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Theodor Schwarzbart

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Saturday the 21. Kaliri 1658


Dear Brother,


as mentioned in my last letter I meet with Barnes at The Theneia again to search for the next part of the book.

He told me that he suspect a local band have it because theyr Lyric became strage latly and sound much like the other texts in the other 2 parts.

We haved to search trough nearly the complet city for them but lucky Barnes knows where to go and he even told me a thing or two about some locations.

When we finaly found them I could hear why Barnes suspect they use the book theyr lyric where absolut horible but realy sound like the other parts.

To get the book we or bether sayed I haved to provide them with some new Lyrics for theyr songs and after I finished with this we got the 3. part of the book.

Because he didn't whant to interupt my learning for the exam, Barnes suggested to meet Saturday again to bring this book back to the Ghosts.

On then way back we walked a different route back where he showed me some other interesting locations of the city.

This trip took over a half day but there was still enough time for some learning for the exam at Tuesday.


About the Astrology Exam this Tuesday I have a very good feeling even without using any preperation Magic.

After class some friends and my clique made a trip to the city for shoping.

I got me some new glasses and after we finished one of us came up with the idea to visited the Mercenary Guild.

Some of us left to learn but the rest visited the Guild to listen some of the storys they can tell there.

Even with my love for adventures I doubt I whant to become a Mercenary thats more the live for studends of the Godina College.

After the second story we heared I left to do some learning my self.


Barnes was waiting for me outside the classroom when the supervised learning ended this wednesday.

He told me that plans have changed and that he don't have time this Saturday and so he suggest to now bring the book to the ghosts.

Because I din't have made any special plans for this day beside learning I agreed.

So we visited the liberary and when we came near the statue we where teleported to what looks like a similiar looking library bevore I where knocked out.

When my senses came back I spoted that there is a book flying in the air and that the ghosts I viewed the last time are now of blood and flesh.

But instead of giving us any reward for returning the book they lought at us for been so stupid and bringing them the book bevore they send undead in attacking us.

Barnes tryed to pirce the book with a strang looking dagger but bevore he even get close to the book the undead focuse theyr attack on him.

He mnanaged to send me over the dagger bevore he complet get drowned in the hoards of undead.

Because I didn't have any bether plan in handling this situation I tryed to stab this dagger into the book.

The undead wasn't so hard to avoid because they wher plain stupid and with the majority focus on barnes I haved place to move.

So I managed to get close to the book but there where still the Mages betwean me and the book.

With a simply gravity ball I manged to get past them and stab the dagger into the book.

Suddenly all the undead and the Mages cruble to dust, but to my horrid the complet library crumble to dust also.

So I get Barnes out from under the dust remains from the undead and we both barly made it to the statue who the teleported us back to the normal library bevore everything colapsed.

Barnes was badly wounded but in the library there where a armed group of Mercenarys who then healed him with magic.

When Barnes could finaly walk on his own again he tanked me for the help and told me that it was his order who banished this Group of Evile Mages long ago.

But without destroing the book after it whas made one again there was no way to prefent them to raise again to power.

So after they learned about the book parts from methey decided to take the risk insetting them free to permanent destroy them.

Just It didnt get as they have planed because it his backup couldn't follow us to the library.

As thanks for the help I got some Magical Glasses from Barnes and he also told me that if I looking for a job in the future he will put up a good word that I can join theyr order.


Thursday I tryed a spell that acording to its description will bring knowledge out of nothing.

So fare I didn't use this spell because there is no way the caster can control what he will learn from it.

But with some Pheme for knowledge in Echanting added I gained some Enchant knowledge beside some other knowledge from this spell.

I just wonder if the knowledge is been a lasting one.


Yesterday we haved the Enchant exam and it turned out to much more difficult then I expected, especial the extra questions where extrem hard nuts.

After the exam I haved to walk in fresh air to get my mind free when I spot a wand hiden in a bush.

When I retrieved the wand it turned out to be the wand of a Hedi Student who have reported here wand to be stolen.

I returned the wand to her and man was she happy to see her wand again.

In the early Evening I joined agroup that visited the Mercenary Guild.

There I meet one Member of Barnes backup team and she told me some interesting storys about here live as Mercenary.


