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DLC 9: The Cultures of Elumia

Legate of Mineta

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DLC 9 has been released, and you can get it here:




When the New Gods came to Elumia, they united the warring cities, kings and tribes, and forged a new Empire. But the years have grown long since their departure, the Emperors no longer sit in the Palace of Man, and the imperial tongue is seldom heard in the provinces of the Empire. And where there is division, discord is not long to follow...


Differences always yield opportunity...


The DLC includes:


8 new Adventures, set around the City of Mineta and the uncommon events therein!

30+ new Events, dealing with matters great and small, far and wide

1 new Skill, many Items, and lots of new Abilities, Actions, Locations and Spells for new ways to progress your Character in worldy ways!


...have fun!

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