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I started Simulation Testers Needed and choose the 2nd exit on my list (was something that mentioned Gondia in the Exit) and it read like it was intemded to be contiued but at the next day I cant find the continue in the Adventure list.

Sorry if this is already reported and fixed in DLC 9

(So I think I put the 2 broken Adventurechains together to a single one to get a reward ;) )

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Next Investigation Bug this time in Student Adventure Vincent Eins 04 the Investigation didnt unlock the Exit 12.

If there is a additional requirement like relationship with a other student please put this to the Investigation and not to the exit!

Also the Adventure dont give a Skill reward on each step so its even more important that you put them together so what hapens in one day acording to the text realy is playable in one day.

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Just got my equiped Misc Item (Focused Light) placed in the knapsack and the Silver Cup equiped when Finishing Student Adventure Vincent Eins 10 with exit 28.

I dont think this is intended.


Edit: Recipes 6 I learned about Batch of Brownies (thanks to the RE Student-Phillipe 4) but didnt get anything from this. Maybe its again a not working recipe.

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I am not sure if there is a bug but my Temperance got to 11 (+1 from Emotion +2 Lie Down with lambs so real SS 8) and I got a very long list of things added! (Befriend is still at 1)

Lore Temperance V

Pheme Hostis


Pheme Friendship

Parental Approval +10

Action Listen Attentively

Lore Cures of Phoenix

Pheme Amicita

Pheme Camaraderie

Lore Mother, in my Heart

Spell The Smile of Iudocia

Action Leading Conversation

Spell Friendquake

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