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Friday the 12. Cheimare 1657


Dear Brother,


I didnt recived a new letter from you after the one where you told me that our Sister was found so I suspect you didnt have found time because you haved to care for here.


Sadly we lost our Gravity Ball game last Saturday and if I got our teamleader right we are now out of the tournament because this was a KO round.


Sunday I then spend some time in the Library of Mantele because I now did know that many questions in this exam will cover things we didnt learn so fare during class.

Instead of refreshing the stuff I already know I decided to learn new things.

So I learned the Glamour spell Statly Speach and the Revision Spell From Novice to Master but sadly I dont know all the nedded pheme for this spells so far.

And the book I picked about Pheme didnt cover this missing pheme also.

Because many books I read so fare in this library also contained tips how to work at the Forge I tryed to follow some of this instructions at our Forge today.

I didnt have thought that I already learned so much about how to work at the Forge just from reading books!


Because this superviced learning gething old I spend the Monday to complet learn on my own instead of in a classroom where also some prankster dont know what to do with theyr time.

So I even managed to learn some new Pheme till lunch.

After Lunch I walked with Hasso to the Iudocia Temple to pray for good grades in the midterm exam and to thank for the good grade in geometry.

When I was finsihed with my prayer the same priest from Sonday told me that he wasnt finished with what he whanted to teach me.

He request to follow me to a othere temple who is unmarked and on the way to this place he then teached me.

I learned the Revision based Ritual Awearness of the Belessed, the Glamour Moving Words, the Glamour Flush of Anger and the Prayer for Money.

Did you know there is even such a prayer where the goods show a beliver where he can find some money?

From my talk with the priest I learned that he once also was a Student at the Academagia.

Then I haved to hurry to make it in time to the Gravity Ball training.

After the training our teamleader anounced that he will try to get some games for us but it looks bad and without games we will loose out training place in 2 weeks.


Tuesday we haved the Glamour Exam and I actual managed to answear many questions there.

To not risk to much I joined the superviced learning after the exam as we are suposed to do.

When I was back from my walk with Hasso the resoults for the Exam where alrady hanged out and with my Score of 80% I was second best after Nata who is realy gifted in Glamour Magic.

She even managed to score over 100%!

After the dinner I then performed the Cleanse and Remake Ritual again and then did a bit of learning for the Negation Exam.


The Negation Exam on Wednesday was just great sadly the time wasn't enough to also start the extra Points Questions.

After the superviced learning was over Vincent and his dog joined my walk with Hasso.

At our trip trough the city we came acrose a huge Spire and Vincent callenged me to a climb race and I was foolish enough to accept.

I still managed to climb up to the top but Vincent was there long bevore me and I was realy drained after this long climb.

So he gave me his hand to pull me up the last step.

After a short rest we then climbed down together because we didnt whant to let our dogs wait for to long.

I decided then its bether for me to return to the Academagia but Vincent continued his walk.

Back at the Academy the Resoults of the Negation Test where already hang up.

At first I couldn't belive my eyes but truly I got a full 100% score and was the best of Prof. Briardi's class.

After the dinner I decide to get some practice in one of the Forges of the Academy.

Because some student's where carless with the tools in the past days at this Forge the Master of this Forge, a Minotauer with the name Gorithnak, put my Skills to a test.

So I haved to heat a metal to the right temperature and when it reached the color, I rembered it must have from one of the books, I called him.

He was very pleased with the resoult and now I am even allowed to use his Personal Workstation when he is not around.


There isnt much to write about Thursday.

The superviced learning was as boring as ever.

Only when during a break a spell fight betwean two clique started it got a bit interesting but this soon was stoped by a Professor.

Today Nata joined my walk with Hasso again and so there were here many admirer again who followed us.

Slowly even I get kind of used to this at last today I finaly could gratulate her for the great score she got in the Glamour Exam.

She told me that the Regent of Vernin was full of praises about me when he talked to a other Prof. and she was wondering about this.

Sadly I coulnd't tell here anything why I am now in this high favor of our Regent.


Today the superviced learning continued and I wonder if this go on like this till the end of this month.

Because of my sore muscles from the climbing yesterday the walk with Hasso wasn't very long.

When I was back in my dorm for writing this letter the room was overgrown with grass.

Because Vincent was away I haved to do a bit of work with a scyte that I lend from on of our gardener.

At last we now have a nice green 'carpent' at our room and it even smells great.


Next week I have the 3 remaining Midtherm Exam but especial for Arithmetic and Enchant I am unsure if my knowledge will be enough for the 50%.


Greetings your brother Theodor


ups I meesed up a bit in the letter bevore this because the Pray for Health is a passive ability but I still think its fine for the RPG

In this Letter I put some hint about what path I have taken in the Bright Young Vernin Adventure chain.

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Thursday the 18. Cheimare 1657


Dear Brother,


its good to read that the Prayer of Healt worked on our Sister and she now can walk without any problems again.

I just wonder why I as a 1st year at the Academagica already know a Prayer a priest didnt't learn trough his training.


At our breakfeast at Saturday I meet Oan, my Mentor again and she asked me if I could help here find the Trees of Knowledge.

We then Agreed to start with our search on Sunday.

After my walk with Hasso I then spend my time till the dinner learning at the Library of Manetele.

From one of the books I managed to learn a new Spell called Positive Alteration of Organic Matter.

Because this spell drains on the Lifeenergy of its caster I hope I never have to use it.

After dinner I perform the Cleanse and Remake Ritual again.

Have I writen to you that sometimes when I perform this ritual I have the feeling mother is watching over me?

The grass in our room have fanished when I got back to my room in the evening, it's kine of sad because it gave our room a unique flair.


Sunday after breakfeast Oan, Vincent, Neta and I walked to the docks and thanks to a Spell from Oan we even managed to escape Neta's usual followers.

At a abounded warhouse we then searched for some secret entrance and after some search we found a secret door and a guardian watching over it.

Somehow I managed to confice the Guardian some kind of small wooden golem to open the door for us.

We then explored a dark cave where the light sources we haved with us didnt work and so it took us some time till we final found the exit.

At the end of the Tunnel there was a small clearing surrounded by broken down old trees and the ruins of what appears to have been the beginnings of a construction site.

A truly sad sight because it looks like all the live was drained of the plants here.

One of our dogs found some kind of small creature that is lying in a bed of rose thorns

From this we got some kind of ridle and trough the deduction of Oan we haved to continue our Search in the Imperial Reserve.

So we haved to find our way back trough the dark cave then go trough nearly the complet city.

We stoped at a Restaurant in the city to eat something for lunch but in the sup I got was a fly that even started to grow.

So I performed a spell to increase my strength even more to keep this growing beast down till one of my companions managed to break the spell that let the fly grow.

As thanks we even got the meal for free and sure I got a fresh sup.

Back at the Academagica we then haved to avoid to get spoted from the boys usual following Neta.

Because the entrance to the Imperial Reserve was Guarded we haved to search for a other way in and one of use found a hole in the hedge big enough for us to get into the Reserve.

There we then spend a long time searching for the Hints of the ridle and when we finaly gathered the hints hiden there it started to get dark.

So we left the Imperial Reserve the same way we entered it and decided to meet again when we found out where the hints we gatered will lead.

After dinner there was a Merit Ceremonie and again for the 1st year college Vernin wone it again.

This time we got some Money as reward.

I wonder if the other Colleges already have abonded the fight for Merrit points.


The Arithmetic Exam this Monday was realy hard.

There were so many questions were only after some time thinking about it I and even start the calculations I haved to give up because I didnt know how to continue.

In the end I haved a loot of half Answeared Questions many unaswered questions because I ran into the time limit and only very vew full answeared questions.

Even for the Questions I realy managed to answear I am unsure if my solution was right.

Thats why I spend the complet superviced learning in looking up the answears of the Arithmetic Exam instead of learning for the next exam.

After the class time was over I then walked with Hasso a bit around the City.

There I came to the conclusion to bether now focus my learning on Astrology because this is the next exam.

Back at the Academy I searched my result of the exam at to lower end to finaly find it in the midle.

Still it was only 30% but at last most of this class also haved huge difficultys with this Exam and even the best only haved 45%.

The Gravity Ball training was a bit driveless because there was only one more training left if our teamcaptain dont manage to arange a game for this weekend.


Tuesday after the superviced learning I meet with Oan again and because Vincent and Nata didnt have time so just we two continued the search for the Trees of Knowledge.

Sadly my memory on this day and what we found is a bit blury but I still remember that we many time could pick the wrong choises and only the dreams I haved for this day prevented us from this.

I also remember that we fist steped into a fairy ring then I remember that we haved to disperse a huge group of insects so Oan could perform a ritual.

Finaly we where found this mighty trees called trees of knowledge.

Because Oan stared at them in Awe it was on me to talk with them when we where adressed.

I realy dont know what hapened then but I think my mind have improved if that makes any sense.

On our way back I also found a interesting cloak and after a bit of research it turned out to be the Cloak of Firmament.

Acording to the book increase this cloak the Luck of the wearer and helps him in Astrology but at the price that its bit harder to concentrated when worn.

Its the right thing for my Astrology Exam at the next day so the gods truly must have smiling on me at this day.


After the Astrology exam this Wednesday I haved a good feeling because I managed to answear almost every questions.

Maybe if I would have Observed the Stars at Tuesday I would be able to answear all the questions.

When the superviced learning was over I was out for my usual walk with Hasso.

