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Deed: Stunted Guardian


By selecting this particular background, your skill maximum of all subskills for 6 randomly picked magic school (from all eight branches of magics) are decreased by 1 permanently. Furthermore, you suffer a 7% chance of failure at casting spells. However, your tenacity and persistence will earn the admiration of four Durand students with a 1-point relationship gain, and also a 2-point relationship gain with Joana Lio y Rossollo due to your exploit in the past, plus 1-point in storytelling to boot.



You are surprised that the Academagia actually accepted your application - whether your family, social standing or wealth played a part or not, you are fairly sure your magical abilities is not the reason.


In your early days, you protected a child at the same age as you from being blasted at with a proscribed Negation spell, casted by a infamous and insane criminal. The bitter taste of the lollipop the child handed you still remains bitter nowadays, but now that you are on the grounds of Academagia, it seems more like bittersweet, and it is so handy to get people applaud you for your deed...


...And you think you have seen these rotten teeth before.



[Probably needs rebalancing. The six point of relationship gain and one point in storytelling is not enough to compensate for the skill max reductions...]

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Looks like my suggestion about having a reduced max for the SS of one Magical Skill lead to a other idea from our "beloved" Pudding , master of Mastery ;)


Why yes, I thought that was a great idea (weak magic in a magic school)!

Ms.Schwarzbart :wub:


@Legate: I will show you what investigations and exit I used.


Memorization. Wasn't there somebody who hated Joana?


Ah yes, Leoshi!


Befriend. Add a friendly side to Joana!


I suppose with time you can butter everybody up...


Ethics. What should be the next step?



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Well not hate per se but generally not liking bullies and such.

(Not resting + bullies = Infirmary) << most of the time dry.gif

As for Ethics ---> Use gates in a way that helps students you like....or just summon some pudding for them as gifts.

And the puddings shall cause them pain in the tummy.

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