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breaking up Cliques


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I do believe we've have discussed this issue before, but I was wondering if anyone actually found a decent way to do this.

What I want is to ruin another clique so that I might persuade one of their members to join me.


Anyone got a way to manage this, and if so, please mention how the ability is gained as well please.




(Of cause, being such a decent person as I am officially I would never do such a thing!)

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One of the harder ways but with the greatest chance of success is to gain the ability to 'control' a character (through Mastery or Calligraphy (I believe you need max Calligraphy or Mastery, though), then have them use ridiculously hostile actions on their cliquemate(s). For a clique to break, you want to get members in it to -1 (though the more they they are, the quicker the break up is), and forcing a member to say, play around with each other's matter or bully each other is an easy path to success.


The way I usually go is Harmon's Strife, though. Being able to get... what is it, 12/13/14?.. reduces the Persona's relationship with a clique member by -2 (note that if you're acting against a two person clique, you'll want to target the one you don't want in your clique- as it is an hostile action). The spell is unlocked through Dedication, though it's Charm based. I... think it's either Dedication 4 or 6, but I'm forbidden from wiki'ing at the moment so I can't check for sure.

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There are also several spells and abilities that influence relationships.


Most noteable:

Friendquake (Befriend - 11) - Hurt up to 3 relations on your target.

Sabotage Friendships (Sabotage - 11) - minus 10 points on a relationship between two chosen people.

Common Ground (Infiltration - 10) - Let someone switch cliques to yours, at the cost of upsetting two clique members (1 point each, random)


EDIT added spells

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I just entered a Spell on to the wiki. Befriend level 11, OMG.


Friendquake. 6 separate rolls, 2 each Charm/Manipulation, 2 each Insight/Practical Jokes, 2 each Luck/Character Study. For each set of rolls, a pass on the lower roll (versus 9) gives the target -2 relationship vs a random person. a pass on the higher roll (versus 17) gives -4.


Talk about making the school hate someone. Cast it a couple of times and you'll bust up that clique easily.

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