Back from the walk I haved a look at the exam resoults and with 81% I was the second best.

At this day I haved to perform the Cleanse and Remake Ritual again and so there wasn't to much time I could spend in the Library.

Still I managed to learn from a book at the Library of Manetele the Negation spell Praesidium ab Igne.

A spell that protects its user from the heat and fire of the forge.


In my dream for Thursday I saw a rain so strong that it even flooded the complet city.

When I get up it was raining as I never seen it this strong bevore and so after I put on my cloats I searched the next Prof to tell about my dream.

Sure I didnt have any dream of this large scale effect so fare but my predictions about things that affect me usualy are very correct.

Together with the Prof. I then did go to report the Legate about my dream.

After I told my dream to the Legate he agreed that this is for sure a prophetic dream and then send me out of his office.

But when I spoted some lighning coming from the direction I saw in my dream and mentioned this to the Prof. he immediately pulled me back into the office of the Legate.

At first the Legate didnt whant to involve me but my dream already draged me into this.

So after the Legate and the Prof did some talk and maybe research in the nigbour office they came back to inform me.

They suspect a former Legate, a Master of gate Magic, with the Name Mjolnir is causing this.

It didn't need a lot of persuation that I could join the Legate in his effort to fight Mjolnir.

On the back of a griffin we then fly to the Mountain where we expect this crazy Mage doing his weather Magic.

Even giving the weather it was a great expirience to actual ride on a griffin.

We then split up to climb up the last part from diferent sides.

I was the first one up when I spoted this Mage responsible for the Chaotic weather.

After a short conversation with him he started to cast a spell so my only option was to hope my Magic will be strong enough to protect me from this.

As expected He tryed to blew me from the Mauntain but I redirected his own windforce to blew him down instead.

To my luck he droped his wand and so I colected this wand made from a single large bone and hided it.

I wonder that it was so easy but I think he didnt expect a simple Student to be able to do this.

When the two other finaly arrived the fight already was wone and Mjolnir dead.

We then got back to the Academagia at the back of the griffin again.

When the weather finaly complet cleared up I haved a walk with Hasso bevore I then writen this Letter.

For the Rest of this day I only plan to learn for the Enchant Exam tomorrow.


It looks like I realy should write a book when I can find the time.

I am sure if I just flash it out a bit what happend to me so fare at my time here I am sure it would fill already a book or two.


Greetings your brother Theodor


I know the Tutorial chain gets old but its final reward is simply to good to skip it

Because I think the Turtorial Adventure real takes a loot of time I shifted other things that hapened at this two days to other days

The Adventure at Thursday end a bit different because Wind is Incantation and thats nothing Theodor could do at this point

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Wednesday the 24. Cheimare 1657


Dear Brother,


The Exam was over for me this Friday and with having the highest score in the Enchant Class with 51% I can be happy.

After the Superviced Learning and my daily walk with Hasso I visited the Library of Manetele.

There I managed to learn, beside a new Pheme, a new spell with the name Negative Alteration of Organic Matter.

Again a spell from Sabino Nos that drains on the liveforce to get its effect working.

When I first read about Sabinu I whanted to visit the Grotto where he devloped many of his spells but now I think I start to distaste the method's he used to get his spells to work.

After dinner we haved a Merrit cermony and as the last time my College wone it for the 1st years.

This time the Legate him self teached us a new Pheme.


Saturday I spend the Morning in the Library of Manetele.

There I learned the Spell School Conquest and a Healing spell with the name Reviving Wellness.

After I memorized this new Spells I thought its time to test the Magic I learned so fare only from books in a Practice Room

On my way to the Practice Room I spot a Vernin student transporting a tray of pastry and I decided to help her because there was a student nearby who looked like he ws up to no good.

She then thanked me and I even got one of her pastry.

Finaly at the Practice room I spend a loot of time there to try nearly every Revision spell I learned so fare at last once.

After I was finished Hasso already waited outside of the room for me to go for a walk.

When I was back from the walk with Hasso it already was dinner time.

In the Evening I then spend some time at the Forge to training the things I learned about material working from the books.


Slowly its get harder to find usefull books in the Library of Manetele but Sunday I still found some books with usefull informations.

I even learned the Spell Calafon's Balancing of the Humours.

This spell helps a stressed caster to calm down and feel joy instead of the symptom's of stress.

Also I did spend some more time at the Practice Room to train the spells so that I am bether prepeared when I have to play the Hero the next time.

In the evening I then performed the Cleanse and Remake ritual once more but I think it slowly gets time to try to go on without this ritual.


Monday we still haved the boring superviced learning even with the midterm exams finished for the first years.

At the lunch I avoided to eat the meat and instead just eat a sup because I know from my dream that it wouldn't be good for me.

A bit later some of the Students who have eaten the meat where sick.

In the evening we sadly haved our last Gravity Ball training because our teamcaptain didnt manage to arange a new game in time.

When already most of the team left the field we dicoverd that a stalker have goten on the playfield.

This creatures are meat eater and can be even dangerous for adults, so when I was face to face wit this creature my heart nearly stoped.

Thanks to my fast reflexes I managed to move to the oposit direction but it followed me.

I then maneuvered so that the beast got cought in one of the trapson the field that usual disable the player for a vew seconds bevore he can get back into the game.

This was enough time for me to leave the field unharmed. A bit later some Creature Catcher apeared to get this beast.

Our Captain told us that he next year will try to form a team again and that she would be happy if we can then join again.


A other day without any exams but we still have this anoying superviced learning.

I even start to envy the people who on Monday haved to go to the infirmancy because of food poisoning.

At last the watching Prof let us go a bit earlyer today.

So I used the time to go to the Ironcloak's Forge to try the test there.

I hoped for a challenge but the test was kind of easy and so I was earlyer finished then expected.

If I whant I can now work as Jorneyman at this forge.

Because I still haved some time till the shops close I then also buyed some suplies for classes.


The weather after the superviced learning tuday wasn't the best so I only haved a short walk with Hasso.

Back at the academy I found my self all of the sudden standing on a stage and so I did my best to join the performance.

Wenn the play ended all of the suden the stage, the audience and the actors where gone and I was standing back in the hallway.

Still there where some people aplauding me and it turns out they where from the Teater AG and on theyr way to the Dimmae Theater.

So I joined them to watch theyr rehearsal.

After the dinner I then spend some time reading in the Library of Manetele and this time I found a very old and dusty book about this strange creatures called fish who live underwater.

Sadly I couldnt read the language it was writen in and so I put it away and instead learned the Spells of Heart Fires and Alteration of Inhuman Matter.

The latter is finaly a good spell created from Sabinu because it add a altough random enchantment on a item.

So it was already late when I started to write this letter but I dont mind because I expect that I can sleep during the superviced learning.


Oh I have writen my midterm exam resoults on a seperate paper and I will send it together with this letter.

I wish you all great feast days!


Greetings your brother Theodor


The Midterm Exam resoults



Arithmetic 30% some where in the middle

Astrology 81% 2nd best

Enchant 51% best

Geometry 60% 4th best

Glamour 80% 2nd best

Negation 100% best




I foget to use correspond this wednesday but the event and the Library resoult was to good so I keep them ^^

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Muneris Hionosi 1658


Dear Brother,


There isnt much to write about Thursday and Friday because we still only haved the superviced learning instead of class.

On both days I made my usual walk with Hasso and spend some time to train my Spells in a practice room.

What differs is that Thursday I perormed the Cleanse and Remeake Ritual succesfull again even bleary-eyed.

Friday when I cam back from my walk with Hasso there was panic at the school grounds because a black chicken feasting on the cloths of the other students.

So I scanned the area and found a good trap.

Using my cloak I managed to get the black chicken coming after me.

Carfull that the black cicken dont spot the trap to soon I get it runing after me and in the last moment I jumped to the side and the beast got traped.

After the expirience with the Stalker at my last Gravity Ball training this was kind of easy.


Saturday we haved a Merit Ceremony again and as usual my College got it for the 1st year.

The Hedi Regent then teached us the spell of Minor Binding Light, a spell that reduce that chance that one get spoted.

Sadly I didnt understand this very new theory this spell is based on but this dont mather as long the spell works.

Bevore lunch Vincent, Neta and I then also got a tour trough the Dimmae Theater.

I found the Backstage especial interesting because this is what we usual dont see when we watch a play.

After lunch I then haved a extended walk with Hasso on our way back I found the secret way to the sphinx again.

So I brought Hasso back to the Academagia and haved Dinner bevor I then visited the Sphinx.

It was a very interesting talk with the sphinx and sometimes it was a bit hard to get what she just told me but I learned a lot from her.

Late in the night I then returned to the Academy and my bed.


After sundays breakfast I walked a bit with hasso bevore I visted the Sphinx again.

I managed to talk to her undisrupted till it started to get dark.

From this creature I learned a lot about worms but also about the Onacestrian Language some Pheme and other things.

The Most interesting part was when we started to talk about Hasso then I learned that Hasso is my Familiar and I also learned a bit about how to handle a Familiar.

There are some differences how to handling a familiar to a normal animal or beast.

I knew there is a deep bound betwean Hasso but so fare I thought it has to do because I saved his live.

For dinner I then returned to the Academy and in the evening I did some Spell training in one of the Practice rooms.


At The Passing I intended to go to the Sphinx again after breakfeast when a very old Prof. asked me how I plan to honor our past.