Today It sadly turned out the the phemes added to my the Spell I used Thursday only garanted my temporary knowledge in Enchanting and just he other knowledge is permanent.

So I spend most of my time in learning for the remaining two exam, glamour and arithmetic.

At last Neta also haved to learn for Glamour and so we did this together.

After lunch the new exam resoults where posted and I again was best in the exams I have writen.

In Astrology I scored 170 points what is a great score with the second best haved just 124.

But in Enchant even with only 161 points I was full 58 points bether then the second best!

For the rest of today I plan to do some learning and maybe visit the leak in the evening because I heared some strange romours about it.


Sunday in one week there will be a party where we get out bevore we packing for leaving.

I hope I can return home then because I heared that the airship what usual fly the route is gone missing.

I also wish you all a great The Contenda.


Greetings your brother Theodor


Sorry took me some time again because I lost interest with all the CTD and so I waited for the patch 52.

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Saturday the 27. Kaliri 1658


Dear Brother,


You won't belive it but last Saturday I was a pinguin for some time, but lets start from the beginning.

After a day of learning I visited lake Ardica in the night and when I let some stones springing on it sudenly the lady of the lake showed up.

Apearently I have hit her on here head and so I tryed to calm here down and at first it even looked like I managed it because I even got a robe as a givt from here.

But after a bit more talk she casted a spell to on me, with my negation magic I managed to weaken the spell a bit but I still was turned in a penguin even if in a strong one.

I realised the best way to get rid of this curse is to do something good for the lady of the lake so she lifts her curse.

So I swam out into the lake to look for something and there I spot a loot of trash swimming in the leak.

One pice after the other I brought then on the land and I haved the feeling every trip I got faster there and back.

When I finaly brought the last pice to the land the Lady apeared once again and lifted the curse she layed on me.

I even got a some great gloves for revision magic as reward from her.


Last week Sunday I spend nearly the complet day in learning for the two remaining exam.

To improve my abilitys in Arithmetic and Glamour I even used a arithmetic based glamour where I added 5 extra pheme.

Only for the meals and a walk to the city with Hasso I left my room.

At the Forge of one of the most renowned and expensive smiths of the city I spot a person puting new horse shoes on a horse.

Curiose I mustered the Horse and from the pattern of the saddle I could tell it must belong to a Member of the Praesides.

So I watched the person and when he spoted me watching I even got some explain me what he is doing and that he are here because the Master is making a cermonial armor for the horse.

Then I could even watch the Master adapting the new armor to the horse.


Monday we then haved the Glamour Exam and except for some extra point questions its was very easy.

The rest of the day I only spend learning for the last Exam.


Tuesday during the Arithmetic Exam feelt complet in tune with nummbers and so I managed to answear nearly all of the questions.

Because the exam was over for me I haved a long walk trough the city.

At the Docks I asked about news of the Silver Duck, the ship I have booked my passage home and what is missing.

Sadly no one could give me any news on it but walking past a other ship I spoted some smuggling attempt but the loadmaster of the ship deneyed that something is wrong.

Only after I told my sight to the weight master it turned up that the Ship Loadmaster and a other Member of the Shipcrew are members of the Thief guild and actual tryed to smuggle something.

On my way back to the Academy I stoped at the Mercenary guild to listen some of theyr storys.

To my supprise I was asked to sign two exemplar of my book, didn't even know the first part is released by now and so I was the one who was asked to tell a story instead of someone who listen.


In the Morning of Contenda I visited the city where I was aproached by a stranger who introduced him as Marcus a friend of one of my friends at the academagia.

He offered me to be part of a Adventure what turned out to be a Tresure Hunt where I should get a 25% share.

Because of the money I got in front I decided to overlook that there is something absolut wrong about the background story of one partner.

After we agreed to meet the next evening I haved to hurry back to the Academy for the lunch.

At the afternoon the party for the Contenda started and many 1st year haved a competition but to my luck I managed to become a anouncer.

The competitior where paired and Blindfolded, one haved to hold a block of ice over his head while the other haved to prevent it from melting.

Most of the teams used to strong ice magic so that the perosn who live the ice couldn't hold this wight any more.

Only two teams managed to keep the balance off enough ice magic to keep the ice block intact but not increasing and so it was a head on head race of this 2 teams who managed to held the wight the longest.

