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started playing again after a while, and used question knowledge, which said it loses a point in 1 random skill, but you gain 5 in a skill you choose (or something similar). But when i used it, i only got 1 point in that specific skill (and did not lose any others), is the skill gain in 1 session maximum a level? cause it increased with that 1 point

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ah ok thanks, another question if you don't mind. I tried using culiman's shack, but it doesn't seem to do much, if anything it all. it says on the report page that it has increased some skills, but there was one skill, mentioned twice, and it was still at lvl 1 (0 of 1) when i checked it. Any ideas?

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A few things to think about this Question Knowledge


1. It expand maximum one level of that subskill. if that skill is 0/3 for example, that is two SS wasted. Very useful for high level high modifier SubSkill. plus it is targetable, which is a very good thing. Also very useful early game when we have low stat for some.


2. It reduce one level of random subskill. This has good sides: it could smash an easy to train subskill, which is gravy to retrain; it could smash a half-trained one, ie Observation level 9: 1/7 for example back down to level 9: 0/7.


The reduction could be a good thing end game, because at that time we may have maxed too many skills and the abilities can no longer give much SS, so that reduction bring back values.


Currently there are two Question abilities to reduce skill, this and another which -3Leadership, an easy to train skill.


Listen to Debates expand fixed skill group, so it's not as good as it should have.

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