I then answeared that I will research my ancestry without think much about the resoult.

So my plan for the Morning just haved changed because now I haved to follow the Prof. to the Library.

Did you know that we have distant ancestors that where famous Gate Users?

It would be interesting to learn the Magic some of our Ancestor where so good in but sadly this magic is forbidden now.

After Lunch I finaly managed to go to then sphinx again and talk with her.

Beside that we again talked about worms, I also learned some new knots from her and she also teached me the Unrelenting Spell.

Because I haved to perform the Cleanse and Remeake Ritual again so I couldn't spend to much time at the Sphinx and thats why I was back at the Academy for dinner.


After breakfeast at the Weeding Feast I finaly managed to spend a day talking with the Sphinx.

Again the Sphinx thought me a bit about worms but today I learned a loot about Mammals and how to best handle Animals.

I even got told how I could get inside the Bell Tower at the Academy, where I can find the Groves of Rocks and that the Casm Cave is a good place at the Academy to do some privat artifice.

Beside this I also learned some new pheme.

When I was about to leave the Spinx told me that I should visit the Cobblestone Path to Nowhere and study the birds there bevore comming back to her.

With out my warning dream I would have been at the docks for the Celebration at the evening but so I joined a other Student who paned to sneak into a Weeding fest.

The Weeding Fest was held in the Restaurant The Roses of Conventia one of the best restaurants in the city and we actual manged to sneak in unnoticed.

So we could enjoy the wonderfool eating of this restaurant without to pay a single pim and when we the leaved there was still a lot of food left over.

Back at my Room I heared from Vincent that the celbration at the docks ended badly because a ship hit the reeling and so there where many wounded.


After the late breakfeast today, the first for a new year, I walked to the Temple to pay my tithing.

I trew the money bag from one hand to a other wenn sudenly a bird catched it mid air and flyed away.

Wondering whats with the birds today to thief a simple money bag, that dont look anthing special, I followed its flight.

Because the bag was probably to heavy for the small bird it landed at a tree nearby.

So I climbed up the tree and the bird then haved to give up its booty because the bag was to heavy to fly away with it.

At the tempel there where alrady a long line of people who also whant to pay theyr tithing.

Because I spoted a young thief gething his share of all the money I was extrem carfull till I finaly could pay my tithing.

When I finaly returned from the temple It was already time for Lunch.

In the afternoon I then watched the birds at the Cobblestone Path to Nowhere and in a book I lend for this I found for some of them how they are called and some interesting infos.

When it started to get dark I haved dinner and the write this letter in our common room


I wish you all a great New Year and that your wishes came true.

Is our Sister still together with the boyfrind you have writen about some letter in the past or have she dumped him already?


Greetings your brother Theodor


Grr haved to write Friday to Saturday twice because I acential hit a wrong key

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Friday the 5. Hionosi 1658


Dear Brother,


Itinera I continued the bird watching and classification at the Cobblestone Path to Nowhere.

In the book I used for the classification i found a single hand writen Note with a spell called Defense against Time.

This spell is usfull to keep perishable items like food fresh for one week.

In the late afternoon I then visited the house of our uncle because I was invited to join the fest at theyr place.

They where still at the cleaning of the house when I arived and so I used some of the magic I learned to help.

In the evening we then haved a nice small family fest.


Monday finaly normal class started again and in the Arithmetic Class we learned a Revision spell with the Name Mathematical Acuity.

This spell use Arithmetic Methodes to help bethere performing other Tasks specificed at the time of casting.

When I whanted to leave the academy grounds for a walk with hasso I heared a beautifull violine play and so we get there to listen.

It was a Godina student who I remember seeing in Astrology class, after she played for some time I spot a Unicorn also listening.

When her play was over I told her about the Unicorn and she actual found some hairs of it at the place it was bevore and gave me one.

I left her after I thanked her for the hair and her wonderfull play.

Because it got late I decided to take Hasso with me to the Sphinx and there I learned some kind of Magical assisted training for Familiars.

The Sphinx also told me that I haved to learn so much about Animals first to even manage to undestand how it works.

The training didn't take to long and so I wasn't to late for dinner when I was back at the Academy.

After the dinner I performed the Cleanse and Remake ritual again.


Tuesday we got a huge load of homework especial from our Geometry Prof.

Because the common Room was to loud for doing homework I visited a small cafe that I spoted in one of my walks trough the city with Hasso.

There I did drinking a great cup of tea and working on my hoeworks at last until omw twist betwean the two owner started.

The wife suspected her man to have cheated on her, I managed to calm both down.

Then it turned out that the bill about a necklance she didnt have recived so fare was the reason and her husband haved to let something fix bevore he could give the gift to his wife.

Because I managed to averted this crisis I am now free to vist them when ever I like.


The night to wednesday I awaked up from a strange dream and when I managed to rember it I sneaked to the common room and found there the chest I haved seen in my dream.

Because I couldnt open it I get back to sleep.

In the Geometry class at wedesday we learned the spell Geometric Trap.

A spell that directs the spells of a oponent in other directions sadly its duration is very short and its also very hard to control.

When I was back from the walk with Hasso that I haved after class I then walked to a Library and searched for more infos about my dream and the chest.

I found a interesting passage about a stone containing the key to this chest.

Sadly the common room was full of people the rest of the day so I couldnt try to find the key.


Thursday we learned a loot of new things in the classes even if it didnt come down to pheme or spells.

Sadly this also resulted in a huge load of homework.

After Class Nata joined my usual walk with Hasso because she haved to buy some things in the city.

As usual there where here followers around and I suspect them to be the reason why she avoid tours to the city so much.

At last it was great to have a long talk with her again during our walk.

When back at the Academy I started to work at the Homework and when I realised that I was alone at the Common Room I started my search for the key.

It turned out that it was a loose stone near the fireplace and puting this stone into the flames freed the key.

The keyhole of the chest was hiden trough magic but I still manged to find it.

But sadly inside the chest was only a brocken down clockwork.

So I put this parts in my knapsack and closed the chest again bevore I continued with my homework.


Today at the class we just repeat the things we learned yesterday but for some this was absolut necesary.

Because the homework we got yesterda ywas planed for this weekend and I already haved finished it I haved free time after class was over.

So I used the time to try the training of Hasso as the Sphinx have teached me with a light variation in what I teach him.

I think I even get more secure in the things I have teached Hasso when he is nearby, could this the effect of having a familiar?

After this training we then joined Vincent in his walk with Cobertine.

After the Dinner in the Academy I performed the Cleanse and Remake ritual again, I still feel its necesary to keep it up but its not as usefull any more as it was in the start.

When I finished with this Ritual I walked back to the Common Room to write this letter.


To answear your last letter , sure I will try to improve in Arithmetic but its very hard to understand and even at home I wasn't one of the best in mathematic.

Oh bevor I forget it I sould send you best wishes and greetings from our Fathers brother and his family.


Greetings your brother Theodor


Legate : Yes very interesting topic this worms oO ^^ Theodor probably never could have imaged that there is so much to know about simple worms ;)

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Thursday the 11. Hionosi 1658


Dear Brother,


I didnt know how to assemble the clockwork pices I found so I decided to study the big clockwork in The Bell Tower last Saturday.

Good that the sphinx have told me how to get in some time ago.

The Clockwork in the Bell Tower is realy a outstanding pice of work, sadly I dont realy understand how it works even after studying it for some time.

So I visited the Sphinx again but I didnt manged to get any infos from this creature about clockworks.

Instead I learned some basics of the Bassan Language, two new spells and some basics how to Analyze potions.

Back at the Academy I helped a student to bottle in a slipery potion that he acential set loose on the stairs.


Because the Sphinx didn't tell me anything about clockwork and study a huge exemplare of a clockwork didnt help me either I now have to see if I can get infos from books.

Thats why I spend nearly the complet Sunday in the Library of Manetele except for the meal's and a walk with Hasso.

Alone the Spell of Revision of Skills I managed to learn was wort to spend the day in the Library.

This Spell allows me to use my knowledge in one skill to be used for something complet different usual not related to this skill.

I still dont know how the spell exactly makes this happen but it sounds extrem usfull.

In the books I also found some basics about clockworks but only managed to undertand them thanks to my knowledge in Geometry.


Most of the time trough Mondays class we reviewed our homework we haved to make over this weekend.

Thanks to this we only got very litle new homework.

After I finished this homework Hasso and I walked to the city and there I spot a thief holding a woman hostage.

Because I was bahind him I picked up a stone and hit him on the head with this.

The Guards then used the distraction I crated to save the hostage and capture the thief.

One of the Guards even spend a bit time to teach me some tricks I could use against bullys at the Academy.

Back at the Academy I study the Bell Tower Clockwork once more and now at last some things of this make some sense to me.


Tuesday we finaly learned some new things at the classes.

After class was over I assisted Prof. Massioti in training his Rimbal team.

It was a very strange training so that I must say I am happy to be not in this team.

After this training I then haved my usual walk with Hasso and oh wonder both members of my clique also haved time for a walk.

We enjoyed our walk trough the city even with the boys who usual follow Neta at our heels.

So we got back very late and then I still haved to perform the Cleanse and Remake ritual again.


Yesterday we learned a lot of new stuff at the classes what reulted in a huge load of homework.

In the Negation Class we even learned two new Spells.

Todays walk with Hasso was a bit short because of the many homework I haved to do.

When I haved to go to the library to look-up something for the homework I found a book that shows the clockwork model I still have in my knapsack.

