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DLC 9 (patch 41+) bugs, errors, typos, and all confusing things


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As no one else seemed to be willing to start one, I thought I would, as I like starting threads. Here are some minor typo-ish errors for the next DLC...


* Random Event Common Room 12, courage exit success- …I didn’t note the exacts, but one sentences has no space between it and the next sentence, which I believe started with ‘.They’ I know, not the most helpful.


* The Venalicium Library: Study Cubicle #65 is selectable as a passive location to do actions in, but as far as I can tell, offers no benefits.


* The Familiar part of Oan’s Adventure, if you do Infiltration exit and succeed- Oan claims that she’ll stretch your familiar’s ‘Slight-of-Hand’, but it actually boosts Ambush’s Move Silently.


* Random Event Physical Activity 9, there’s two overly long spaces space: ‘Phillipe and (SPACEEEE) Malthezar (SPACEEE) are fighting’.

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Sleep (Pheme) is given in both Glamour phemes 5 and 10


While phemes are often given by different skills and even skills within the same set, to give the same pheme in the same skill seems a bit redundant...


I'm off for vacation the next few days. See you in June!

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* I had an Adventure called ‘This time, for real’ (The Tale of Two Taunts 06 is listed as its F12-title). I have no idea what that is, but it starts with my character talking about puking up milk, which definitely seems very odd.


* Swing Longsword doesn’t seem workable (this case from the Sword of K, gotten in the Vernin Towers Adventure): I can’t use it in duels.

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You should be able to Research; but you need to unlock that Action and know about appropriate Locations, first. In my own test games, it seems to work correctly- do you have the Research Action, but are unable to use it? As for your second question, Training and Study can fail under certain circumstances, especially if they have maximized a favorite subject. In time, they will learn from their mistakes and change to another subject. Thanks, though! :)

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* Tutorial Adventure 08, when Oan’s explaining things in huge paragraphs (…Neither one is fun…or so I’ve heard.” (paragraph) With Catalogs, you can buy as many illegal things as you want and…), the quotation should be taken off of the end of ‘or so I’ve heard’ and placed in front of ‘With Catalogs’. This adventure also has double spaces between paragraphs instead of singlese, and all of the ‘…’s in the adventure lack spaces after them. And there are a lot of ‘…’s.


* One of the weirder bugs I’ve seen: going straight from one game, saving it, then loading another game led the second student to have the portrait of the first student up in the LEFT upper corner. Sort of strange to see a Godina guy smiling at me when I was playing Renate. I assume it was a cache issue: exiting and restarting fixed it up immediately, but I report it because it was weird.


* Forger’s Hand gives +1 Forgery bonus but in the description doesn’t note what a bonus is- for those who don’t have game terms mentioned, it should probably mention that it offers a bonus to rolls.


* The V Library: Forbidden Archives is another passive location that doesn’t seem to do anything for you, besides probably get you detention. Hm. Maybe that’s why it’s passive? XD


* Court of Grace 01 … ‘…the day and drift into a daydream.Closing your eyes, you blah blah’… needs a space between sentences.


* Random Event Theatre 4 has spacing errors and random huge breaks between paragraphs before the last five or so lines return to normal one spaced ones.


* Random Event Rumor 3, in the Diplomacy exit- you get one Merit, Professor Briardi thanks you and is pleased with you, but you still lose one relationship with her. That doesn’t seem right.


* Smoke Cover Potion cannot be equipped and thus cannot be used.

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Your wrong about this, its someone who just pretend that He know that you using forbiden Magic. Blackmailing is not necesarity about knowing the truth because spreading the untruth about someone can also disastrous.


Thanks for the information, you live and you learn :)

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Ooof, long bug list. Well, mostly typo list, actually.


* Hedi Adventure 00 has the double spacing deal. Els Reprimand… “You’re going to go to ProfessorOrsi’s office and put it back.”, space needed in the name (And shouldn’t it be Legate Orsi’s?- the Professor Orsi thing also pops up in the first part of Orsi's adventure)


* The Pursuit to finish a spell- ‘But Durand thinks he’s found the answer.There’s this book he learned about in his research.The problem is it’s…’, needs spaces between sentences.


* The ‘bonuses’ to romance and politics you get at Etiquette 4 and 5… it might be nice if they were turned in to passive abilities to be placed on the character rather then being announced once then disappearing in to the aether. That's a suggestion rather then bug, though...