In the evening I then haved some riding lessons on a Horse what was kind of interesting but I would prefer to ride a flying animal.


Wednesday after the supervised learning I meet with Marcus again.

He told me that he will arange a airship and I should get the map encrypted, he also suggested Cartographer.

So I first visited the cartographer Marcus suggested who asked me to properly organized a huge load of papers for him.

After a bit of talk I managed to get the help of the cartographer for free, at last for me thats it.

Marcus probably wont be to happy that he have to tell the Cartographer about this adventure when we come back but thats his fault for sending me to a friend of him.


I haved to get the map from the cartographer at Thursday and when I visited him he was just finished with it so we can use it.

Without this we wouldn't be able to go after the Treasure today.

When I was in the city already I got me all the things needed for the party we haved yesterday.

Because it got a bit to much to carry around even with the help of Vincent and Neta we took a carriage back to the academy.


Yesterday after we haved the last regulare day in the class rooms we haved a huge party.

I didn't plan to get this party so big but word travled fast and so many of the 1st years joined the party.

To my luck some other students brought also food with them because what we got at Thursday wouldn't nearly enough.

After this great party finaly ended late in the night I couldn't sleep in and so I haved a small walk trough the night.

To my suprise I wasn't the only one who walked around but looking closer they are sneaking and try to break into our house.

So I shout out loud that there is a break in ongoing.

Bevore they get to me to silence me a Prof show up and catch this 3 Morvidus students.


Today in the Morning we, The woman I not thrust but who came up with the map, Marcus and I, meet at the docks.

There we boarded a airship Marcus have organised and with this ship we then fly over to a small island.

At a moment when the woman didnt pay any atention to me I stealty cast a tracking spell on her because I knew she will cross us from my dream.

After I defeated some kind of stonegolem we entered a building and found the treasure there.

As suspected the Woman showed here her real face and called her pirat crew.

I managed to prefent marcus from doing anything foolish but the pirats escaped with the treasure.

Thanks to the tracing mark I put on the Pirat Captain we managed to follow this pirat ship and manovered over it so the Merchenary crew could make a airdrop on the ship togeter with Marcus and me.

Even with my Gravity Ball expirienc it was a strang feeling to go down in free fall just to be stoped a second before we hit the deck of the other ship.

We captured the complet crew including theyr captain who crossed us and took the treasure back from them.

Back at the Dock it turned out that the Treasure was much smaller the expected and after all expenses my share was only 600 pims but at last I have somethign new for my books.

When I already was at the dock I asked about news about the missing ship I have booked my passage home but sadly all I heared that it is still marked as missing.

So I returned to the Academy where the Exam resoults of this week where posted.

In both exam I have writen this week I was the best 1st year.

At the Glamour exam Neta was the 3th best together with a other Student, they haved just 3 points less then the 2nd best.

But the 2nd with his 107 points was still over 70 points behind me.

My score in Arithmetic with 190 was realy unexpected high but the second best haved also a great score with 144 points.


I dont expect that I can get home to you, so thats why I send this letter with a bird instead of bringing it home by my self.

Tomorrow I will have to talk with our aunt if she can help me arange some quarter here in the city for the summer break.

The money I have collect by now sould be more then enough to pay for this.


Greetings your brother Theodor


Snief that was it about Theodor, sadly year 2 is still over 1 RL year away and so I dont expect he will make it to year 2.

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The last letter is finished, I hope you all haved fun reading it!


He ended as real powerhouse in some skills mostly thanks to his equipment.


Just the small list of main Skills at 14 or higher:

Arithmetic 14

Astrology 19 (1 from Emotion 5 from items)

Athletics 15

Glamour 16 (4 from items)

Negation 15 (2 from items)

Research 15

Revision 16 (2 from items)

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Sorry that I take my time with this RPG but compared to my older RPGs it was a huge load of text and at many points I temporary have lost interest in it ^^.

Btw this char ended also with 5143 Money in cash. (Not to mention his very expensive equipment ^^)

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Sure but I hope shoping in year 2 will be easyer to handle then its in year 1 and the char also need some reserve to have a good live for the summer :)


Wow over 1500 visits of this thread, never thought that one of my storys get so much interest from others ^^.

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