So after I read what I was here for I then lend this book about the clook.

Thanks to this book I manage to put the clock together but I spend to much time on this so I couldn't finish all the homework.


In Glamour class today our Prof. showed us even a little gerbil what turned out to be a very dangerous creature because it can induct sadness in every one looking in its eyes.

We also learned some new spells at the class.

Because I only spend so little time with Hasso yesterday I made a familiar training session with him today.

After that we haved a short walk bevore I get to my huge load on homework.

When I finaly was finished with the homework I started to write this letter.


You are sure that our sister and here boyfirend are still together?

Wow when I think her boyfriends so fare where all dumped after one or two month, maybe its something serious this time.

Its geting late now so I will send the letter tommorrow bevore the breakfeast.


Greetings your brother Theodor


Its kind of hard for me to integrate the clique and the rival in the RPG if they never show up in a event or adventure. Sorry about this.

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Wednesday the 17. Hionosi 1658


Dear Brother,


the night to Friday was the second in follow I awaked in the midle of the night from some dream that for sure wasn't one of my usual dreams of the next days.

Looking at a clock it must be nearly 3AM then I heared some silent noce from my knapsack.

Opening my Knapsack I saw its the clock I assembled Wednesday.

Combining this knowledge with my dream I knew what I haved to do for the next night.

Lucky the classes wasn't to challenging this day because I was kind of tired.

I still managed to learn the Spell and the Pheme we was thought.

Because I haved to be awake next night at 3AM to find out if my deduction is right I tryed to sleep a bit after I walked with Hasso.


But instead of aweakening after a short nap I sleep till past midnight.

It was still some time to wait till 3 AM but because Hasso also was aweak I trained a bit with him without aweakening others.

Short bevor 3Am I walked to the place I remembered from my dream and the noice from the clockwork opened a secret door.

Behind the secret door was a room with a broken sword lying on a podest.

I collected the pices and left the room just to see the secret door fanish after I closed it.

Cecause I couldnt sleep again I worked at my homeworks till the breakfeast.

After the breakfeast I walked to the Forge to fix the broken Sword but it took longer then expected.

When I finaly was finished there was just enough time to go for short walk with Hasso bevore the dinner was served.

After the Dinner we haved a Merit Award and like the last times College Vernin was the winner for the 1st year.

We got something teached afterwards but I can't remember much about his because I was to sleepy.

Still I haved to perform the Cleanse and Remake Ritual bevore I could go to bed.


Sunday I examined the sword but it apears to have no magical propertys and I also didnt find any other clue.

So all this for a unmagical sword? I can't belive it but it aprears thats all I got.

I put this sword in my Wardrobe for now in hope there is more to it that I curently couldn't see.

Instead of wasting more time with the sword I studied the Bell Tower Clockwork again.

In the evening I finaly understand its mechanism much bether but there still some things at this Masterpice I dont understand.

From the book I have with me for gething a bether undestanding of this Clockwork I even learned the Spell Shrink Fingers.

In oposit to its name it don atual shrinks your fingers instead it helps you to working on Clockworks for a vew days.

Short bevor the dinner I found out that Hasso have sneaked into the citchen.

But with some flattery about the good smell for the dinner I managed to avoid any punishment.


In the Astrology class at monday we haved a History lesson about the New Gods and some famous Astrologers from the Early Empier time.

Because we didnt get much homework I decided its time to teach Hasso some Ethics as we Human see them.

I dont expect that just one lesson will change him but at last I hope he understands a bit why I was angry at him the day bevore.

We also haved our usual walk after this lecture but it was shorter then usual because it already was nearly dinner time.

After dinner I sepnd some time study the Bell Tower Clockwork again.

Sadly I only manage to find out one more function about this clockwork but there still some gears I dont know what they do.

At the end of the day I came to the conclusion that it would cost to much time to get deeper into this.


After tuesday's class I was called into the Office of the Legate.

I was wondering whats this is all about just to learn that I sould be the leader of a Student group who searching for pirats.

After a short prayer to the gods to give me a general impersion where to search I then head out with Vincent, Neta and two other Students.

Not even 1hour later one of our dogs found a trail the leads us to the curent empty Pirat camp.

We then reported what we found to the Legate and after he mentioned that he probably need our help again in the next days we where dismissed.

Because this complet search didnt take much longer then my usual walk with Hasso there was still time to visit the Sphinx.

From the sphinx I learned many things about the Famous Battles of the The Exile time.


At a break betwean class today I spot a broken potion bottle and a ant that have drinking from the poition rapid growing in size.

Bevore this giant ant could wound any students I attacked it at its weak point and soon have eliminated this threat.

After my usual walk with Hasso when class was over I decided to learn some more about Revision Magic in the Library of Mantele.

From a other Studend there I learned about a place called Stone of Revision who makes Revsion magic much easyer when performed there.

In the evening I performed then the Cleanse and Remake Ritual again bevore writing you this letter.


Its geting late now so I will send the letter tommorrow bevore the breakfeast.


Greetings your brother Theodor


In my normal games I never put this much adventures in one week like with this RPG, so its no wonder I slowly get problems with the skills ^^

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Its kind of hard for me to integrate the clique and the rival in the RPG if they never show up in a event or adventure. Sorry about this.


It is even harder for me :P

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Tuesday the 23. Hionosi 1658


Dear Brother,


Thursday we actual learned a new spell at the glamour class.

Thinking back it must be 1 week ago when I learned the last spell from a Professor.

When class was over for today I found the time to teach hasso a bit more about Human Ethics and at last he understand some basics now.

Beside this I also teached him about the god's and even a simple prayer.

I dont know if its of any use to a dog but a familiar is kind of special to my knowledge.

At our usual walk Hasso lead me to a dog show.

Looks like he whant to join such a event at some point.

We watched this event and then I asked when the next will happen what is some time away.

Looks like I have to change what I teach Hasso if he realy whant to have a chance there.

When Vincent heared about this dog show he told me that he also will joining with Cobertine when we do this.

So we already got one extrem difficult competitior.


After Fridays Negation class I got a Catalog for Negation equipment from the Professor.

Sadly the teaching at the class was very boring today because we just refreshed already learned stuff.

Thats probably the reason why I visited the Sphinx again.

Not only that I learned a new Spell called Familiar Education from her, I also got some tips how to hide and to bring my strength to bether effect.

The effect of Familiar Education only holds for 5 days in oposit what one could think from the nam but for this time the Familiar is a bit bether at the things specificed at the casting.

On my way back to the Academy I walked a slight detour and managed to prefent a break in, sadly the thief escaped so there was no reward.


Saturday Morning I visited the Sphinx and when I told her that i can't swim during our talk I imediatly got some dry training about swimming.

After the Lunch I haved a walk with Hasso when he near a field spoted something he wanted to follow and so I let him lead me.

A bit of walk later we arived at a Farmer House and Hasso stoped.

Talking to the Family living there I learned that the man of the house is missing.

I agreed to help this poor family to searching for him and with a shirt of the man Hasso soon was on his trail.

When we got to a bad part of the city I halted Hasso and asked the people if they have seen the farmer and from some people I learned that they spoted him at the far end of the town.

So I let Hasso lead again and we arived then at a huge bandit fortress out of stone.

Bacause Hasso managed to distracte the Guard dogs I managed to sneak in and Hasso soon joined me.

We actual found the Farmer there but now he is working as a bandit and didn't show any intentions giving up his new profession.

Unsure what to do next I sneaked out of the Bandit Fortress again and head to the bether part of the city for dinner.

Because I didnt have the heart to report to the woman what have become of her man I returned to my room after the dinner.


At the night to Sunday I found the solution to my dilema with the farmer.

After the breakfast I casted some prepartion Magic because what I planed to do will be realy difficult.

I then visited the Farmershouse and talked his oldest son into joining me to convince his dad in leaving the bandits.

After the long walk to the Fortress I spoted the guard dogs but this time I was prepared and used a glamour to distract them.

So we managed to sneak in and we found the farmer very soon and to our luck he alo was alone.

I let the son talk with the Farmer for some time but I already knew this wouldn't be enough.

Instead of listening to theyr talk I already looked for the ambusher I saw in my dream.

When we then about to leave 3 Bandits tryed to capture the son.

I just waited till they graped him, so the farmer could see this, and then released my already prepared spell.

This was finaly enough to confince the farmer that joining the bandits was a bad idea.

To prevent the bandits from raiding his farm we then talked with the knight guards and they promised to protect the farmer and his family if he tels them everything he knows about the bandits.

Thanks to the meal I got from the farmer, typical farmer food something I didn't eat for ages, it was a bit late when I returned to the academy.

There I learned that we Vernin again wone the merit race and that Prof Aventyrare lesson about a new Pheme for us will start in a vew minutes.

After the lesson I performed the Cleanse and Remake Ritual bevore going to bed.


Yesterday after class I started to train Hasso in the skills I expect he need to know for a dog show.

Because this training was very taxing on Hasso he didn't even whant to go for a walk afterwards.

So I walked alone to the sphinx after dinner.

With the Sphinx I the talked about art and how art is realated to glamour magic.

This talk was so interesting that I haved to run back to the Academy to make it back bevore the doors close for the night.


Today our Geometry Prof got crazy its simply to much what he tryed to teach us today.

This also resulted in a huge load of homework from him.

Because in the other class we only refreshed already learned and so we didnt get much homework from them it was still ok.