* Ditching the Pack, Neta’s Adventure, Befriend Success- ‘Besides, it looks like Neta can barely keep up with Neta studies with all the unwanted attention being showered on Neta’ is just an awkward sentence- it needs to be Neta’s studies, but maybe the latter two Neta’s should be changed to ‘her’.


* Random Event Professor Badcrumble 3, Running Success- ‘He quickly puts an end to the chaos and frees ProfessorBadcrumble, who thanks…’ needs the space between Prof and Badcrumble.


* Stones you buy… what do you do with them? For instance, I bought a ‘Diamond, Small’ that claims to increase Dating and Flirting by +1 while it's in my possession, but it most certainly doesn’t. I can’t equip it, and it seem just having it in my knapsack doesn’t give or add anything.


* Random Event Tavern 19 Concentration success links Prudence’s bio rather then her name with the “(Bio) mumbles something about getting lucky and slinks away” finisher.


* Student Adventure Ana Flavia 02 bio link rather then name. “Not so,” (bio) says with a surprising amount of optimism.


* Daribus Conley’s Court: Advocate’s Platform is a passive that doesn’t seem to do anything of note, though now that I'm thinking, maybe it allows you to see the Observation area. Hm.


* Random Event Avila Common Room 2 – ‘Some students are visiting in the Avila common room, when (Rui’s SECRET bio!- more impressive then a normal bio!) suddenly pulls out a stink bomb’, then a sentence of ‘He rips the bomb from Him’s hands and tosses it to She’ should probably be ‘Vettor rips the bomb from his (or Rui’s) hands and tosses it to Vrenelle.’


* Cyrus managed to hit my male character with Familiar – Jumper – Productive Play, which description seems to imply should be ‘with girls he meets out in the fields’. Then he managed to hit my male character with Show Off. I’m getting suspicious, here.


* Short Charged 05m ‘Vigro tells Yulia to go home early – andYulia asks you to walk her home! , a space is needed.


* Random Event Student – Girars has the character studying in the Mordivus common room. A bit strange, if you’re not in Mordivus and don’t know where their common room is.


* Join the Ancient Tradition, the Theory success- ‘I’m honored because I’ve been allowed to experience a very unique tradition that could benefit all mages…and humanity.’, a space is needed, then “I’m saddenedbecause a great many mages I respect, including my prof...” also needs a space.


* Student Adventure Orso 5, the second half of it is italicized.


* Finishing Touches, Ana’s adventure, goes randomly bold.


* Random Event Wardrobe Malfunction 1, ‘Next you cast the Aura of Cemoros spell on the beast.Smitten, it blah blah’ – needs space.


* At the end of the year event, I chose ‘It’s probably someone from your Clique’… and out popped Leopold, who was at 2 relationship with my character, and was certainly not a part of his clique.

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I am not sure this topic hasn't been beaten to death (several times) but anywho,


With a wit of 10 and my familiar's wit of 8 as well as bonds of 8 (pretty proud owner here) - yet still Match Wit with the Sphinx is (in the select your skill of choice part) is labled blue. I'd have thought that with 10 on my own and 6 on my familiar I'd be safe. <_<


*mutters something about a tricky sphinx*



Storm Dream Adventure 10 or 11, after climbing to the top I am faced with a "bit of an issue" and protect myself with Negation - chances are I failed that but the text that appeared before me in the otherwise dramatic scene was non-existant. I am guessing you got a blank page of adventure text or a miss-link or something...

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I don't think I mentioned this in my last pass through for Heraldry, apologies if this is a duplicate.


Heraldry - 9 has no skill perk

Heraldry - Diplomacy 1 has an expand Relationship Minimum (what the heck is that?)

Heraldry - Politics 11 gives visitation rights to something (looks like a random location, which would be weird for a level 11 perk)

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Not a bug, but a balance issue.


Puppet Master's roll is way too low. (Unless there are hidden modifiers not in ModBase) since the minimum required Mastery Methods is 16, you literally can't fail the roll vs 16. The other none-opposed control roll (and it's for a single person!) is that calligraphy 10 spell vs 27.

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I have an odd bug to report, though I'm not sure if it's about the DLC, patch or something else entirely: The adventure "Simulation Testers Needed" doesn't seem to start. I choose to begin it, take the "why not?" exit, and nothing, the next step never appears. I've searched the forums for this issue, but no one else seems to suffer from it. Could it be I didn't install a patch correctly or something like that?

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