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DLC 8 Bugs


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Oh, and something I just noticed today, more of a balancing issue than bug.


Use the Cold Forge gives 250 pims on a threshold of 11

Fight City Hall gives 100 each on two rolls against 13


Both of those seem to give quite a bit of Pims for rather low targets.

I think my Character would have be happy to pay this 100 pim instead of fight the burocracy him self in the Adventure ;)

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Yellow Blithe Blossoms are typ Flower acording to the ModDB but I didnt get a "Flower" Invetory slot and Misc /Hand slots didn't work for this item also.

Sadly without be able to put it in a slot there is no way to use its Ability.

Also Hair of Unicorn is Flaged as Type Potion/Unguent and there is no item slot of this name so I dont know how to swallow it.

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Non scelus vide, non scelus audi, non scelus dic (Infilatration 7 Spell) - Uses Deflection Pheme, which I don't think is given by skills, maybe Deflect Pheme is meant? (Deflect is given by Espionage - Infiltration 8)

Trapper's Key (Type key) is not usable

Engineering 11 Strength Bonus WAD? (isn't it usually expand?)

Economy - Accounting 9 - Inform spell has no target

Economy - Negotiate 7 - Inform spell has no target

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Animalistic Empathy Description: "just keep in mind that you can’t control which skills are increased and which are left alone" is just plain wrong because we can chose the skill to improve


Brew 1 probably should give the Draught of Health recipe but I didnt get the recipe.


Can it be that you reworked the Familiar Adventure Dog 9 but forget to add the reward back in?

From the Mod DB I expected to gain Luck for the character and for the dog and some items.

But I didn't get any of this!!!

Because the text was complet different from the one I expected and there was also no roll I expect the team messed up a rework.

(Without a needed rool I even would suggest to direct link Step 8 and 9)

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But I am lazy it would seem so I'll just continue until someone works up a new thread.


Random event gates 3 - reason fail. The link to the teacher is odd, at current I got a sentence starting with "Him catches you" him being Errus Viada, who hasn't been mentioned before this point.


Not sure if it haven't been mentioned at some point, but anywho ;)



Random event wardrobe malfuction 2, failure on society, missing a 'space' in "..flailing arounduntil you faint."

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DLC 8 (Special Version?) 1.4.1 Neta Xemuture use Experiment with Negation Magic acording to my dayreport (and failed) but when I look at her info she don't have any Negation Magic.

(Btw I would love to have such a ability for Incantation so I can get the Theory easyer ;) )

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