So after my walk with Hasso I haved to do homework.

After Dinner I started to write this letter when I sudenly remembered about the sword in my wardrobe so I put this sword near my table.

I think I finaly found out whats the real meaning of the sword and I will go for a night trip to check after I send this letter.


Hope it still every thing ok at home and every one fine and alive.


Greetings your brother Theodor


The Adventure I write about Saturday and Sunday was actual 5 seperate adventure calls

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Monday the 1. Nivelos 1658


Dear Brother,


after my last letter I first organiced me a Night Bird to help me in case I got lost.

Then I sneaked out of the Academy because its usual strict forbiden for us 1st years to be out this late.

To not get cought by the first Guard I encounter I used a glamour to conceal my face and change the apearance of my cloths.

At first Hasso and the Bird where kind of confused but Hasso soon realised what going on the Bird needed a bit longer.

After this prepeartions where finished I then studied the markings on the sword again that look like just ordinary scratch.

Then I was absolut sure that this is a map because I found two points I know on this map.

It looks like the point I have to go is in the bad part of the city I walked trough to save the farmer a vew days in the past.

Trough the bether part of the city there was only time I haved to be carfull because there where some guards around a place and so I decided to go a alternative route.

When we reached the bad part I asked the Bird to watch for Ambushes because it have a much bether angle form the air to spot them.

Because of my dream I knew that at two points I haved to go a other way then the one drawn on the map to avoid realy bad people.

Most of the time Hasso and the Sword where enough to keep unwanted people away from me.

When I found the place of the map it turned out to be a Iron door to a battered building.

To my Suprise the door was opened after I knocked from one of our Prof. and so I already feared the worst.

The Prof smiled at me and told me that I just managed a initation Ritual to some kind of Merchant Guild.

He then told me to get some sleep at this house because we have to leave early to get back to the Academy by breakfeast.

To my luck the room haved a window and so I called the bird and send it home.


After a short night rest I got a Merchant's Seal and a fine Longsword handed out by the Prof. bevor we then walked back to the Academy.

The way back to the academy was much faster, maybe thanks to some magic used by the Professor.

Sadly wednesday wasn't one of the days where we just refresh already learned thing so I haved to listen carfull.

This was kind of hard because I was very tired thanks to my night trip.

When I was summoned by a Prof after class to his office I feared that I wasn't carefull enough when sneaking out the day bevore.

But it turned out that I was reported that I should have damaged school property during the breakfeast.

Thankfull I managed to confince Prof. Sido that I wasn't it because at this time I was talking with Prof. Leith our teacher in Enchant class.

In the Common room I then made my homework bevor I did again some training with Hasso for the dog show.

This training was so draining for him that he didn't even whant to go for a walk afterwards.

So I managed to get to bed early.


Thursday we didnt learn much new in class but this didn't prefent our Porf to give us a huge load of homework.

So I only haved time for my usual walk with Hasso.

At our tour I helped a troll to rebuild a mound of dirt I acential destroyed.

So the scary night tales about them are probably just wrong as he didnt attack me instead I even got a magical ring from him after we rebuild his mound.

Back at the Academy I then haved to do the Homework and because I haved to perform the Clenase and Remake Rutial in the evening again I didnt even manage to finish with every homework we got.


Friday we again didn't learn much new but got lot of new homework so I even have to spend part of the weekend doing them.

Bevore I started with the homework I trained Hasso in different atlethic's like running.

In one of the running trainings Cobertine joined and made out of this training a race that Cobertine easy wone against Hasso.

After this Hasso was even more eager to train and so we trained till he was total drained.

This training took longer then expected so I not managed to all the Homework I planed to do.


Because I still haved lot of homework to do I spend the complet Saturday morning to do them.

In the afternoon I then visited a Observation point of the Celsus' Maze I learned about it just recently from a other Student.

It turned out to be a very interesting place and even from the obeseravtion point I found it imposible to find a way trough this maze.

Also the Arcitecture of the maze is faszinating.

When Hasso came to me for more training I haved to leave this place.

So I tryed to simulate some of the competition's of the Dog Show we saw when we visited one.

Sadly for Hasso it looks like he still need a lot of training to be good enough there.


Yesterday Moring I enjoined again the great view of the Celsus' Maze when a adault not beloning to the school showed up.

It tourned out that she is a reporter from Mineta Times when we haved some nice talk about this beutifull sight and how great it is to go to the Academagica but also what it means to be a Journalist.

She told me that I can visit here in her office in the Mineta Times if she is not out if I whant to learn about the job as Journalist.

After lunch Hasso and I made again a training session for him because his fittnes is still lacking for any real thest in athletics.

When we was nearly finished I was summoned to the office of the Legate by a other Student.

From my dream last night I know that he will have a task for me and Hasso.

So I took Hasso with me when I went to his Office.

There I learned that I have to search a thief with the name Ilaro and if posible take the staff from him he have stolen.

As last search I first made a prayer to the gods and then started my search.

After a not to long search we found the staff lie near a tree.

Thanks to my dream I know that there is some kind of alarm and so I searched the triger and found a thin wire spaned near the ground.

After we passed this wire without trigering the alarm I runned to the staff.

As I saw it in my dream Ilaro holded the other end of this Staff but bevore he even could draw his Wand the Legate apeared.

So a Duel betwean two extrem Powerfull mages started.

Because this Duel would take ages if I wouldn't interfere and this two didnt draw a Dueling Circle it was up to me to bring it to a end that favors the Legate.

I managed to get in the back of the thief and when he started to cast a other spell I managed to grap his wand and remove it of his hand.

Even knowing what now will come I didnt manage to cast my spell fast enough to prefent it.

When Ilaro droped the staff to the ground sudenly some pixies show up to take the staff away and the staff reacted badly to this.

There was a loud thunder coming from the staff what was enough to the pixies to fly away in panic.

Because dark clouds wher forming in the sky whe huried to bring our captive to the Academy.

The Storm was even more intense then what Mjolnir summoned till I stoped him.

Good that we where protected inside the buildings of the Academy.


Today the Storm still continued and looking outside it will be a loot of work for the personal of the Academagica to get all the things fixed the storm have damaged.

Because there was no way to go outside at such a weather we played some games after we finished with the homework.

But this soon becames boring because Neta wone nearly every game and so I started to write this Letter


Looks like the Storm ended just when I am about to finish this letter, thats great because I still have to perform the Cleanse and Remake Ritual today.

Hopefull the Prayer Grove is still intact.

Did this strange storm hit our isle also?

And if so have every one survived?

Can you please give Mr Zodan my sincere condolences for the dead of his wife?

Was it a normal dead because she was so old or did something hapen?


Greetings your brother Theodor


Legate I hope this story is as interesting as you expected it to be :)

Even if I would love to add at last one more Correspond to my game I complet missing the time for this :(

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This is great- I like this part:


"I think I finaly found out whats the real meaning of the sword and I will go for a night trip to check after I send this letter."


...this should be interesting. :)

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Sunday the 7. Nivelos 1658


Dear Brother,


when I left the building the first time after the storm I saw how bad this storm was.

The buildings of the Academagica where still intact except of maybe one or the other broken window but every thing outside turned upside down.

Because the sky was still clouded there wasn't any Natural light source.

In this chaos it was hard to find the way to the payer grove.

To my suprise the grove was complet intact and so i could use it to perform the Cleanse and Remake Ritual to have the power for the rebuilding in the next days and then also thank the gods to keep everyone at the Academy safe from this storm.


Tuesday the clouds still hanging deep over the city and the academy.

Even with reports from the city that they urgently need help for rebuilding we still haved class.

We even learned some now spells and especial the Prevent Hostility Spell sound extrem usfull.

This spell prevents the target from doing any kind of hostile action and so come in handy combined with the warning's of my dreams.

At last the only homework we got was helping in the rebuild effort of the city or the Academy.

So I decided to help the farmer I just saved from be a bandit over 1 week ago.

Lucky the storm didn't hit his farm as bad as other buildings I saw on my way to them.

Bevore I started to help them I set up a small training course for Hasso so he still can work for the dog show while I help the farmer.

I used some of my magic to help them when sudenly the son came running to me half of his Arm petrified.

Because the petrifcation continued I haved to act fast Und used some Negation Magaic against Revision in hope thats the right way.

At first It looked as if I was wrong but then the petrification slowly fanished.

He then showed me where it hapened and it was some broken pice of metal he tryed to remove from the field.

I inspected its magic and there wher so many pheme on it so I didnt dare to do anything with this.

We let this metal there for now till a Prof. or other Mage find the time to handle it.

Back in the Academy in the late evening I told our Regent about this metal pice and he promised to send someone to handle this dangerouse item in the next days.


Wednesday we continued our class again as if nothing have happened.

Especial interesting was the Asking the Universe spell we learned in Astrology as it helps its caster in nearly everything he do for 2 days.

Again we didnt get any homework so we can help in the rebuilding.

After class I was summoned to the office of the Legate.

This time Prof. Orsi asked me to make him a Invisibility cloak out of a cloak he thinks that would do it.

At fist I haved to study some book's how I can do this at all but then it turned out to be not this difficult.

It still took some time to finish it so I nearly missed the dinner but the cloak turned out to work great.

Sadly I dont know where to to get the base Material for this kind of cloak because I would love to have such a thing for my self also.

At the dinner I learned from other Students that when the clouds lifted they saw a new Island is above our own.

