiar adventure from the Dog's perspective shows up green, but when selected, all exits are in purple (or red; point is it doesn't actually show chance of success).


Second (hurts to admit this one) time limit on Study in the Library of Longshade seems broken; I've had a game where I could spam it endlessly.

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Haha, thanks for admitting it anyway. ;)


The Library of Longshade has a Duration of 1, and so can be used over and over without failing most of the time. There is a semi-random time component which can prevent you from doing this some of the time, though.


For Dog, my guess is that you are looking at the first Dog Adventure? If so, that is an engine limitation- it can only report the first Stage, which is an automatic success. This means that it displays as Green, even though the second Stage is much harder.


Thanks again!

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Bessan Description

Though merchants today can still be found speaking as with Elumian, it is the lands of Oursouk and Saisyne that pride themselves as proprietors of the language


I think there is a comma missing.


Edit1: Clockwork 6 apears to give out two recipe but nothing is added to the Recipes list.

(From Monteon Steel and Violine I know its now possible to hand out Recipe without giving the item thats why I report the broken recipe now)


Edit2: Random Event Animal Pen 3 Exit AP 3-1 Success gives Increase persistence a deleted SS

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Perception 2 gained me two copies of ‘The Glamour Guide by Flayley’- only one had a random * after it. Same text, though.


Amada – Selecting the Dress, sleuthing success informed me that (?) knew some good tailors. (?) was not linked to anyone, and continued to be simply (?) in both the bullying success and failure.


Vernin Dreams – Time Pieces, the concentration success misspells the word patience.


Holiday [the Pallae] – tactics success has my character go chat with Professor ‘She’ and Professor ‘Her’. Linking seems iffy.


Amada – Selecting the Dress, the Command failure where you go after the golems, has Prof B come after you to scold the player and Amada. She’s linked simply as ‘She’- it really needs to be her actual name there.


Random Event Awesome Community 24 needs its paragraphs poked at: sometimes, they’re double spaced, and sometimes, there’s none. It should probably follow the same format as other events.


The holiday (and sometimes dance events) image with the Great Hall and the purple lights strung around and between pillars is still too big and cutting things off.


Student Adventure Philip Hauk 0 automatically assumes your character to be in Athletics class.


Got a 'you have been reprehended for skipping detention' on a day with no detention- it should have just yelled at me for trespassing (which it did). I figure it’s the same bug Schwarzbart had above, but figured I’d report.


The adventure right after The Midnighter’s Cave (it’s Hawk Bond Adventure 7) can be selected with the Adventure screen, but it has no name (and thus no color coding): it's just blank.


Securing an invitation to the Incantor’s Workshop, selling it, then Securing another invitation and repeating the process isn’t going to make you rich quick, but it still seems pretty exploitable and probably worth stopping.


Random Event Common Room 4 might want to make sure that the students bickering are of the collage of the character. While I can certainly imagine Joana breaking in to the Vernin common room to bicker with Cante, it did seem a bit odd.


Also, the whole Vernin Dreams adventure would make more sense as being continuous: the majority of the adventure appears to take place on one night while your character wanders around sleeplessly, at least till the sword reforging Events should probably trigger right after another.


I can't get the +/- (or left and right) text size hotkeys to work on a relatively new laptop, numlock on or off. This, coupled with the lack of the laptops middle mouse button, makes buying objects basically impossible: you can only see the first one and a half sentence for any object you may wish to buy, and thus have no idea what it is you're buying.

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Mikka and Schwarzbart;


Thank you, we'll look at these in DLC 9.


For the text size adjustment, there is another way we added as a workaround for laptops- you can also press the right/left keyboard arrows. The issue with the Item Description is known, but that is a limitation of the UI, at least for now.


Thanks again!

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From Astrology class at the 15. Hionosi I learned about The Early Empire SP IV and also I learned about Golden Finger what probably is a Recipe that is not realy handed out.

At last in my Recipes list nothing of this name apeared.


Edit 1: Re Thief Guild 17 Exit 1: I didnt get the quible The home owner gives to me according to the success text.

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Regarding the Imp. Familiar Handling, I have Hector for his +3 to bond, but I think that this is not factoring into the cap for the skill maximum. Could that be the cause of my trouble?

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Random Event Theft 10 Exit 1 Success text:"When the professors hear of your talented running, they award your college ten merit points!" But I only got 2 merit

Also I got a Detention from Costa Re that isn't reported at the start of the Dayreport. I have upladed the save if you need it.

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