So I haved a walk with Hasso to see this new Island with my own eyes.


Thuesday we haved to learn a lot of new things in class, especial in geometry.

Prof. Monetario was even the only one who gave us homework at this day.

After class I again summoned to the Office of the Legate.

There I meet Neta and Vincent and the Legate told us that we have to guard Ilaro for some time because he will make a trip to the new Isle with some older Students.

Vincent was absolut unheapy with the job of just watching this door in the basement.

But I managed to confince him that because we are just 1st year every one of us is needed if Ilaro will try something or even get outside help.

Because Neta was followed as usual from a vew boys we where even 7 people who are watching the prisson of Ilaro.

So I used the time down there to make the homework.

After a vew hour our guard duty ended and a other group took over but we where told that we again have to do the afternoon guard duty friday.

In the Evening then there was just enough time left to do my usual walk with Hasso.


After Fridays class we walked down to the room where Ilaro is hold captive.

There we found the other team paralysed and the door oponened.

I told Neta to take care of the other team while Vincent and I will use our dogs to find Ilaro.

So we set our dogs on the trail of Ilaro and after some time we even catched up.

When it was clear that he will go to the Imperial Palace we sudenly found our self back in the Great Hall of the Academy.

We then imediatly reported to the Legate but he reacted very calm to this news and told us that this is just fine and maybe even bether then keep him loked in.

Because Neta told me that she haved some problems with the Astrology Homework I helped here with this today.

Its actual the first time I remember Neta asking me for help her.

In the evening I then performed the Cleanse and Remake Ritual again.


Because I didnt train with Hasso for some time now I spend nearly the complet Saturday in doing so.

First I let him make some athletic training like running and swimming again.

After he get a bit tired we then continued with some searching games.

It was also interesting that Neta was watching me and Hasso from avare.

I was wondering why she didnt come over but I haved to focus on the training with Hasso.

After the dinner Hasso and I releaxed at the Celsus' Maze Observation Point.

This time I even managed to follow the way into the maze prety fare just with my eyes.


After a not to long walk with Hasso today I then visited the Sphinx.

We then haved very long talks about about different Architecture styles and that some building forms are only posible thanks to the use of magic.

It was so informative and interesting what I learned from talking with the Sphinx that I total forgot the time and it was already evening when I retured to the Academy.

After dinner I then started to write this letter.

Because there is still some time now till bed time I will try my luck at the Block Puzzle.

I doubt I will manage to solve it because there are only vew who managed to claim the 5 merit points from doing so.


Is everything still OK at home?

I wish you already a great The Sententae because my next letter will probably dont make it to you bevore this day.


Greetings your brother Theodor

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Saturday the 13. Nivelos 1658


Dear Brother,


as mentioned in my last leter I tryed the Block Puzzle at our Academy after I have writen the last letter.

It was kind of suprising that I even managed to solve it in less then one hour.

So I am also one of the vew first year of this year who managed to solve this puzzle and I earned my Collge 5 points of Merit this way.


The class at Monday was rater boring except in Aritmethic we only refreshed what we already have learned.

I was kind of angry when Prof. Monetario didnt even check out homework we got from him 4 days ago.

From one of my dreams I knew that I haved to watch for one of the Girls of Morvidus when outside because she would try to bully me.

Sadly I wasn't sure if it is Elina, this Joana girl or some other.

Even so I played with Hasso some Hunting and searching games to improve him in this for the dog show.

Probably because I did this training a bit away of the regualar places I didn't encounter the bully I have dream about.

Instead Neta and her followers showed up and neta finsaly asked me to help her get rid of them but still not telling me anything why or when they started to follow her.

Even so I agreed to help her because we are friends and thats what friends for, aren't they?

After dinner the Legate anounced that the Vernin of the first year again haved wone the Merit race and should follow Prof. Aventyrare for a lesson.

There we got a rather tiresome Lesson about some more difficult Revision Methods that with my curent knowledge in Revision was barely understandable to me.


Tuesday we again only learned new things in Arithmetic class this time even a new Revision spell.

After class Neta joined my walk with Hasso to plan how to get rid of her followers.

We came up with some nasty pranks but there must be a other way.

Our walk came to a halt when a sailor mistaken me for a dock worker, come on with me wearing the school uniform how could he, and orderd me to bring a crate to the ship.

But I managed to clear up his mistake.

On our way back we finaly came up with a nice idea a secret admirer would sure bring this boys to give up.

After the dinner I haved to perform the Cleanse and Remake ritual again.


Astrology class was free this Wednesday because we will watch the sky in the night, so it was the right time to bring the secret admirer plan into reality.

I colected the most beautifull flowers the Academagica grounds have to offer, hopefull without anyone saw me doing this.

Then I called for the help of some birds to let the flowers rain on Neta together with a small Note.

This day I trained Hasso in a search and rescue game and slowly he gets bether in this things.

After dinner we then haved our Astronomy class in the Tertoliod's Observatory.

It was a good change to actual see the real stars during our Class instead of just study on a model or magical projection.


Thursday we learned some new things in Astrology and Negation class while the other classes keep on repeating stuff I already know inside out.

At Lunch I was asked by the chef cook if I could help her with a problem.

Apearently the problem she have was that a big rat have goten into the citchen and she whant me help her to get rid of this vermin.

I then searched the kitchen for posible ways in and out till I finall found the most posible way the Rat used and there I build a trap.

After we made a some noice the rat got chought in my trap and wow it was real a big one.

I brought this Huge Rat to one of our gardeners sould they take care of the problem.

After class I haved a long walk with Hasso bevor I then haved a long talk with the Sphinx.

This time we talked about all sorts of things but especial the part about Orthography keeps in my mind because its a Enchanting Methode I didnt learn so fare in the Enchant class.


I dont know what hapened but yesterday we only have superviced learning in huge groups with only one Prof. watching.

Sadly no one I asked was willing or able to tell me something about this.

Because the where no other restrictions on us at this day it can't be anything to serious.

After class I did some training with Hasso but not for to long because the was I heared that a Duel of two 5 years will going on.

Sadly I was kind of late and so I only got a bad place to watch but it was still interesting and the Duel goes on for nearly a hour with no clear lead.

In the end one of the two fall to ground just a vew seconds bevore the other.


Because the Flower show didnt stop Neta's admirer in following her around if at all it even made it worse.

So we haved to set up a dinner betwean a stranger and Neta.

The main problem about this plan was how to get out of the Academy without having all they boys following around but still have someone report to them who is not of our clique and non of them.

When I learned that ther will be a Jornalist report this evening about a event in a good restaurant and there are still places to get there was one problem less.

The bigest problem was to get Nata out without her followers but we managed to pull this off.

Then Nata and I combined our Glamour knowledge to make a beautifull stranger out of me.

At the restaurant we have got one of the bether places expecial one where I know we will get on the picture of the Journalist for the newspaper at monday.

So we haved a great evening with good food and a not to bad show.

On our backway we then splited up and I haved then to remove the glamour on my bevore gething back to the academy together with Hasso on a other Gate.

I realy hope this will finaly do the trick that Neta get rid of her admirer.


It was rater late when I started to write this letter so I will send it tomorrow.


Greetings your brother Theodor


Slight rewrite how the delivery of the flowers happened wednesday to give it some nice magical flavore within the abilitys of the char

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Saturday the 20. Nivelos 1658


Dear Brother,


last Sunday I was summoned to the office of the Legate who request from me that I make a map that is protected by some spells readable.

I spend the complet time till lunch to try different methodes but with no success.

After lunch I walked with Hasso for some time till I got a new Idea I could try.

Instead of breaking trough the spells why not removing the map from the spell containment.

After some preperation spells I the removed the map from the spells surounding it.

I nearly lost my continousnes from doing this because it was a very draining task.

But finaly short bevor the dinner was served I could report to Prof. Orsi that I managed his task.

Then i learned that we will free Ilaro, the Mage we hold captive for some time, from pirats.

I dont get it first we fight him, then we capture him but when he later escaped we didnt even try to get him back and now we even help him.

Prof Orsi whant me to lead him trough some secret tunnels into the Imperial Castle.

Sometimes he cast some spells wen I didnt even see something.

Wenn we reached a wall where Ilaro was at the other side, Ilaro breaked this wall open with something explosive.

Sadly I didnt see anything from the pirat fight that hapened then because I sudenly found me back at the Academy at the Great Hall.


Sunday I realised that I need to learn how to bring my desings to paper if I ever need help from someone other.

Thanks to the Geomerty class I already haved some basics how this should work but I need some pactical training in this.

So I walked to the city gething me the necesary materials and looking for a good place to paint.

Because I didnt find a good spot to draw I get back to the Academy and found a good place there.

Drawing the Castello Soara profed interesting and so I chosed a place near the castle bridge.

Even knowing how it should work in theory and how it sould look finished from books its hard to get such things to paper by my self.

So I wasted a loot of paper this day in trying to get a good draw of this castello.

After dinner we Vernin Students haved a extra lecture from Prof. Ringraeyer about some difficult Glamour Methodes.


Class at Monday was totall boring I didn't learn anything new at all the hours we spend in class.

After class was over I walked to the the Castle Gate Bridge again and continue to paint the castllo.

Finaly I managed to draw it the first time that it nearly looks like it should.

From the talk of some girs who found this place also nice I even learned a bit about the history of College Avila.

On my way to the dinner my Moneybag was stolen by a 2nd year.

Because from my dream I knew he have a sick mother and if I follow him it dont turn out good I let him have the money.

The moneybag was probably even more worth then all the money he got from me trough this theft.

After dinner I then trained with Hasso how to best find his ways and some basic knowledge about tactics.


At last in Glamour class we learned some new theory at Tuesday but the rest of the class we only learned thigs I already knew.

When I walked with Hasso trough the still kind of broken down city I was suprised to learn that the next Dog show is still anounced for saturday.

I the registered Hasso for this and there I learned that this event will be hold over different days.

Back at the academy I then draw a picture just about the castle gate and I think this turned out fine.

I even heared some Gossip about Elina and learned that she only is good in Botany Class and have formed her own small clique.

We still avoid each other but nothing else hapends and thats probably for the best.

The Newspaper Print from monday that shows Neta having dinner with a unknown male, at the lower left of a picture showing the stage, make its round in the gossips.

Sadly the boys still follow Neta around stubborn.


In Geometry Class it became clear to me why Prof. Monetario did so much refreshing because without having this basics innert one cant understand what he tryed to teach us Wednesday.

All of my Free time at this day I spend in training Hasso for the dog show this saturday.

Beside some training in long distance running I also trained him some more in finding his path and also some basic tactics that could be usable.

I realy hope I train him the right things because it will be the first dog show I attend.

To my luck it turned out the Vincent dont have time this saturday and so the probably most dangerous competitor is out.

After dinner and some talk with Neta I decided to give the misterous admirer one more go.

With my skills in sewing I made her a handkerchief with crest and initials on it.


Thursday was a other boring day at class except maybe for Enchant.

After class I decided to spend more time to practice drawing.

This time I even tryed to bring the Complet szenery of the castello on the hills on paper but the shape of the mountains profed to be a real challenge to draw on paper.

From some traveling Mercnats who sell theyr wares near the gate I learned also on or two things about Haggling.

After dinner I then made a light training session with Hasso till bed time.


In Geometry class yesterday we finaly learned what all the complicated things we learned the last 3 days was for.

We learned the spell Squaring a Triangle's Sides, a spell where even the effect is hard to understand but the casting is even more confusing.

This spell helps a Geometry Master to become more Carismatic and have a bether over all Fitness but most intersting he can even work as Engineer even without knowing how to do this without this spell.

Beside this we also learned some new things in Enchant class.

Most of my freetime I spend then training with Hasso how to find his path and some tactics but no hard physical tasks because I dont whant him to have sore muscles for the dog show today.

After the trainig Hasso haved to take a bath and then I gromed his fur till it looked great.


After breakfeast Hasso and I walked today to the place where the dog show will be hold.

There we got a pice of cloth with a number on it that I haved to bind on Hasso so the visitor and the jury can she this number.

This was more difficult then expected then it also souldn't hinder Hasso.

After some failed try's a other trainer showed me how to do it.

The first contest was a obstacle course that Hasso managed in what looks like record time and without any mistakes.

After Lunch we then haved the second round.

There Hasso haved to find a person who was hiding him self something that profed very easy for Hasso even with all the distraction.

Because Hasso managed to get trough both callenges so fast today we even found time to watch the other teams.

After I send this letter I still have to bath and groom Hasso again so he looks great for the next rounds tomorrow.


I know, I neglected learning but with so many repeating of material we already learned I don't see any reason in this.


Greetings your brother Theodor

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Thursday the 26. Nivelos 1658


Dear Brother,


the dog show continued last Sunday and Hasso continued to perform great.

In the morning there was a dog race over a long distance.

With the tempo Hasso started I feared he dont make it to the end but he managed to keep up this speed till the end and so he was far ahead of the others.

The challenge in the afternoon was crazy because The trainers where blindfolded and theyr dog have to lead them trough some kind of maze.

But it apear that Hasso lead me the most direct way trough the maze even without needing any help.

So Hasso again was the fastest.

At this day many teams where sorted out but Hasso and I are still in the tournament as one of the favorits now.

On our backway we made a slight detour and used the Canal Gate because I know from my dream that some bullys are waiting near the Great Gate to have some fun.


Monday most claring where just boring refreshing except for Astrology where we visited the Library of Mantle and Stars.

In this library I then haved a vision about the stars at the hour of my birth and how they lead my live to what it is now.

After class I did then Homework and some not so hard Training with Hasso.

In the Evening I then haved a walk around our College and came to a old tower and when I entered this tower a ghost apeared.

At first I thought its a prank of other students bcause wo else would ask for a definition of time.

So I answaered in some kind of funny way when this ghost teached me then a spell and the needed pheme It got strange.

The spell I learned from this ghost actual was needed to leave this tower again because this tower is under some kind of time spell.

I didn't even realise I git trough a barrier when I entered it but on the way out it was clear that there is something.

On my way back to my room I found the sign that entry is strict forbiden lying on the floor so I put it back into place.


At the Festival of Isaos I haved to switch place with a Prof and hold class about the festival in front of some Prof.

Good that I haved prepeared a book for this that greatly helps me going through this lesson.

The rest of the Morning I trained with Hasso a trick because this will be the next performance and we didnt train something like this so fare.

In the Afternoon I continued to Draw the complet castello with the hills.

I also spend some time watching the merchants there how they do theyr buissnes because thats something I also need to learn if I ever whant to become a successfull crafter.

After Dinner Neta and I sneaked to the Sphinx carfull not to be followed.

Thanks to the Sphinx I finaly know that the reason for the boys following Neta around is some kind of messed up spell she used.

So its no wonder all this secret admirer stuff failed.

At last we know now that one way to remove this charm is the water of a spring deep in the forest.

I also manage to learn the powerfull spell of Power of Persuation from the talk betwean this two.

Because I still haved to prepear Hasso for the dog show Neta was on her own to research about this spring.


Tuesday we learned some new things in class especial in Geometry we learned some interesting new things like a unproved way how to calculate the size of our world.

Because I got lot of Homework and the trick for Hasso still needed some training there isn't much to write about this day.


The Astrology class yesterday was very interesting because we visited the Alcoh Library of Astrology and Astronomy in the city and even learned a new Spell there.

I spend the time after class training the trick with Hasso because it still only works at around half the time and slowly we runing out of time

In the evening I then whanted to go swiming but the place I thought would be good turned out to be infested with undead.

So instead of swimming I haved to fight some water zombies.


Today I didn't manage to learn anything new from the class and I start to have the feeling that if I learn on my own I would learn much more in the same time.

Sure there are the people who dont understand what we learn trough the class at the first time but having to repeat every thing at last 4-5 times becomes anoying fast for the people who understand it at the first lecture.

After class was finaly over I trained the trick with Hasso again and finaly it works every time.

So I managed to spend some time drawing the castello and finaly I even manage to bring the hills on the paper.


I realy hope Hasso manage to get one of the first places this weekend because he realy worked hard for it.

Wo ever told animals can't be dedicated Hasso just proved the oposite.

How was your Festival of Iasos?


Greetings your brother Theodor


Because I also have a longer forced break next month I am unsure if I manage to finish this game bevore DLC 10

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Wednesday the 3. Aurit 1658


Dear Brother,


last week Friday class was boring as most of the days now because we only repeated stuff I already know and So I was happy that we at last in Glamour learn a new Pheme.

For the trick we will perform sdaturday I tryed to teach Hasso some small extra but now he even mess up the basic trick again.

So we spend all the free time I haved beside the homework in geting the trick working again.


To ensure the Trick works fine I used a magical methode to improve the timing of Hasso Saturday morning and finaly the trick works as it should and even looks great.

At the show it also worked great.

Hasso flip up the chooky placed on his nose so it spines a vew time bevore landing in his mouth ond only moved his head for this.

So we got high points but other got more points for theyr tricks but for just 1 week of training this was good enough.

In the evening I finaly stoped to cast the Cleanse and Remake Ritual every 4. day and instead I performed a spell, that let me find interesting places I dont know about, with a extra Pheme for bosting my Charm.


Sunday Morning it was bathing time for Hasso because he haved to look great when the judges give points for the apearance.

I also used some subtile magic to make Hasso look bether.

When final it was out turn in the afternoon all we heared was a good what wasn't very assuring.

At the Price giving my heart droped when the other got teams got prices but we not but then when the first place was anounced it was Hasso!

Yes, Hasso managed to win this dog show!

So after we got the cup and the celebration at the dog show we continued our celebration together with Neta and Vincent in a Tavern.


Monday in class we again only refreshed what I already know and togehter with the monoton voice of some Prof. I haved to be carfull not to sleep in class.

Only Enchant Class was interesting because we visited the Grand Forge and the best of this year including me where asigned a Personal Station.

With this Personal Station I now can do some commision work if I find the time or have the need for the money.

At the Lunch break a Student from Durand found it a great joke to creat a stream of cold water at some Students, sadly I couldnt avoid it if I whanted to get something to eat.

After class was over I walked with hasso around a bit bevore I visited the Sphinx.

From my talk with her I learned a lot about diferent formes of negotiate and also some rimbal tactics.

In the evening I found a girl who have lots of snakes in here hair and she asked me for help removing them so whit a spell I managed to bring them to leave here head.

Sadly she passed out when the snakes slitering down on her so I decided its best a Prof. take care of her.


In Arithmetic and Enchant we learned something new yesterday.

We even learned that Prof. Valenta gives extra teachings in her office for people who realy whant to learn more.

But I am not sure If I realy whant to spend the evenings just learning more about Arithmetic bejond that what we need for the exam.

After class I then haved a walk with Hasso and also spend some time Talking with the Sphinx again.

Our talk got from admistration to military logistics and then she also showed me the glamour spell Golden thonge.

Sadly I didn't manage to learn the needed Clarity Pheme.


Todays class again was only broing refresh class so I was happy when it was finaly over.

After Class was over I visted the Spinx again.

This time I learned 3 new spells from her some new pheme and even some knowledge about the past of my College.

At the dinner Neta, Vincent and I appointed to visited the spring next weekend together to hopefull free Neta from the Charm.


I hope you haved a Great Festival of Durands Road, I will write in my next letter how we celebrated it.


Greetings your brother Theodor


Wow I messed up the date for 3 letters and no one realised it. (Fixed it now)

Grrr the Familiar Adventure for Dog is broken in the DLC 8 because it dont gives any end reward. So I probably keep a save with the last Saturday unplayed so I can still finish the last step if it turns out to be bether in year 2

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Sorry game is on hold because I sudenly can't load any of my old save files any more.

I am already in talk with Legate to fixing this. Hopefull they can reproduce the problems I have on theyr testing computers

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Turned out to be the New Version of the Virus Protection Programm I use have problems with Academagia


Monday the 8. Aurit 1658


Dear Brother,


last week tuesday after class Neta came to me and asked me if I can teach here some things about Negation Magic.

I then tryed to teach here some besics about this typ of Magic but with no real result.

Maybe I am to impatient but its realy hard to teach this things to someone whon don't know a thing about this typ of magic so fare.

After dinner I haved a walk with Hasso together with Vincent and Cobertine.

When we let them run free there was a race betwean Cobertine and Hasso and Hasso wone, something I never expected.


At the Festival of Durand's Road we played a variant of hide and seek because my hiding place was so good no one found me.

After some time waiting to get found it got boring and I revealed my self to get catched so I could leave.

During Lunch I was asked from some people if I can help them in the backstage in the evenings the next days because a member of the backstage team got ill.

Because it sounded interesting I agreed.

At the Afternoon I used my free time to walk with Hasso and have a talk with the Sphinx.

After Dinner then I haved to learn what I have to do at the backstage to help them.

There was a lot of carpentry work to do and only thanks to my knowledge in other crafting skills I didnt make a complet fool out of me working there.


Friday was the last rehearsal bevore they will show the play to the public and so there was lot to do.

Some of the stage design still wasn't finished, some late minite change requests from the director and so on.

So I didnt even have the time to watch the rehearsal but helping at the backstage is still a interesting expirience.

Because of this I only found barly enough free time to walk with Hasso.


Saturday after breakfeast we finaly found the time to go together to the spring that have the power to remove the charm from Neta.

Because its a fare walk we got our self lunch packets.

This time Vincent helped Neta to escape her followers so I haved time to cast a spell that improves my ability in negotiate with others and also makes me more observant.

The walk was eventless so we got to the spring bevore noon but the spring was guarded.

A mighty centaur charged at us so Vincent and Nata run away while I keep my position and look into the eyes of the Centaur.

Even knowing from my dream he don't hurt me I couldnt avoid to cloase my eyes when the spear nearly hits my face.

When I open my eyes the centaur looks down on me and ask what we are doing here.

With a bith of smoth talk, a small gift and telling him that we are here to break a Charm he allowed us to pass.

Not listening to the warning of the centaur Neta rushed into the spring.

Sudenly some kind of force grabed her and try to drown her.

To her Luck Vincent and I managed to pull her out of the spring.

We then dryed our cloths bevore we walked back to the academy.

Finaly it looks like the Charm is broken because some of her usual followers simply ignored her.

After the dinner I then haved to assist at the backstage of the theater because its the premiere of the play.

Not everything worked as it should but the actors got standing ovation's after the curtain drop.


Yesterday I learned that the mother of the 2nd year, who have stolen some money from me a while in the past, is still sick so I decided to start to do some research on this sickness.

After I learned that it is probably ravenprix what she have I started to lookd for infos about this sickness.

My first way was to the helpdesk of the Venalicium Library where I haved to learn that the books about revenprix are all forbiden for first years.

But thanks to the help of Neta we still got the info where we can find a book about this sickness.

At the section of the Library where the book is I meet one of the Actors, a 4 th year, of the play I curent help and he agreed to help us.

He lend the book for us but we haved to promise him not to try the magic in this book on our own.

Sadly I didnt find the time to study this book because it was already lunch time and afterwards I haved to help at the theater again.

Even with two plays there where much vewer problems then in the premiere.

Betwean the two playes we haved dinner and a short teaching from Prof Knoth about some advanced Incantation stuff.

Sadly I didnt understand a word what she tryed to teach us because I didn't even spend time on learning incantation magic so fare.


Today we haved a trip to the City Hall in Arithmetic Class becaus our Prof whanted to show us that Arithmetic is also needed when working for the city.

Especial the Office for the taxes need to do a lot of calculations but there where othe offices also where the buerocrates need to know arithmetics at last at a average level.

The rest of the class was boring as usual with nothing new to learn for me.

After class and my usual walk with hasso I meet the 2nd year with his sick mother so we together can learn this spell from the book I lend.

It turned out that this Student is from Avila and on of his favorit topics is the History of his college.

So even when we sould focus on the book he couldn't stop to talk about the past times of his College.

After we finaly innerted the spell we have to sneak past some nurse because even he arent allowed to visit his mother because of the danger he get the same sickness.

Sadly we didnt manage to cure his mother with this spell bevore we got cought and shooed out.


Elvira and Oldan will get married? Give them my best wishes!


Greetings your brother Theodor

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Bahh break was to long, now I have troubles to remember where I was :(


Sunday the 14. Aurit 1658


Dear Brother,


as most class in the last days there was again nothing new for me Tuesday.

Still we got a lot of homework especial in Arithmetic.

Because of the nice weather I decided to do the homework in the evening and instead have a long walk with Hasso.

In the woods at a clearing I found a field of interesting Purple Flowers because I detected some kind of magic on them I was carfull in picking them.

So instead of direct touching them I used a makeshift lasso to unrott some of them.

On my backway I mad a stop to talk for some time with the sphinx.

From the sphinx I learned that it was good to be carefull because the plants have a strong defense mechanism when picked.

Beside some infos about flowers and birds I also learned a lot about the History of the College Avila and its Name Patrone.

Back at the academy I then still haved to do the complet homework after the dinner.


During a break at Wednesdays class I found a escaped Darkcrawler who hypnotised a dog.

After distracting the lizard with a glamour I managed to capture it.

From Prof. Pachait I then got one point of merrit awardet for this.

Sadly I couldn't avoid to get a lecture from this Prof. about this Lizard that the changed to a general Lecture about worm's.

But at last this lecture form Prof. Pachait was more interesting then the boring repeating we curent encounter in class and so I wasn't angry to have a excuse to come back a bit to late from the break.

It started to rain when I walked with Hasso after class so I haved to clean my drenched cloths,care for hasso and warm my self up.

Looks like I forgot to refresh the enchantments I put at my clothes to keep them clean an dry.

So it was already dinnertime when I was finaly finished with refreshing the Enchant spells.

During the Dinner I was asked by the 2nd year to asist him asking the Legate to perform this spell we failed to cast on his mother monday.

So I lead him to the office of Prof. Orsi. but to our sadly he told us that he couldn't help us on this, at last we learned that Prof. Vikery was trying to cure some other person from Ravenprix.


Thursday's class was boring as usual.

Because for a Enchant project I haved to buy some new Material I went to the city for shoping and my friends also joined me.

In one Shop we visited, I found a realy good light source, a item called Focused Light.

This Item produce a clear withe light that can directed so it sure will help me when I have to do homeworks or other things till late in the night.


Friday after the class, boring as ever, and my walk with Hasso I finaly found the time to go back to my research about ravenprix.

Because I didn't come across resonable infos in the Public Libary parts I spend some time in the map's part of the library.

There I learned where to find the Restricted Parts of the Librarys and in one Map about this Library I found a interesting mark probably from Prof. Vickery.

Together with the 2nd year I entered this part of the library when we got attacked by vines and barly escaped.


Yesterday I spend nearly my complet day talking with the Sphinx because I am out of options to help the poor woman.

From the Sphinx I learned how to use my Skills in Painting and Drawing to do Illustrations for books and other writings.

The Sphinx also told me where I can find the next Imperial Ranger Outpost and a good place to collect Holly Bough and Tripping Thistle.

Beside this the Sphinx also mentioned that the Mineta Loading Docks could be a interesting place to watch and learn some new things.


Today I was a vulnotary in a simmulation test at the Godina Campus.

Some of the Test was only regaring physical activity like running and listening.

Realy interesting was a part where I haved to help a gnome to get mushrooms from a cave.

Sadly the Simmulation still haved some black outs from time to time and couldn't handle every action I made.

During the part with the Gnome I hit part of the machine with the spell I used to shrink a Stone blocking my path in the simmulation and so the Prof haved to fix this first bevore the tests could continued.

When the apperatus worked again I broke it down again just a bit later with a negation spell that I used to stun bat's inside the cave inside the simulation.

Overall I think this device still need a lot of work when every used spell breaks it.


This time I will send the letter via a bird and the normal way because I hope the Bird will be faster (and its also cheaper).


Greetings your brother Theodor

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